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Thread to discuss tourism in Iran.
Iran Records 41% Increase in Foreign Tourist Arrivals in 2018-2019 (1397)

Quote:A total of 2,030,523 tourists visited Iran during the first quarter of the current fiscal year (March 21-June 21) to register a 41% growth compared with 1,443,551 inbound tourists during the same period of last year, the Persian daily Donya-e-Eqtesad reported.

Tour operators who spoke with Skift strongly disagree with the US State Department’s warning that Iran is not a safe travel destination, maintaining that Iran has proven to be a safe and remarkably hospitable place for travelers, including Americans. The biggest obstacle they see is the widespread misperception that the country is not safe or that visitors will be met with hostility.

According to the 2019 Travel Risk Map, launched by global risk experts International SOS in collaboration with Control Risks, Iran is as safe as a majority of European countries when it comes to travel security. 

Decline in Outbound Tourism

A total of 1,759,749 Iranians traveled overseas in the quarter ending June 21, indicating a year-on-year decrease of 6.5%. 

The devaluation of Iran's national currency rial against foreign currencies last year has had a dual effect. On the one hand, it led to a decline in the purchasing power of Iranians overseas. On the other, it has given a boost to the inbound tourism sector, as travelling to Iran has become cheaper for foreign holiday-goers.

Kerman Tourism

[Image: K1.png]

[Image: K2.png]

Kerman province with its rich and ancient civilization and climate has four seasons and a treasures of natural, historical and cultural heritage and attractions that can rightly be called a miniature of Iran's tourism.

The presence of seven world heritage monuments, three national heritage monuments and thousands of natural and historical attractions have made the Kerman province one of the most important tourist destinations of the country for domestic and foreign tourists.

The registration of  "Ganjali Khan Historical Collection, Arg-e Bam (the largest adobe building in the world), Shazdeh Mahan Garden, Historical Village of Meymand, Lut Desert, and Goharriz Qanat of Joopar in Mahan, Qasem Abad and Akbar Abad Bam World Heritage List has provided this prestigious site with a unique status.

The cultural heritage of Kerman has flourished in recent years with the participation of the private sector in the aftermath of the recession and valuable monuments such as the Citadel of Bam, the Fath Abad Garden, the Kerman Lawyer's Caravansary and the Haj Agha Ali Kerman House have been repaired.

Arg-e Bam:

[Image: Arg-e-Bam.png]

[Image: ARG.png]

Arg-e Bam was the largest adobe building in the world located near Bam, a city in Kerman Province southeast of Iran.On December 26, 2003, a devastating earthquake struck Bam City and its suburbs. Consequently, Arg-e Bam was entirely demolished.

"Bam and its Cultural Landscape" has been registered in the list of UNESCO World Heritage. This enormous citadel, located along the Silk Road, was constructed in century 5 BC and was still in use until 1850 AD. It is not exactly clear why it was not used anymore thereafter.

The whole monument is a huge fortress in the center of which the citadel (Arg) is located. However, due to the glorious appearance of the Arg which is also the highest part of the complex, the entire fortress building is known as "Arg-e Bam".

Shazdeh Garden:

[Image: Shazdeh-Garden.png]

The Shazdeh Garden is a historical Persian garden located on the outskirts of Mahan in Kerman province, and was constructed under the orders of the governor of Kerman, Abdolhamid Mirza Naserodoleh, during the late Qajar period.

Built in the traditional style in the late 1900s, the Garden consists of pools in a terraced fashion.The construction was left unfinished, due to the death of Abdolhamid Mirza in the early 1890s.

It is rumored that upon hearing the news of the Governor’s death, the masons immediately abandoned their work and as a result the main entrance still shows some unfinished areas. Its location was selected strategically as it was placed on the way between the Bam Citadel and Kerman.

The Garden is approximately 407 meters long and 122 meters wide in a rectangular shape with a wall around it and surrounded by desert land. It consists of an entrance structure and gate at the lower end and a two-floor seasonal residential structure at the upper end.

Goharriz Qanat of Joopar:

[Image: Goharriz-Qanat-of-Joopar.png]

Although human being is always trying to improve and each generation is enjoying more advance technology than the previous one, the genius of our ancestors in some fields were considerably more improved than what we are witnessing today.

One of the examples for this saying is the famous Persian Qanat which was registered by UNESCO as the world heritage site.

The complex includes 11 Qanats in different cities of Iran. Goharriz Qanat of Joopar in Mahan, Kerman is one of these wonders. The Qanat is as long as 3500 meters and waters about 300 hectares on its way.

Rayen Castle:

[Image: Rayen-Castle.png]

Ganjali Khan Safavid Complex:

[Image: Ganjali-Khan.png]

Shah Nematollah Vali Shrine:

[Image: Shah-Nematollah-Vali-Shrine.jpg]

Fath Abad Garden:

[Image: Fath-Abad-Garden.png]

Soltanieh Dome (World Heritage Site, Zanjan) enjoys 14% increase in foreign visitors in first half of 1398

[Image: Soltanieh-Dome.png]

Quote:Some 2,689 foreign tourists visited the Soltanieh dome on Zanjan neighborhood in the first six months of Iranian year compared to 2,368 tourists in the the same period last year.

Miramousi Aniran, citing the statistics of ticket sales, added: During this period, 81,621 domestic tourists visited the Soltanieh International Dome.

Soltaniyeh Dome is the 3rd biggest brick dome in the world and the Mausoleum of Ilkhan Oljaytu highlighted accomplishment of Iranian architecture and is the top three huge historic buildings in the world.

The structure is a very exquisite mosque which is well-known in the world from the viewpoint of architecture, interior design and space. Soltaniyeh Dome.

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