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Tactical Suggestion: Going Beyond Assymetrical Warfare - Unconventional Weapons
[Image: e-soviet-particle-beam2.jpg]

I'm not a military expert by the longest stretch of the imagination. Regardless, I'm captivated by Iran's patience and resilience in face of all of the ongoing sanctions while the country pursues expanding its domestic defense and aerospace industries.

It seems to me the next logical step for Iran to succeed in reaching full self-sufficiency and economic autarky would be to create its own secret "Shenzhen" within its underground complexes. With lithium, rare-earth metals and a wide arrange of mineral deposits stretching from Afghanistan to Tibet, I don't see why Iran cannot pursue a domestic electronics industry of computers, microprocessors, smartphones, AI and 3D printers to boost its economy alongside speed up military innovations.

Focusing more on synergy, novelty and creativity in creating more 'exotic' and 'mysterious' weaponry might be a better deterrence than openly playing a game of catch-up with renovating old fighter jets and the like.  If Iran can replicate US drones and manufacture guided smart bombs to go with them, why not take it a step further to create a swarm of Kamikaze drones armed with additional sonic technology to arouse fear and panic with pulsating disruptive frequencies prior to exploding upon a target?

Are there any reports of Iran exploring EMP technology? 

Heck, I can't help but wonder if simply adding something as cheap and accessible as fentanyl or carfentanyl to a long-range surface to surface missile warhead would work in inflicting damage even while intercepted in the air.

Just brainstorming here guys.

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