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Rules of Iran Military Forum
We want Iran Military Forum to have a constructive, friendly atmosphere between members, to properly discuss Iranian military and strategic affairs. Please follow the rules and guidelines so we can achieve this.

Interacting with other members
  • Always be respectful to other members. Personal attacks will not solve any situation and are likely to earn an infraction. Discussions should be respectful even if there are opposing views. 
  • Any prejudice, insults or discrimination towards any race, religious group, sex, or country of origin will be severely dealt with.
  • Members who are not following the rules should be reported instead of confronted.
  • Respect the privacy of other members.
Forum Etiquette
  • No trolling. Derailing threads, spamming, and other disruptive or trolling behaviour will quickly earn bans.
  • Links should be provided with all articles.
  • Try to post in relevant threads and sections in order to keep the forum organised and avoid confusion.
  • Only English and Farsi (Persian) are permitted between members. If any media or article in a different language is posted, it must by accompanied by at least a short description or translation in English.
  • Commercial advertising and flooding is not permitted.
  • Sexually explicit images and media are expressly forbidden.
  • Do not post graphic (severe wounds or corpses) images or videos. However, it is permitted to post these in external links or spoiler tags with clear warnings of the nature of the content.


The forum uses a warning and infraction system. At first, Moderators may give verbal warnings. The next stage is the warning feature. After 3 warnings your posting privileges will be suspended for 1 week. After 5 warnings, you will be banned for 1 month. Warnings eventually expire, and can be edited or deleted at a Moderator or Administrator's discretion. You can view your warning level on your profile page.

Remember that Iran Military Forum is a pro-Iranian forum. The purpose of this forum is for anyone - not just Iranians - interested in Iranian military or strategic affairs to discuss these topics without trolling or harassment. Therefore, this forum is not a place for people whose agenda is to bash Iran or the Islamic Republic. Criticism in the context of sincere discussion is, of course, allowed. But if your sole purpose is to be anti-Iran/IR, then there is almost the entire rest of the internet for you to do that.
نه شرقی، نه غربی، جمهوری اسلامی

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