The Mastery System – Guild Wars 2 Guide


The Mastery System – Guild Wars 2 Guide

The Mastery system is an account-wide progression system available once players reach level 80, the maximum level available. Masteries are abilities unlocked

Guild Wars 2 – Fully Mastered Skyscale Gameplay [Masteries overview and demostration]

If you want to check the skyscale with full masteries, here’s the showcase. Thanks to @Croella for the footage :3
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Guild Wars 2 Ultimate Beginners Guide Episode 4: Gear And Attributes!

Character customization is very important in MMORPGS and Guild Wars 2 is no exception, in fact it’s quite exceptional in just HOW MUCH you can play with and tweak! The amount of different character builds and combinations you can come up with is pretty insane and thanks to no holy trinity each character has a huge amount of options and different item builds that can all work and enable different playstyles – so let’s learn about that!

00:00 – Introduction
01:00 – Attributes overview
01:25 – Gear overview
01:39 – Armour
01:52 – Armour weight
02:14 – Runes
02:49 – Weapons
03:24 – Sigils
04:10 – Trinkets
04:40 – Attributes on gear
05:13 – Stat combinations
05:49 – Item quality
07:31 – Power
09:05 – Precision
09:30 – Ferocity
10:07 – Armor
10:32 – Toughness
11:55 – Vitality
14:15 – The power of boons
15:20 – Condition Damage
16:01 – Expertise
18:13 – Healing Power
19:21 – Concentration
21:36 – Agony resistance
22:15 – Magic find
24:04 – Conclusion

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Guild Wars 2 New Player Tip – 5 Important Masteries

What Masteries should I train first?
What Masteries are the biggest Value?
What Should I do first after unlocking my mounts?

This video shows what I feel are the 5 most important Masteries to level once you have Unlocked the Mastery system in Guild Wars 2.
Gw2’s endgame can be very intimidating in terms of the sheer number of options available and this video is meant to provide a little support and direction on some of the most important things you can do to get the most value out of your time playing.
Doc Got Game (He is awesome AF):
Eternal Ice Farming Guide:
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One Life by tubebackr
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Guild Wars 2 New Player Guide 2022 Short | Masteries Need to Know

#gw2 #newplayerguide #shortvideo
Guild Wars 2 New Player Guide Short | Masteries Need to Know

Guild Wars 2 Mastery System explained.

This is a cutdown version of my Ultimate New Player Guide for those who like bite sized videos.
In this clip you will learn all about the basics of the mastery system.

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