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Iran's First Radio Telescope Unveiled
Iran's First Radio Telescope Unveiled


The first radio telescope system in the country with the presence of engineer, Azari Jahromi, Minister of Communications and Information Technology at the Iranian Space Research Institute was unveiled on Monday March 6th (25 FEB 2019).

At the opening ceremony of the radio telescope system, Dr Omid Shokoufa, the head of the Space Research Center of the Iranian Space Research Institute, said that the system was used to promote the country's astronomical goals, and said about the system's various services: by launching the radio telescope system, the possibility educational services and radio astronomy services are provided to various groups, including: the academic community, especially physics and astronomy students, students and the general public interested in astronomy.

The radio telescope in astronomy will allow: Observation of spatial points that do not need to be angularly spaced, observation of extensive radio-sources, including the radio halo of galaxy clusters and extensive Milky Way sources, studying the spectral lines in the Milky Way galaxy and other nearby galaxies, observation of the spectral line of hydrogen at a frequency of 1420 MHz.

[Image: bbf0d084-4853-41aa-a8a8-0a6158fec112.jpg...deSize=750]
1. First Radio Telescope Unveiled



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