Nodes – Black Desert Online Guide


Nodes – Black Desert Online Guide

Nodes are locations on the map. Nodes can be activated by investing Contribution Points at the Node Manager. If two adjacent ones are activated the nodes

Black Desert Online Node Guide 2020 Part 1

By popular demand from my guild here is a basic node guide in 2020 to get you started making money in black desert online. Make sure to follow my twitch to get notifications when I go live and more content similar to this one.


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BDO Contribution Points and Energy Beginner Guide

Leveling your contribution and energy properly in BDO is an important part of your account’s progression, and can help you make a lot of money in the long run with how you can invest and utilize these points. Today I am going to discuss what energy and contribution points are, how to acquire more of them, and some of their primary uses in Black Desert Online. Calling all puzzle lovers! Fireboy and Watergirl is the game for you. Challenge your brain and have a blast!

Node, Worker and Housing Guide:

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[Black Desert] New Player Amity Guide | Talking to NPCs for Beginners!

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A lot of people were having issues with talking to Norn Federers in my leveling guide, so hopefully this helps with that, as well as any other NPC talking you need to do!

BDO Worker Node Empire Guide of 2021 – Best Nodes to Invest for Easy AFK Money!

Welcome to our own Black Desert Online Worker Node Empire Guide of 2021! This is an indepth guide for both beginners and veterans alike on Node Investments and Worker Functionality.

Discover which nodes are best to be invested and gather for Free and Easy Passive Income or AFK money this 2021. The start of the video is about basic explanation for workers and soo please use the timestamps below for easier navigation on the video:

Worker Node Empire – 0:35
Contribution Points – 1:25

Hiring Workers – 2:02
Worker Races – 2:46
Worker Tiers – 3:44
Worker Promotion – 4:21
Worker Skills – 5:25
Feeding Workers – 5:55

How to Invest in Nodes and Start worker – 6:40
Excavation Nodes – 9:27

Balenos Region – 10:49
Serendia Region – 12:09
Calpheon Region – 13:48
Mediah Region – 14:34
Valencia Region – 15:55
Kamaslyvia Region – 17:18
Duvencrune/Dreighan Region – 17:58
O’dyllita Region – 18:17

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