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My opinion about Iran - french perspective
I was member of a delegation from France on a business trip to Iran this February. I was just an assistant but it was interesting. 

I found Tehran to be a strange city with much contrast. I mean inside the city you see strict laws but when you looked it was very interesting.

For example i went to a ski resort. We did drive 2h with car. I dont remember the locations name. Something like Danzos? And it was totally open there. Women did not even cover their hair.

Down in Tehran i found that people like us French. Never heared a bad word. And most apeared very open towards us. 

Food was very good as well and our hotel was good too. 

As assistent i had not much to do. My colleagues and i mostly prepared some presentations and then strolled around and looked whats going on.

I´m an athlete and do much training, found some good fitness studios there. What surpised me is that there are so many western malls. 

Also alot of the people we meet wanted add me on Instagram. This was funny. Because in France we exchange phone numbers. In Iran Instagram. Big Grin

What i did not like though was the ofteh chaotic traffic. I think they could do much more to control traffic. We french drive like crazy but its worse in Iran. 

Oh and one thing...i did not expect that there is snow and cold. In France we see Iran as desert country. :Big Grin was suprised about the mountains. I had to rent ski equipment and was glad i had some warm clothes with me.  

We sold some A320 in last years to Iran and it was interesting that the technicians tried to absolute follow the protocolls they learned at Airbus how to maintain them. But IranAir also has some super old machines and i think its very important to get rid of those. 

There were some other things i did not understand but over all it was a nice experience.

I hope France and Iran stay with good relations.
Welcome Smile

I think you mean Dizin ski resort. Yes Instagram is the most popular social media in Iran, at least 40-50 million Iranians (out of 80m) use instagram (twitter/facebook are banned)

Iran has every climate and every landscape... If you visit again you should visit Hormoz or Kish Islands in the Persian Gulf (more tropical) or somewhere in north of Iran near caspian sea like Gilan or Mazandaran for more like forests and waterfalls etc.

As you probably know Iran cannot import civilian jets because of the US' illegal extraterritorial sanctions that stop Iran enjoying even safe civilian airliners. But overall plane travel within Iran is pretty good in my opinion.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. The most important question: did you like Iranian food? Wink
Well we did deliver some new aircrafts but thats impossible right now. France is currently trying to change that.

I think there is the misconception in Iran to believe, that President Macron just could order aircrafts to be delivered. That is not so easily possible.

Yes i noticed that instagram is pretty popular in iran, but it was funny. For example i was shopping in a mall and our translator girl just took my phone and added me on instagram. Others did so as well.

What was funny is, that we always got translators with us. Evryone spoke english but they always send someone who translated to french, which was nice.

The food was good. I mean in hotel it was not that typical for Iran. It was pretty much western stuff including burgers. But we got invitation to a home party and there had iranian food. It was really good.

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