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Iran Slams Russia for Deactivating S-300 during Israeli Airstrikes on Syria
A senior Iranian lawmaker has strongly criticized Russia for deactivating its S-300 missile defence system deployed in Syria during the recent Israeli airstrikes on what Tel Aviv claims were Iranian positions in the Arab country.

Chairman of the Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Heshmatollah Falahatpishe says that had the systems operated properly, Israel could not easily carry out its airstrikes on Syria.
In an interview with IRNA, the lawmaker said Russia’s move to deactivate its S-300 missile system in Syria during Israeli airstrikes is susceptible to serious criticisms.
“It seems there is a type of correlation between the Zionist regime’s airstrikes and Russia’s deactivation of defensive systems deployed in Syria,” he said.
He further noted that following the Israeli airstrikes, he arrived immediately at the scene of the attack and found out that the reports on the casualties of the air raid released by Israel were totally wrong.
He described the reports as bluffs and added the Zionist regime is seeking to hamper the process of restoring peace and stability to Syria through conducting the airstrikes on the country.
“They want to provoke Iran into making certain reactions to create new challenges in Syria,” he concluded.  
Israel targeted an airport in southeastern Damascus in Syria leaving a number of people dead and wounded on Monday. Russia said Syria’s air defences shot down more than 30 cruise missiles and guided bombs during Israel’s aerial attacks.
Israel claimed in a statement that the main targets of the attacks were Iranian forces. According to the statement, Iranian forces are operating in Syrian territory and launched a surface-to-surface rocket from Syrian territory aimed at the northern occupied Golan Heights.
“In response to the attack, during the night (Israeli military) fighter jets struck Iranian Quds Forces military targets in Syria in addition to Syrian aerial defence batteries,” it said.
Iran says its military presence in Syria is totally advisory and is aimed at helping Syrian government to cleanse the country of foreign-backed terrorists.
That’s wrong of Russia to deactivate its S 300 missel defence system
Jordan robert
(09-02-2019, 02:44 AM)Messier 67 Wrote: See what kind of friend Putin is. Jews pull the strings of the puppet Putin. I am not shock by this, if Putin let S-300s operate against Putin's masters in Hell Aviv, that would be newsworthy. This is barely newsworthy. I have said for years on PDF and elsewhere that Putin works for the Chabad and Russian/Jewish Mob. Hitler trump has the same puppet masters. This is the Russian connection - jews.

This is why you only ToT from Russia. And buy from China.

Any S-300s that are operated by Iran, must work independently from other ADS, you can't let them network together and give Russia the ability to jam the entire network. I would move the S-300s in Iran to Eastern Iran to guard against Afghanistan and have the Khordads and Bavars protect the West and South.

Iranian S-200s are more valuable than S-300s, which can be remotely deactivated. If I were Iran, I would reprogram them so they would work if Israhell attacks the nuclear sites.
That's too simplistic my friend.

In reality, many countries have ties with everyone and geopolitics is a difficult and dirty business. Russia in the past has acted very disloyally to Iran (s-300, UNSC votes) but lately has helped Iran a lot too (transfer of advanced radars for example).

Ultimately, they look out for their own interests. But when SAA shot down the Russian jet because of Israeli jets, Russia took steps and Israeli strikes in Syria have decreased a lot since then.

However, I do agree with you that every indigenous Iranian system is worth 100x that of any foreign system.

Best Smile
(09-02-2019, 03:09 AM)Messier 67 Wrote: I am not saying don't use Russia, treat them as a friend, but expect to be stabbed in the back. Russia stabbing Assad in the back could be beneficial. Assad may want to buy Iranian made ADS.

Assad was saved by Putin because Assad used Putin and with this deactivation, Assad is getting stabbed in the back. This is how Russia operates under Putin and Yeltsin was much worse. Putin is a show, an act, Putin can't let Muslim countries go un-protected or else they will figure out that nobody is protecting them but themselves. Putin feigns friendship to give a false sense of security to the Middle East. To have this act, Putin must respond to requests from 'allies' in the Mideast. So Russia is allowed to be used.

Time for Iran to develop a 'better than S-400' ADS.

What about the protection Assad got with Russia saving Assad... That was approved of by Hell Aviv. To close up shop on the zionist terrorist group of ISIS. ISIS was getting out of hand and if they were allowed to become successful, they might have turned on their jew backers. Obama was first asked (by jews and other zionists) to sponsor/support ISIS, then asked to destroy ISIS. Obama did not want to do either, so when Assad asked Putin for support, the zionists approved Russian interference. The goal is a prolonged question on the fate of Syria. And Washington has this delay with Washington goons in the Northeast oil fields of Syria. Idlib is another delay on the unification of Syria. Assad is now his own worst enemy. You can only fight the SDF/PKK with proxies, and Assad should use the FSA to fight the PKK in the Northeast. For this you need a reconciliation with Erdogan. Better Erdogan occupying your lands than Washington. Assad can't shoot at Washington, they can at Turks, and peace is more achievable with those lands under Arab and Turkish control, than Washington and Kurdish.
Russia would not betray Syria now after investing so much into saving Assad. Russia gives some SAMs to Syria for free so it won't betray Assad just because he wants to buy some Iranian SAMs; it has much larger export markets (Turkey, KSA, Iran). Besides, Iranian SAMs in Syria is problematic because they will be sitting ducks for Israel and this will cause reputational harm. 

Zarif is in Russia and he said that Iran-Russia relations are at the best they have been "in decades". I think this is true; there is a lot of military co-operation behind the scenes, especially in the last few years.

Russia is a world leader in AD, Iran has made great progress (with some Belarus/Russia/China help) but it lacks the industrial base/experience/budget of Russia to be on par with it. Regardless, a s-400 level SAM system is plausible for Iran in the next 5 or so years given Iran has said they are improving Bavar 373 and will create better versions.

I don't agree with your ISIS/Israel/US conspiracy but clearly many in Israel and the US wanted to see a weaker/fragmented Syria, thus were happy to support the "rebels" to overthrow the Syrian Government. Turkey will not fight the US forces so that is unrealistic.
Syria can shot at US in east Syria if Iraq push US out of Iraq. The Kurds have nothing to decide as always (cause they choose always the wrong side, decades or longer). All question of what will be in east Syria depends on what will be in Iraq.

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