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Surena (I/II/III) Humanoid Robot
The Surena series of humanoid robots are Iran's largest and most advanced humanoid robots.

The first version, Surena I, was revealed in 2008. Surena I was 1.65m tall and weighed 60kg. It was very basic and was just to show what University of Tehran researchers could start with and build on. Surena I had 8 degrees of freedom in movement. 

Then in 2010 Surena II was revealed, at 1.45m height and 45kg weight. Surena II can walk (very slowly - 0.03 m/s). Surena II had 22 degrees of freedom (6 DOF per leg, 4 DOF per arm, and 2 DOF in the head).

In 2015 the latest and most advanced version, Surena III, was revealed. Surena III is 1.9m tall and 98kg. Surena III is "capable of walking, picking up objects, climbing ramps and stairs, and dancing". Surena III also has: face detection, object detection, action imitation and speech recognition. Surena III walks 7x fast than Surena II - 0.2m/s (0.7km/h) - this is still slow compared to the other leading humanoid robots in the world (Asimo can walk at 2.7km/h and even 'run' at 9km/h, but this is big progress in under 5 years). Surena III has 31 degrees of freedom in movement (6 DOF per leg, 7 DOF per arm, 1 DOF in each hand, 1 DOF in its torso and 2 DOF in its neck/head). 

Even when Surena III was revealed it was announced that work on Surena IV (TBA) was starting already, so hopefully we will see a more advanced version in the coming years.

Evolution of Surena:

[Image: surena.jpg]

Surena III:

[Image: iii.jpg]


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