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Quantum Cryptographic Holography - Quantum Encryption of Telecommunications.
Hi all, 

Please use this thread to discuss quantum cryptography and its application throughout the wider communications spectrum. 

Admin please allow this thread for discussion purposes as I myself will be explaining in full my own quantum encryption software which is open source and available now to code on github. 

I will provide all the information in this thread. 


Project Mabon.

So what is quantum cryptographic holography?

#QCH can be used as either software or hardware and even as both.

It's a quantum process that uses two identical image tables between two (or more) devices to send quantumly encrypted communications.

QCH also doubles as the best form of file/folder compression software.

If you would like to know more about how timing mechanisms, light, sound, pixels, shapes, objects, colours, vectors etc are, all used within QCH to encrypt data that cannot be cracked by any type of computer that doesn't possess the image table.

I hope you want to learn more about this:

Here is a link to QCH on github:

It's open source so get on there and help to code it Smile

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