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Iran Army Navy Moj destroyer projects
Iran Army Navy chief Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi: Moj-6 Trimaran destroyer project 3000 ton with 96 Vertical launching missiles Cubic tube ( VLS) constraction begins by 1399 Iranian year end of 20201

If it is true that this trimaran will carry 96 VLS missiles, it will be an extraordinary creativity because this trimaran ship only has a weight of 3000 tons, Amazing !!!

I imagine that the negin project (5000-7000 tons destroyer ship) will be able to carry more than 150 VLS or at least carry around 122 VLS (depending on the size and combination of the missiles carried).

This trimaran warship has a stealth shape and is likely to have speeds above 30 knots.

Possible VLS can carry missiles such as Hoveyzeh / Ya Ali long-range missiles, Sayyad 2/3 or Mehrab air defense missiles.
If it carries SAM's at the size of patriots and BUK's then the total loadout weight would be in the region of: 700kgx96= 67,200kg which is 2.24% of the total weight of the ship (3000t). If the missiles are smaller and lighter like the ESSM then the percentage is even less (~1.0%).

Weight-wise totally doable.
Iran Army Navy Mowj-6 Trimaran destroyer project 3000 ton with 96 Vertical launching missiles Cubic tube ( VLS)

The Mowj-6 Trimaran (3000 tons) warship with the Negin project (5000-7000 tons) was clearly used as an offensive strategy and of course the main operation would be outside the waters of the Persian Gulf.

To protect the IRGCN fast ships and Iran Navy warships from attack by aircraft, helicopters and ASCM missiles in the waters of the Persian Gulf, it is sufficient to use long-range air defense systems on land such as S-200, Bavar-373, S-300 and Sayyad 3 .

Of course this Trimaran Mowj-6 warship can carry 96 VLS !!! There is a comparison of this Trimaran Mojw warship with USS Independence (LCS-2) which has almost the same size and shape of a similar ship but has only a few VLS.

Actually if we look at photos of the two ships in detail the shape is not too similar. The Iranian Trimaran Mojw-6 ship has a wider width and length in front of the ship and has a shorter helicopter deck than the American Trimaran ship. Regarding the space for VLS, which allows more VLS in Iranian Mowj-6 ships if to compare American trimaran ships. But of course this will also make Iran's Mowj-6 ships only carry a few crew members (but this may rely more on computers and sophisticated equipment for ship use, to be more efficient) maybe only about 30 crews can be used.

Regarding the types of missiles carried by the Mowj-6 warship and the Negin project destroyer, this is likely to be slightly different between the two Iranian warships. The Mowj-6 Trimaran ship will most likely carry medium and short-class missiles such as the combination of Ya Ali, Sayyad 2/3, Mehrab, Mersad 16 and short-range air defenses such as herz 9 / Ya Zahra and Tor M1.

Whereas the Negin destroyer project will most likely carry heavy and medium-class missiles, such as the Hoveyzeh / Soumar missile, Bavar-373, S-300, Sayyad 3, and may also continue to carry short-range air defense missiles in support of CIWS.

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