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Bavar-373 LR SAM System
Bavar-373 project was started in 2011 to produce an indigenous equivalent to the Russian S-300 LR SAM system. 

In 2016 they showed most of the components of the system: Meraj-4 AESA 3D S-band radar, vertical canister launch system, Sayyad-3/4 missiles etc.

The system has apparently conducted successful tests and will have ABM capabilities. Officials say it is superior to the S-300 system. It has not been officially announced that it has entered operation/mass production yet, so it is likely still conducting tests, but most people expect it to be formally introduced to service in the next few years.

I created this thread for further updates of the system to be posted here (as well as general information/debates about the system's functions/performance etc).

[Image: Screenshot-2019-06-29-at-19-44-12.png]


Bavar-373 will use Sayyad-3 and Sayyad-4 missiles.


Sayyad-3 is an upgraded version of Sayyad-2 with 120km range and 27km maximum altitude. Sayyad-3 is also used in 15th Khordad system.

[Image: s33.jpg]


Not much is known about Sayyad-4 but it has been shown a few times and it seems to be an even larger version of sayyad-3 with a reported range of 200km.

[Image: s3.jpg]

Photo of Sayyad 2-4 missiles:

[Image: 24.jpg]


As stated above, the main radar of Bavar 373 will be Meraj-4 AESA 3D S-band radar. Meraj-4 has a range of 400km and can simultaneously track 200 targets. For comparison, the 64N6 ("Big Bird") radar of the s-300 has a 300km range.

[Image: Screenshot-2019-06-29-at-20-30-06.png]

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