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2500 Years of European History
dani92, post: 11871786, member: 195630 Wrote:the info Europeans were there before

Like all contested territorial issues, too complex if one wants to avoid trolling. Must watch first the history of Crimea over 2500 years in a 48 minutes video, it's just like a movie. Not for braindeads.

2500 Years of European History

Quote:Published on Jan 25, 2016

Authorized reproduction of Bukharin.

See an extremely detailed bilingual version of 2500 years European History from early Romans to modern times!

Eternal Alexander - Vangelis
The Uruk-hai - Lord Of The Rings 2 Soundtrack
Hymne Des Chérubins - Divna & Melodi Choir
Zinjibar - Abdullah Ahmed/Seif Saleh
Terms - Harry Gregson-Williams
Dear Lord And Father Of Mankind - The Celebration Choir & Salvation Army Citadel Band
Mozart: Rondo alla Turca Sonata No. 11, KV 331 - Orchestra Italiana
Conquest Of Paradise - Vangelis
L'Internazionale - Coro dell'Armata Rossa
Lili marleen - Marlène Dietrich
La varsovienne - Chœur de l'armée soviétique, Boris Alexandrov
The Sacred War - The Red Flag Ensemble
Mon armée - Les Choeurs de L'Armée Rouge

Jan 25, 2016 Video (Duration 48 minutes)
1. 2500 Years of European History. Published on Jan 25, 2016

One last word, this video's main flaw and not the least, is obviously the ahistorical depiction of the post WW2 era. Here as a modern day Judgment of Solomon, a hotfix patched map.

[Image: bXEFf51.jpg] ; ; ;
2. Hotfix patch for post-WWII era map.

[Image: 6e323515d66ee30841cae4a9a7318d3b72b3e685.gif]
[Image: ae4ffdaeb02c2ea160fb33e41686a846f36755ca.gif]
[Image: 55abcc242354c9c1c73538db5d8c7b984de5ca52.gif]


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