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Iranian Volleyball
Thread to discuss Iranian volleyball.

Iran is currently ranked #8 in the world by FIVB rankings and #1 in Asia (as of October 2018).

[Image: Screenshot-2019-06-25-at-02-28-18.png]

Iran is currently playing the in the 2019 FIVB Volleyball Nations League (the second Nations League tournament - in the first one in 2018 Iran finished 10th).

There are 16 teams and two rounds. In the first round, everyone plays the other 15 teams one time and the top 6 teams go through to the second round. In the second round, there are two groups of 3 teams (each) and the top two teams of each group goes to the final 4 knock out stage.

There are 3 more matches to play in the first round, so far Iran has won 10 games and lost 2 (to France and Brazil) and is second in the table (after Brazil). Iran has qualified for the second round (and was the first team to qualify). The 3 last games of this round will be vs Serbia, Bulgaria and the USA from 28-30th June 2019.

So far Iran has defeated many top teams in this tournament, including Russia (3-0), Poland (3-2), Canada (3-0), Italy (3-1), Japan (3-0) and Argentina (3-1).

Iran's last 6 games were played in Iran - in Urmia and Ardabil. The matches of the second round will take place in the USA from the 10th July 2019.
Interesting games!
(06-28-2019, 02:55 PM)mustavaris Wrote: Interesting games!
Today Iran vs Buglaria and tomorrow the final game of the first round... Iran vs USA  Smile
Today's game is no can do but I wish to catch US game.. But have no idea where to see it here in Hamedan. Somewhere they'll show it for sure.
(06-29-2019, 12:29 PM)mustavaris Wrote: Today's game is no can do but I wish to catch US game.. But have no idea where to see it here in Hamedan. Somewhere they'll show it for sure.
Irib 3/channel 3 will show it  Smile
Thanks! Plan B is to turn on the tv but I hope to find a public place since it is nicer in a crowd. Don't have friends here and know nothing about such cafesBig Grin
Iran just defeated Bulgaria 3-0 (25-23 25-23 25-21). This match was played in Bulgaria and Iran's top 3 players did not play at all (Seyed Mousavi, Ghafour and Marouf). Ebadipour played as a substitute only in sets 2 and 3.

Next is the last game of this round for Iran tomorrow: USA.
Unfortunately Iran lost 3-0 to USA today (but Amir Ghafour did not play at least).

Regardless, the first stage of the tournament has finished and Iran finished 2nd out 16 teams, and is now in the final 6 teams for the next round.

Unfortunately, Iran is in a 'group of death' with Brazil and Poland... (The top 2 teams from each group of 3 go to final 4.)

[Image: Screenshot-2019-06-30-at-23-33-44.png]
Unfortunately, Iran lost the first game of the final round against Poland 3-1 yesterday. Poland also beat Brazil 3-2 in their first game, so they have qualified to the final 4.

Iran plays against Brazil tonight (I think around 3-4am Iran time), I think Iran must win 3-1 or 3-0 to qualify for the next round. Will be difficult...
Iran lost a very close game to Brazil 3-2 yesterday, so it means Iran does not qualify to next round and officially finished 5th in this tournament (FIVB Nations League).

Very good tournament overall for Iran - finished 2nd in the first stage, beating many top teams (Poland, Russia, Italy, Canada, Argentina, Japan etc) and then had a very close game with Brazil (who are ranked as world #1 currently).

Last year in this tournament Iran came 10th, so 5th is very good. Lots of promising young talent in this team as well!

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