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Iran Mig-21??
I find very new image of Iranian MiG-21 that seems to be operative,this is actually first such image I saw that seems to  be dated.Iranian F-7 and SU-22 have very different air intakes and cocpit glass,this seems to be actually Mig-21

Yes, it appears to be an ex Iraqi AF Mig-21MF/ Bis. obsolete now, but still a good find confirming that a few might have been flown out to Iran in the 91 Iraq/ US war.
I'm 99% sure it IS a FT-7N.

1) Canopy- Actually, nearly all MiG-21s have very similar canopy designs from the front, including the distinctive oval shape at the front we see here. Only later variants such as the J-7E/G family and MiG-21 Bison removed this. The canopy does look bulkier but I believe that's because it's a two-seater FT-7 and thus the main canopy is larger.
2) Landing Gear- It looks very lightweight and when visually compared to MiG-21MF/Bis variants, it's clearly MUCH less "beefy", again pointing to an early MiG-21 variant or early F-7.
3) No MiG-21s fled to Iran in 1991 according to US and Iraqi sources (just bought a book covering this among other things actually).

While it's not impossible that an Iraqi MiG-21 did make it to Iran after all, I see no conclusive evidence in this image to suggest it's anything other than a F-7 or FT-7.
It is not F-7,none F-7 cockpits open at side,not F-7 or two seats FT-7,also there are many other things don't match F-7,you should check again..I will check again but I already compare Iranian F-7/FT-7 and it doesn't match
In fact, ALL FT-7/JJ-7 conversion trainers have side-ways opening canopies. This was inherited from the MiG-21Us they are descended from. In all images of the FT-7/JJ-7 family, you can even clearly see the hinges on one side indicating how the canopy opens.

So, as I said, all signs previously laid out point to this just being one of Iran's FT-7 trainers.

[Image: 39624210974-85da804acf-b.jpg]

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