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China and Russia agreed to sell weapons to Iran
IMF 03 April 2019 - Iran
It is confirmed yesterday that China and Russia agreed to help Iran to modernize it's armed forces, acording to high ranking sources in Russia,China and Iran armed forces Iran will buy not only aircrafts but wide range of weapons and defense systems.It is still unclear what exactlly types of weapons Iran will buy,Russian sources reveal that weapons deal include aircrafts,helicopters,missile defense systems and other equipment for ground force and navy and said that deal is worth more than 10.8$ billion. Source from China told that IR Iran and China will sign deal worth 3.8$ billion of weapons sales.
news is confirmed from multiple sources on all 3 sides but still, as explained negotiations are still underway and we will know more in comming days.
Potential weapons sale from Russia could be Su 30/34/35 ,mig-35,mil mi-28,T-90MBT..this is what was discussed earlier,while from China J-10 and JF17 could be option even one source confuse us with claim that JH-7 is also discussed...There are other reports of this event but also comming from unnamed sources from Russia or/and China...our source from Iran armed force could only confirm that last few months Iran is intensively negotiate with Russia,China but also with N.korea(whose delegation was in iran recently). He couldn't say anything about deal...
Now feel free to add your opinion to this,I will try to get confirmation of this from source I can quote but for now no one wants to be quoted,I succeed to get only few unofficial confirmations.

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