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Iran not guilty in Uzair Baloch/Kulbhusan case
It is very important that Pakistani brothers should wake up, and come out of the false propaganda.

Uzair Baloch's Case:

1. Uzair Baloch is blamed to have an Iranian Passport. This is presented as proof that Iranian Government was supporting Uzair Baloch.

But real fact is this that Iranian Government didn't give Uzair the passport as it's spy. But Uzair Baloch and her aunty in Iran made a false Passport for Uzair, in another name. And Government of Iran was itself totally unaware of this forgery.

Here is the JIT report of Uzair Baloch as published on Geo TV (link) :

[Image: JIT_snippets_1L_1.jpg]

As you could see that Iran has no participation in Passport and it was not a conspiracy by Iran against Pakistan. But it was the Aunty of Uzair who privately made false birth certificate
for him and then also the false passport.

2. And then it was accused that Iranian Spy agency asked Uzair Baloch for navy installations in Karachi and names of the navy officers.

I personally believe this to be a forgery by JIT people.

These are very ridiculous charges.

Uzair Baloch was an illiterate criminal. He had no connections with Pakistan Navy. He knew nothing about the Navy officials of their sketches.

Moreover, Uzair was on a run. In 2013 he fled to Iran after the operation started. In 2015 he moved to Oman (link).

Sketches of navy officials are present everywhere during the Photo sessions. Why would one need to ask Uzair for that. And for navy installations in Karachi, again Uzair could not have any informations about them.

If Uzair was really working of Iranian spy agency, then he absolutely didn't need to leave Iran.

3. Uzair Baloch had full links with Takfiri outfits and he was anti Iran and anti Shias.

There are many many Pakistani news on this issue and it was absolutely no secret. Here one can see him with the takfiris.

[Image: proxy.php?image=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.shiiten...8d168545d8]

I believe that this false charge of spying was put upon him by JIT while they wanted to arrest Uzair.

In 2016, Uzair Baloch reappeared in Karachi (link). But then arrested by JIT. And this time they wanted to bring such charges against him that no court could give him any bail and no political connections to PPP could rescue him (as they did to him after his 2003 arrest and made him free).

So, this could be the sole reason for the allegation of spying for Iran. Otherwise, there may be some Takfiri present in the JIT who could have thought of making two prey from one arrow.


Pakistani foreign ministry never accused Iran of using Uzair as spy against Pakistan.
ISPR didn't blame Iran for using Uzair as spy against them.
Passport is also not a proof as JIT itself proofs that Iranian government was unaware of this false passport of Uzair.

Kalbhushan Case:

Again there is only false propaganda in this case that Iran used or supported Kalbhushan against Pakistan and was directly involved in his activities.

But reality is this that Iran has absolutely no idea of Kalbhushan activities and Iran never supported him, or ever used him against Pakistan.

Kalbhushan got valid visa of Iran, just like any citizen of any other country. But then he slipped to Pakistan from the borders, making it partially Pakistani forces fault too for not covering the borders properly.

But how could this slip become an Iranian direct crime and conspiracy against Pakistan?

An enemy agent could slip to Pakistan from any border. Be it Iran's border, or Afghanistan border. Actually, as compared to Iran's border, the Afghani border is totally open and perhaps hundreds of anti Pakistani terrorists cross this border every day.

Pakistan agencies were even able to send down Jihadists in Kashmir directly from the Indian border too.

So, how could Pakistani brothers still believe that Iran was directly supporting and conspiring against Pakistan through kalbhushan?

I sincerely request the Pakistani brothers to please come out of this false propaganda, and don't let yourself become a prey of it.

I posted it on forum too. 

But they didn't like it, and abused me and then banned me, and also deleted the whole thread. But had already made a cache of that whole thread (link). It was not nice of them to be so much biased in their attitude. Perhaps Iranians should stop posting there if this biased attitude continues (and it will continue unfortunately).
Pakistan is in denial that they have a serious terrorism problem since the 90's. To sum it up, the chickens have come home to roost. It is a very sad situation. The Pak PM admitted in Iran recently that Pak soil has been unfortunately used against Iran. What more can we say here. Nobody and I mean none of these takfiri outfits operate solo!!!!! they all have sponsors and you bet your last dollar that the ISI has links with these takfiri outfits. Pak Army is corrupt, and this is a fact.
Another Foolishness of Pakistani Agencies:

Earlier, Pakistani agencies abducted 80 Shias in Pakistan, and not even presented them to the court for last many years. 

For the last 11 days, Shias in Karachi were protesting against it at the residence of President of Pakistan. 

Suddenly, Pakistani agencies claimed that they arrested 19 Shia terrorists who were working for Iran, and wanted to do killings in Pakistan. 

And guess what, these 19 Shias were the same who have been registered as missing for the last many months, and for whom other Shias were protesting in Karachi. 

Situation is like this that Imran Khan is a a Barailvi and wants to have good relations with Iran. 

But Pakistani Agencies are full of Takfiris. 

Earlier these Takfiries in the agencies claimed that Uzaiz Baluch was spying for Pakistan, although Uzair himself  was member of Takfiri group. 

Then Takfiris in Pakistani agencies claimed that Iran supported Indian Spy Kulbhushan. 

All these news presented Iran in very bad light in Pakistan. 

Actually Pakistani agencies are loosing due to these lies. 

Firstly Pakistani Agencies started to abduct thousands of  MQM members and made thousands of false cases against them. MQM got the Mafia, but these thousands of cases were false. But agencies succeeded while whole of Pakistan was against MQM and hated them. 

Any how, MQM got a lot of support in Karachi and Hyderabad and people hate agencies for their lies and behaviour. 

Then agencies abducted many journalists and tortured them and pressed the press a lot and don't let them to publish anything against the agencies. Although agencies succeeded in keeping the mouth of press shut, but still there are many in the Media who are now hating the agencies for this. 

Then agencies abducted a lot of Pashtoons and thus there is big movement there against Army. 

And now Shias, and also Iran is being targeted by the Pakistani agencies. Naturally Pakistani Shia and Iranian people and Iranian government is also raising questions against it. 

Takfiri Terrorists killed thousands of Hazaras in Quetta, but Pakistani agencies were not able to arrest even a single terrorist in Quetta. But there are hardly any Takfiri killings in Pakistan by Shias, but still agencies are claiming that they arrested tens of Shias who were working for Iran and wanted to do terror attacks in Pakistan. 

I don't know what to thing about the Pakistani Agencies after all this. Very bad indeed, while Pakistani innocent people do believe in Pakistani agencies and they will also turn against the Shias and also against Iran.

Here is BBC Urdu news, testifying the same thing that those 19 Shia terrorists, which have been arrested today by Pakistani Agencies, are the same people for whom other Shias are protesting for in Karachi, as they are missing for many moths and years now.
There is an anti-Iran agenda at play in Pakistan. The most vivid proof of this is available at that stupid Pakistan defence forum. I'm sure everyone here is well aware of this. Obviously this looks like a funded movement, like anything is these days. No surprise here.

An update on this pakistan drama, looks like Pakistan's trouble making days are coming to a close very shortly. They are being defanged via the FATF and IMF bailouts being linked as one and the same. In other words, no IMF bailout without first clearing the FATF gray list. Both the US and India are demanding a Pakistani surrender on their Afghan and India policies. India has made it clear to the US that their relationship with the US hinges on the US helping India isolate Pakistan diplomatically, militarily and financially. Pakistan is done now:

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