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UAE Strikes Against KSA-Backed Hadi Regime in Yemen - kill 30+
Huge news coming from Yemen of a deepening rift between UAE and KSA in their war on Yemen.

KSA-backed Hadi-regime fighters have been based in their temporary capital city of Aden. However, recently the UAE-backed separatist STC fighters have had military confrontations with the Hadi-regime fighters and expelled them from Aden.

Yesterday it seems there was an attempt by Hadi regime fighters to re-take Aden, but this failed and UAE jets directly attacked Hadi-regime fighters, killing at least 30. 

Now the STC are back in full control of Aden and the Hadi-regime fighters have fled Aden totally, now they are in Abyan province. The STC are reportedly preparing to target Hadi-regime fighters in neighbouring provinces as well, so we have a civil proxy war within a civil war!

Source 1 (AlJazeera):

Yemen's government accused the United Arab Emirates of launching the attacks against its soldiers.

"The Yemeni government condemns the Emirati air strikes against government forces in the interim capital Aden and in Zinjibar, which resulted in civilian and military casualties," Deputy Foreign Minister Mohammad al-Hadhrami said in a tweet.
"We hold the UAE fully responsible for this explicit extrajudicial targeting."

Hadhrami urged Saudi Arabia "to stand by the legitimate government and stop this illegal and unjustified military escalation."

Source 2 (France 24):

Yemen's government on Thursday accused the United Arab Emirates of launching air strikes against its troops in the southern city of Aden in support of separatist fighters.

A government security source confirmed Aden was under the full control of the STC, saying government troops who entered parts of the city a day earlier "withdrew from Aden" to Abyan province.
So now the Gulf Arabs are killing themselves sadly the Yemenis people suffer anyways the PGCC is the real culprit in the mess there
[Image: Yemen.png]

(August 2019)

Red = Houthis
Yellow = STC (separatist; UAE-backed)
Green = Hadi (KSA-backed)
Grey with black borders = Al Qaeda

Top 5 largest cities in Yemen by population:

1. Sana'a - 4 million (West Yemen - Houthis)
2. Taiz - 2.5 million (West Yemen - Houthis/Hadi)
3. Aden - 1.8 million (West Yemen - STC)
4. Hodeidah - 0.6 million (West Yemen - Houthis)
4. Ibb - 0.25 million (West Yemen - Houthis)

All 5 largest cities in Yemen are in West Yemen. 3/5 controlled by Houthis, 1/5 by STC and 1/5 contested by Houthis/Hadi. 

The Yemen war is a clear example of KSA's (in particular MBS') FP immaturity and recklessness.

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