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Iran Military Parade - 18 April 2019
Today Iran celebrates National Army Day with parade.

Zulfikar 3 MBTs

[Image: 1_19_04_19_12_53_54.png]

[Image: 1_19_04_19_12_59_18.png]

Video clip of Iran army parade

Attached Files Image(s)
[Image: firefox-Bl-H1-ZSSop3.png]

[Image: firefox-Cl-Ms-Ed9wg-Q.png]

[Image: firefox-d-Gl-Wa5-RGs-E.png]

[Image: firefox-51-Xl-D1-Nx1-U.png]

[Image: firefox-AIAYSBSp-HG.png]

[Image: firefox-ASSVm-MX6d-T.png]

[Image: firefox-b0-Mene0kka.png]
[Image: firefox-4o-KL3-Gh-Vi-G.png]

[Image: firefox-8-GNdj-OBm-EQ.png]
ایران روز ارتش۱۳۹۸ پدافند هوایی خاتم الانبیا رادار معراج ۴/ رادار پسیو افتاباز

[Image: firefox-AIAYSBSp-HG.png]

[Image: firefox-al3-Otc6v-QW.png]

[Image: firefox-ASSVm-MX6d-T.png]

[Image: firefox-BYw-Wv-E2-HS2.png]

[Image: firefox-Ciatr-I2-Nsd.png]

[Image: firefox-Cl-Ms-Ed9wg-Q.png]

[Image: firefox-de-X8k-KSky-P.png]

[Image: firefox-d-Gl-Wa5-RGs-E.png]

[Image: firefox-G395dv-WD4-D.png]

[Image: firefox-h3x-RCan9tm.png]

[Image: firefox-Iktyye-Fi0-J.png]

[Image: firefox-Jukosv5rp4.png]

[Image: firefox-lix-Me-Euo-Km.png]

[Image: firefox-mf-Seiifbv-Q.png]

[Image: firefox-N7-Nn-Ms-FJmj.png]

[Image: firefox-oa-UKRXO5-V2.png]

[Image: firefox-OLqn-Ca-AJTN.png]

[Image: firefox-OPRr-Uny-K58.png]

[Image: firefox-P3-W6-Iy-Bs-R8.png]
[Image: firefox-Pxu-SCP8q88.png]

[Image: firefox-uq-MOt-HS1-W8.png]

[Image: firefox-Wc-Hb-OJ2-R3s.png]

[Image: firefox-wfp1fwin-Js.png]

[Image: firefox-ZP6ar-Uo-Rdr.png]

[Image: firefox-ZXo9lj-WU6i.png]

[Image: FJSCSbq-I4t.png]

[Image: Fy30-Z0-EOal.png]

[Image: jm1q-Rwigah.png]

[Image: KCTLtw-QGKo.png]

[Image: l0qfc-X0-A1e.png]

[Image: l-Isqk-BE1r-O.png]

[Image: Lu-COIN6-FKd.png]
[Image: oi1-YPs5-Cw-S.png]

[Image: p-Rw019r-OBy.png]

[Image: Vs-U8l-HTZa6.png]

[Image: firefox-8-GNdj-OBm-EQ.png]

[Image: firefox-hw-Ei-Ait-Olt.png]

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