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The Iranian Air Force has unveiled its first wide-body unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)
The Iranian Air Force has unveiled its first wide-body unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), which is fully designed and manufactured at home, as the country prepares for celebrations marking the 40th anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

The drone, dubbed Khodkar (Automatic), was showcased at an air defense exhibition in Tehran on Thursday.

The UAV -- an upgraded version of T-33 training aircraft -- is equipped with two cameras; one located beneath the fuselage to contribute to the take-off and landing phases and another on the front side to provide an alternative cockpit view.
The drone also features receiver GPS and GLONASS antennas, data transmitter antennas besides phased array ones.
Khodkar, which uses a turbojet J85 engine, is also capable of recording data and could be employed in surveillance and combat missions. It was among a number of other fighter jets put on display at the exhibition. 
The exhibition will be open to public until February 11, which marks the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution of 1979, which toppled the former US-backed Pahlavi regime.

Speaking at the exhibition's opening ceremony, Iranian Army Commander General Abdolrahim Mousavi hailed the country's achievements in the air defense sector over the past four decades.
"The Iranian nation put up 40 years of resistance and successfully moved on from sanctions," he said.
The senior military official also said Iran's defense equipment serves not only combat missions, but also rescue and search operations when natural disasters hit.
The Iranian Armed Forces also unveiled new military hardware, including drones and missiles, on Wednesday during another exhibition called Eqtedar 40, held at Imam Khomeini Grand Prayer Grounds in Tehran.

[Image: b5f75bcf-963e-432c-9bec-fade63ae613b.jpg]

[Image: b951cedc-7d55-49e9-9326-ec43f65e03c7.jpg]

[Image: 6c8de93a-2507-49a1-ac61-64fa6944cc5f.jpg]

Source Press TV/Mehr
No more than a target drone, and not sure why it was necessary over the Karrar.
نه شرقی، نه غربی، جمهوری اسلامی
Thats what I`d assumed too[I rather stupidly took our friend mr taghvaee seriously,silly me] however the airforce doesn't seem to be looking at this as a target drone,it went to a lot of work to reengine and modify this drone so I think they intend to use it to carry weapons.
They also rolled out some new smaller drones called the kaman 12,that appear to be based on the mohajem 92,you can see that the nose has been modified and probably been fitted with cameras,the tail booms have been reinforced and the engine is a more powerful one with a lager prop as well.
Now why they didnt simply take over the unwanted mohajer 6 drone program I dont know as its certainly a far better machine than the kamen 12 which is only about half its size,in addition the mohajer 6 also had its own ir and eo glide bombs as well,you`d have thought the iriaf would`ve jumped at the chance.
Frankly the whole iriaf drone program looks very amateurish,even its control van looks crude and thrown together.
About the only thing I actually liked was the akhgar,a tiny little jet powered stand off missile,basically a drone launched mini cruise missile

mohajem 92
[Image: 13951119001688636220798341875785_16453_PhotoT.jpg]

[Image: drone_20150923_402_602.jpg]

kaman 12
[Image: f486af1d-58af-4af0-b91e-c7181304422c.jpg]

Akhgar missile
[Image: 49985320_1237173653124372_4772252296260707152_n.jpg]
[Image: 3028473.jpg]

"Lead me to those who seek the truth,and deliver me from those who`ve found it"
                                         Andre Gide
How does Akhgar compare to sadid 345?

I would like to see Fotros with 4 akhgar missiles! Looks like a much option than s-129 with 4 sadid to me...
[Image: ezyfX4Z.jpg]

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