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Iranian Jet Engine Development
This thread is to track progress in Iran's development of military jet engines. 

Iran announced successful mass production of "Owj" engine in 2016, a reverse-engineered copy of the American J85-21 with a maximum thrust of approximately 5000lbf. The J-85 (and its variants) was produced by the US until 1988, but is planned to remain in use for the US military until 2040. 

The J-85 powers the F-5 and represents the first step in Iran successfully building a fully indigenous military jet engine - one of the hardest feats of modern technology.

[Image: Screenshot-2019-06-29-at-20-42-16.png]

Much more powerful engines are needed to power larger jets (such as the F-14 which uses 2x25,000lbf engines).

There are reports that Iran has been working on engines in the 20,000-25,000lbf range for a few years, but engine development is extremely difficult. India tried to make their own engines in the "Kaveri" project, and spent almost $1 billion in 1989 until the programme was cancelled in 2014 because of numerous problems in its production/testing.

One option is for Iran to reverse engineer the RD-33 engines used in Mig-29 and has a thrust of 19,000lbf. However, because of how difficult such a process is and how long the process inevitably takes (due to years of testing needed) I do not expect such an Iranian engine to be produced for another 5-10 years (but hopefully we will see more news of such an engine before this, i.e. the Owj was shown by Ahmadinejad about 5-6 years before it was officially revealed/completed).
[Image: iran-jet-engine-2jpg.png]

Is it true that Iran sold jet engines to Russia?

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