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Houthi Update (July 2019): New Cruise Missile, Drones & Ballistic Missiles
Today Houthis held a large military event where they unveiled new increasingly sophisticated military hardware, including new cruise missile, ballistic missiles, rockets and drones.

Quds-1 LACM:

[Image: Screenshot-2019-07-07-at-17-24-42.png]

This is the cruise missile behind recent Houthi attacks on Saudi airports (e.g. Abha Airport 200km from the border). 

People are drawing comparisons with Iranian Soumar LACM (whilst noting differences exist such as engine, booster and wing position). I think it looks closer to Ya Ali LACM but it could be a simpler variant designed for the Houthis. 

They didn't announce its range or warhead size but likely to be a small <250kg warhead and range anything from 200-700km.

Qaher/Badr Missiles:

[Image: Screenshot-2019-07-07-at-17-29-03.png]

In the photo are Qaher-M2, Badr-1, Badr-1P and Badr-F. 

Qaher-2M is based on the s-75 SAM but modified to become a SSM. Qaher-1 had a 300km range with 200kg warhead. Qaher-2M can carry 350kg warhead to 400km range. 

Badr-1P is a guided version of the Badr-1 rocket, with a claimed range of 150km and CEP of 3m (likely heavily exaggerated CEP - Iranian guided Farj-5C has far higher CEP).

Badr-F is a new cluster airburst missile tested and used earlier this year: range of 160km, airburst at 20m altitude, 14,000 shrapnel spread across 350m diameter. [Test footage here:]

Samad 3 and Qasef-2K Drones:

[Image: Screenshot-2019-07-07-at-17-41-13.png]

Samad 3 is a new 'spy drone' with claimed 1,500km range.

They also displayed their upgraded Qasef-2K UCAV which has been used as a loitering munition by the Houthis in several attacks against Saudi targets in the southern regions of KSA. 

[Image: Screenshot-2019-07-07-at-17-47-07.png]

Video of the event:

[Image: 9DYmzJs.png]
[Image: 0qA6Vxh.jpg]

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