Hell House – Boss Guides and Tips – Final Fantasy 7 Remake Guide


Hell House – Boss Guides and Tips – Final Fantasy 7 Remake Guide

This page of the Final Fantasy VII Remake youtube Wiki Guide and Walkthrough contains tips, strategies, and weaknesses that will help you beat the Crab Warden boss

Hell House Guide (Hard Mode) | Final Fantasy VII Remake

Here’s a full guide on how to easily defeat the Horrific Hell House of Final Fantasy VII Remake.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake – Hell House Boss Fight (HARD DIFFICULTY)

Final Fantasy VII Remake (FF7 Remake) Hell House Boss Fight in Chapter 9 Colosseum on HARD DIFFICULTY.

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Written Boss Guide: https://www.powerpyx.com/final-fantasy-7-vii-remake-boss-guide-all-bosses/

Be sure to equip Poison Materia and cast your strongest Poison Magic on Hell House, it deals lots of damage!

Hell House will cycle through the four main elements (as shown by the color of the house’s windows). Red = Fire, White = Ice, Blue = Lightning, Green = Wind. So first thing’s first, make sure you have one of each of the four basic Magic Materia spread across your characters. When the House’s windows are a specific color, it will absorb all damage of that element and be weak to the opposite (Ice hurts Fir / Fire huts Ice / Lightning hurts Wind / Wind hurts Lightning). Intermittently, it will fly high up into the stands of the Colosseum and unleash Chair Salvo, which rains chairs down on you that can really hurt if you’re not Guarding. You can try dodge rolling around, but if you misjudge and get hit then you’ll be hurt badly. It’ll also spit out stuffed toys which might look cute but really aren’t…they’re bombs. Stay away!

You’ll only want to attack with Aerith in this fight. Cloud does hardly any damage against this boss and is better used as a support character for healing (Pray Materia and Healing Materia on Cloud). Make sure you have Revival Materia equipped, too.

Hell House chooses a random element to begin the battle with, but it seems to be Fire 75-80% of the time.

Once it approaches half health, it will use a move called God House Mode where it will stop the elemental shifting and instead be covered by a massive shield and take basically no damage while it flies around the room.

In the final phase of this fight, which is basically Hell House swapping between the first two phases. It will Barrier Shift between elements far more frequently and hit harder, and every now and then God House Mode will kick in too. It also likes to use a souped-up version of Chair Salvo called Heavensward, which adds rockets to the chairs it throws at you. Oh, and it also brings in an attack called Hellbound where it jumps onto you for massive damage. It’s tricky to dodge so if you have high health it’s best to just Guard and take it on the chin and heal.

Hard Difficulty Tips:

The most essential thing for hard is you MUST have two Revival Materia equipped (one for each character). Otherwise the fight is near impossible. If one of your chars goes down, you immediately revive them with the other. Be sure to have a Level 3 Poison Materia and cast Biogo (takes away a quarter of the Hell House’s Health in one use). Use Bahamut summon if you have it (uses ranged non-elemental attacks).

Also make sure you got Prayer Materia on each character. It lets you heal the entire group for 2 ATB. And of course give each character a maxed out Healing Materia (can couple it with Magnify Materia to heal both characters at once). For Aerith you’ll mainly want to use her Ability “Ray of Judgment” from her Mythril Rod weapon when the house doesn’t have its white shield up. This deals it massive damage.

The strategy remains the same as Easy/Normal, except you’ll have to heal much more and deal with the Tonberries. They should be your priority as if they get near you, they’ll hit you with Chef’s Knife and instantly kill you no matter how much HP you have. As soon as Hell House spits out the 3 Tonberries, switch to Cloud and stand to their side. Then use Punisher Mode to kill all 3 Tonberries in one combo. This way you’ll have killed them before they have a chance to stand up and attack you! If they do insta-kill you, immediately use Revival with the other character.

At about 25% health hit will summon a Sweeper and Cutter to the fight. Ignore them! Instead, run away and dodge the Hell House. It will sooner or later smash into the Cutter/Sweeper and hurt them massively. Yes, the Hell House will damage those enemies for you. About 3 hits from the boss should kill the Cutter/Sweeper without any input from you. After that it won’t spawn any more Cutters or Sweepers.

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How to Expertly Defeat Hell House (Hard Mode) – Final Fantasy 7 Remake

This video teaches effective strategies to defeat Hell House on Hard Mode. Many of these strategies can also be used for the fight on lower difficulties such as Normal difficulty.

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How to beat Hell House on Hard Mode Guide(Chapter 9)(Best Guide)~Final Fantasy VII Remake

In this guide we’ll beat Hell House while making it all look like Easy Mode with only 15 MP for Aerith and 21 MP for Cloud!

Hell House is considered one of the hardest boss in the game due to the limited amount of Mako Crates there are in Chapter 9. This paired with tough enemies along the path to Corneo’s Coliseum can be very challenging. In this guide I make all encounters look like they were on Easy Mode!

01:00 Gear for Trash
03:20 First Trash
07:06 First Round
07:40 Second Round
08:22 Third Round
09:10 Hell House Preparation
10:26 Hell House Battle
14:40 Price of Thievery
15:08 Shears’ Counterattack

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