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Chinese Armed Forces | News and Discussions
General thread to discuss China's military developments/news etc.

Today China celebrated the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.

A huge military parade took place and numerous new weapons were displayed.

DF-17 HGV (hypersonic glide vehicle):

[Image: DF-17.png]

[Image: DF-17-2.png]

DF-41 ICBM (solid-fuel MIRV ICBM; mobile; 15,000km range):

[Image: DF-41.png]

DF-5B ICBM (MIRV; liquid fuel ICBM):

[Image: DF-5B.png]

DF-100 (hypersonic cruise missile):

[Image: DF-100.png]

Sharp Sword UCAV (LO UCAV):

[Image: Sharp-Sword-UCAV.png]

WZ-8 UAV (supersonic, high altitude, LO recon/surveillance drone):

[Image: WZ-8-UAV.png]

Short video of the HUGE parade here: 
Wow!...very impressive ...must be the best military parade in the planet..organized and full of new stuff..great to see China has progressed so far in 70 years.
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