Cerulean Tear Scarab – Elden Ring Guide


Cerulean Tear Scarab – Elden Ring Guide

The Cerulean Tear Scarab is an Armor piece found in Elden

ELDEN RING Cerulean Tear Scarab Location

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Elden Ring guides: Cerulean Tear Scarab location+Golden Seed

Quick guide on where to find the Cerulean Tear Scarab, a helmet that increases FP amount gained by consuming a flask.
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Sellia Town of Sorcery Walkthrough – All Flame Locations – Cerulean Tear Scarab Helmet – Elden Ring

00:00 Golden Seed
00:27 Flame 1/3
00:42 Cerulean Tear Scarab Helmet
01:30 Flame 2/3
01:49 Stonesword Key
02:19 Flame 3/3

Elden Ring – Cerulean Tear Scarab Location (Helmet)

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