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Bavar-373 LR SAM System
Bavar-373 project was started in 2011 to produce an indigenous equivalent to the Russian S-300 LR SAM system. 

In 2016 they showed most of the components of the system: Meraj-4 AESA 3D S-band radar, vertical canister launch system, Sayyad-3/4 missiles etc.

The system has apparently conducted successful tests and will have ABM capabilities. Officials say it is superior to the S-300 system. It has not been officially announced that it has entered operation/mass production yet, so it is likely still conducting tests, but most people expect it to be formally introduced to service in the next few years.

I created this thread for further updates of the system to be posted here (as well as general information/debates about the system's functions/performance etc).

[Image: Screenshot-2019-06-29-at-19-44-12.png]


Bavar-373 will use Sayyad-3 and Sayyad-4 missiles.


Sayyad-3 is an upgraded version of Sayyad-2 with 120km range and 27km maximum altitude. Sayyad-3 is also used in 15th Khordad system.

[Image: s33.jpg]


Not much is known about Sayyad-4 but it has been shown a few times and it seems to be an even larger version of sayyad-3 with a reported range of 200km.

[Image: s3.jpg]

Photo of Sayyad 2-4 missiles:

[Image: 24.jpg]


As stated above, the main radar of Bavar 373 will be Meraj-4 AESA 3D S-band radar. Meraj-4 has a range of 400km and can simultaneously track 200 targets. For comparison, the 64N6 ("Big Bird") radar of the s-300 has a 300km range.

[Image: Screenshot-2019-06-29-at-20-30-06.png]
Rouhani today hinted of big updates on achievements in AD sector coming soon... 21st August, fingers crossed for Bavar 373 official presentation!
is this forum dead?
(08-07-2019, 12:30 AM)l4rb1E Wrote: is this forum dead?
More or less... 

But you can count on me to be here to update this thread when Bavar-373 is formally announced very soon (hopefully)  Big Grin
[Image: Qo8rf4K.jpg]
We have to wait and see that MODAFL ultimately show on 22 August. It's realy will be a big event, which is interesting for military experts from around the world.
I think china transferred technology to Iran 

Nicaraguan Air Force Commander Stunned by Iran's High Defense Power

TEHRAN (FNA)- Commander of the Iranian Air Force Brigadier General Aziz Nasirzadeh said in Tehran on Monday that his Nicaraguan counterpart was surprised after visiting Iran's defense industries, describing it as the main reason for the US fear of attacking the country.
General Nasirzadeh referred to the last week visit by Nicaraguan air force commander to Iran and his visit to the different sections of the country's defense industries, and said, "The commander of Nicaraguan air force said that after his visit to our defense industries, now he understands why the US fears us."

"The Nicaraguan air force commander said that the non-revolutionaries have been for 15 years controlling their revolution in Nicaragua and have diverted it but we (Iran) have remained steadfast for 40 years and the causes of our revolution have remained intact," General Nasirzadeh said.

He warned that the enemies, specially the US, are attempting to form a global consensus against Iran but they have failed "because countries are in doubt about (gaining) victory over the Islamic Republic of Iran".

His remarks came one day after Iranian Navy Commander Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi underlined that the country's deterrence power had made the enemies more cautious in their moves, saying that all their interests and equipment were within range of Iran's weapons.

"The enemy has made attempts in the past year to display the Persian Gulf region and the Strait of Hormuz as an insecure region while we have tried to reveal their lies by establishment of security," Rear Admiral Khanzadi said in Tehran on Sunday.

He stressed the Iranian Navy's equipment with intelligence, missile and electronic war systems, and said, "We have had full knowledge of the enemy's situation every second and made them stay far from our naval zones."

Rear Admiral Khanzadi said that the "hit-and-run era has ended", and said, "The enemy's interests and equipment are within our range wherever they are deployed."

In relevant remarks last Wednesday, Rear Admiral Khanzadi stressed the end of enemies' parading in the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman, warning them to withdraw their forced from the region.

"An Islamic marine resistance front is being formed and integrated and the era of plundering the region's wealth has ended and the enemies should leave the region as soon as possible," Rear Admiral Khanzadi said, addressing a ceremony on the Iranian Kish Island in the Persian Gulf.

Also, earlier this month, Commander of the Iranian Army's Khatam ol-Anbiya Air Defense Base Brigadier General Alireza Sabahi Fard said that his country's high deterrence power had disrupted US plans, making Washington started sending back its warships from the Persian Gulf.

"Today, the fact that the enemy has been pushed to stop 200 miles away from the Strait of Hormuz and is withdrawing its warships from the Persian Gulf is due to the (Iranian) Armed Forces' deterrence power and the enemy knows that it can't test Iran's preparedness and defense power," General Sabahi Fard said in Tehran.

He warned the Iranian Armed Forces' reaction to any hostile move regrets any enemy.

General Sabahi Fard, meantime, said that air defense systems have been deployed in different parts of the country, monitoring the Iranian sky and the airspace beyond the borders.

His comments came as the United States has been trying to persuade its allies into an international coalition in the Strait of Hormuz, which accommodates around a third of global seaborne oil traffic, and other strategic Middle Eastern shipping lanes.

Washington’s call has, however, been met with little interest from Washington’s allies, which are concerned that joining such an alliance could drag them into a conflict with Iran.

The French are noncommittal, while Germany, Italy and Sweden have rejected joining the alliance.

After the Bavar 373 officially operates, Iran's position will be above China
Bavar-373 unveiled
Thumbs Up 
Has a range of more than 200 km, maybe around 250 km or more (likely to be anti-fighter). There are still two types of Bavar 373 (anti-ballistic missile) missiles whose range has not been disclosed, perhaps having an altitude range above 100 km to destroy incoming ballistic missiles.

Congratulations   Now Iran is in third place after America and Russia in the field of air defense technology

[Image: 2019-08-20-19-51-22.jpg]

[Image: 2019-08-20-19-52-43.jpg]

[Image: 2019-08-20-19-56-06-edit.jpg]

[Image: 2019-08-20-19-57-14-edit.jpg]

[Image: 2019-08-20-19-59-44-edit.jpg]

[Image: 2019-08-20-20-04-11-edit.jpg]

[Image: 2019-08-21-00-56-31-1.jpg]
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