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Palestine / Israel conflict
Palestine Gaza resistance retaliatory Badr_3 missile 250KG warhead range 40 KM

he al-Quds Brigades, the armed wing of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement, has unveiled its latest domestic missile by firing it at targets in the Israeli occupied territories.
The resistance group released a video on Sunday which showcased the new missile, dubbed Badr 3, before cutting to footage of it being launched at positions in the city of Ashkelon, which is located 50 kilometers (31 miles) south of Tel Aviv.
The missile carried a 250-kilogram (551 lb) warhead, a major leap from its predecessor which had a much smaller 40-kilogram warhead.
The video shows at least four Badr 3 missiles roaring into the dark of the night on May 4 and 5. Ashkelon is 13 kilometers north of the fence between the Gaza Strip and Israel.
The al-Quds Brigades warned Israel that “what is coming next will be even greater.”

It is disgusting what US media represent to it's people,there public opinion have no clue what is going on..they think Hezbollah is attacking Israel army in Israel..some think Hezbollah is Palestinian group, they don't have clue that Israel occupied more than 80% of Palestinian territory even Israel got 53% of Palestine, is reckognized in 53% borders and with many obligations, Palestinian state was planed as 47% of Palestine ..Now Palestinian people are most oppressed people on planet,Israel annexed more than 80% of Palestine and part of Syria... Before 1982 US was completely differently looked at Israel because of public pressure.. US media in that reported about Israel crimes..that is why US supported 1963 UN resolution... You heard many time that UN forbidden it's members states to ever and anywhere recognize annexed territory and demographic changes if it is result of force and crimes.. Well that resolution was pushed because of Israel illegal invasions,and believe or not US strongly supported can find bunch of video clips where US president call Israel to withdraw..condemn Israel crimes..something now if happen, it would be forced to step down..That is because after 1980 Israel lunched campaign called "to win harts"..or similar named...Point is,they completely changed perception of Israel in US by purchasing US media...omly than they could influence presidential campaigns. What we need to do it,is to present truth to western public opinion, with special campaign in US ,not like Israel had to lie and present false perceptions, we just need present normal person,if you ask " do you support that we give 53% of Texas to 7% minority and then converting it to majority be expelling current majority"...would support it...or Would you support that Iran came to Florida on pretext of protection black people...But Iran and Palestinian perspective is completely blocked on west,you wouldn't believe what private message I get on twitter from US " is it really truth that Hezbollah and SAA protect Christians in Syria or "How you comment Iran support to al-qaida"... When I respond 'Sir al-qaida hate Iran more than US and Iran fight them from day one,even while US train their operatives in Afghanistan.." They literary ask 'where I can verify that"..I have filling that more than 80% in use cable news channels as main and mostly only source of info..And there FOX,CNC,CNN,ABC..etc are main and many ISP and Cable providers manipulate with this,depending where you'll have FOX,CNN,CNBC,,ABC or CNC as first news channel while other will be..number 134..etc.
It is unbelievable, I watched las weeks these channels little more to gain some much hate,divisions.. I mean between them,Democratic party vs rep,white vs minorities... And it is so high like never before..
And journalism is joke...last night on CNN one very popular journalist in US,brought 2 guests and subject is 'Is racisms related crimes in US in rise after Trump election'.And one guest is black,while second is white guest who know Trump personally and from before it became President. This journalist(so call) whole night is pushing both guests ,not to respond to questions, instead He form every time conclusion and guide gusted just to confirm that and eventually He will allow you to add something to back it...But this white guest(even not racists ) is saying that this problems existed long before and as proof of divisions he referred to protests by democrats few hour after Trump was elected with "not my president" flags..etc...this journalists after not been able for half an hour to finally force guest to confirm his these ...He,frustrated.., said.."Folks..thrust me..take my is there...I feel is 100% as I said' and even his black gust after that,men start lough and look in this man sitting next to him...I mean,these journalists should report,not produce news...or pushed for something.. And everywhere in US(at least if look main media)is same,just what they push is different, these outlets doesn't report about events...they shape public opinion bad d on their masters political agenda...I don't like Trump policy, don't like most of his views related to woman's,minorities.. I believe He is sexist and racist but after one hour after watching CNN abusive attacks on president 24/7...they just take pause to broadcast news..maybe some documentary but 80% of shows are about Trump...After one day watching, If I am US citizen, despite what I said I feel about him...take my word on this (ha-ha..)I would give him vote just because democrats only political platform is "Hurt Trump personally and on every other plan to force people not reelect him".. BUT this is so I really don't get it because they think or know their voters have 90<IQ...or is this approach so long used as only means how to beat opponent.. that they,in US,any more doesn't even create campaigns based on policies about economy,foreign policy..etc...everything is personalized.. If corporation is enemy ,they will find most exposed and influential in that corporation and start to demonize it...Country...they will start to demonize president or person most influenced, whole campaign in many media outlets (news,websites,radio)will be lunched...It is fucking mess,every media outlets is already to be blue or red....

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