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Zoljanah - Nahid-1 (Venus-1) - Iman Khomeini SLC - XX JUN 2020 (X:X UTC)
Final test of Nahid-1 telecom satellite accomplished

31 July 2019 - 08:47

[Image: scr.png] ;
▲ 1.Tehran, July 31, IRNA - Iran's Minister of Communications and Information Technology said the final test of Nahid-1 telecommunication satellite have been accomplished.  

In his Twitter message, Mohammad-Javad Azari-Jahromi described as beautiful such achievement.

Earlier, the director of Iranian Space Research Center (ISRC) Hossein Samimi said just one step has remained for launching Nahid-1 satellite.

He noted that Nahid-1 project will be finalized and the satellite will be delivered for launching.

Minister: Iran's New Satellite Ready for Launch in Weeks

Wed Jul 31, 2019

"The space research centers have accomplished their task on the satellite and related final tests have been carried out, and the satellite could be delivered to the defense ministry within the next one to two weeks to be launched into the orbit," Azari Jahromi told reporters in Tehran on Wednesday after a cabinet meeting.

He added that the problems observed in the last two failed satellite launches of Iran have been resolved, and further expressed hope for a successful launch of Nahid into the orbit.

Iran's Communication Satellite Developing Plan 2026

• Nahid-1, 50 Kg, LEO, Safir-1 SLV
• Nahid-2, < 100 Kg, LEO, Safir-2 SLV
• IRANSAT-1, 1 ton, GEO, Safir-3A SLV
• IRANSAT-2, 3 tons, GEO, Safir-3C SLV  

[Image: DVw4DqgXUAEOXQg.jpg] ; ;
▲ 2. Iran's roadmap for communication satellites. From official presentation of the Iranian Space Research Center.

Satellite Research Institute

Main responsibilities of the Satellite Research Institute (SRI) include: Research and Development, applied and experimental projects in the field of space science and technology as well as design and manufacturing of communications and remote sensing satellite. Some of the projects in the field of satellites which are undertaken at SRI are as follows:

Nahid-1 Project (Venus-1):

The flight model of Nahid-1 was shown on 14th  February 2016 in the National Space Technology Day in presence of President Hassan Rouhani.

Nahid-1 missions are defined as the first step for in house development of geostationary communications satellite for the first time and its results can be used as the basic technology needed for operational satellites.

Nahid-1, as a micro-satellite, was assumed to test deployment of solar panels in orbit, Communication in Ku-band, taking pictures of the deployment process and estimating the opening rate.

Three-axis attitude control, satellite positioning, and effective S-band communication can be figured out as the secondary objectives of this project.

[Image: scr.png] ; ;
▲ 2. The flight model of Nahid-1 was shown on 14 February 2016.

Nahid-1 satellite ready to be launched: ICT min.

13 August 2019 - 19:36

TEHRAN, Aug. 13 (MNA) – Nahid-1 telecommunication satellite is ready to be delivered to Defense Ministry within few days for being launched, Iran's Minister of Communications and Information Technology Mohammad-Javad Azari-Jahromi announced on Tuesday.

“It is a home-grown telecommunication satellite and can stay in space for 2.5 month, 250 kilometers away from earth,” he said.

Nahid-1, which means “Venus” in Persian, is a Low-Earth orbit communications micro-class satellite, designed and developed by ISA in cooperation with the Iranian Space Research Center. The solar-powered satellite will be placed in the geosynchronous orbit for carrying out telecommunication missions.

A telecommunications satellite is an artificial satellite that relays and amplifies radio telecommunications signals via a transponder; it creates a communication channel between a source transmitter and a receiver at different locations on Earth.

Iran to Put New Satellite into Orbit with New Features

Wed Aug 14, 2019 12:52

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran's Minister of Communications Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi announced that the Nahid 1 satellite will be put into orbit in the near future, adding that the satellite features a new technology for operating solar panels in the space.

“This satellite ... will open its rotating solar cells during its mission and stay in the space which will be regarded as a great achievement for the country,” said Azari Jahromi on Tuesday in the central Iranian city of Saveh.

The minister further said that Nahid 1 will be handed over to Iran’s defense ministry “in the upcoming days” for a long-anticipated launch in a near future.

He added that the spacecraft will orbit 250 kilometers above earth, adding that it could stay in the space for a maximum of two and a half years.

“In addition to its communications mission, this satellite will test one of the capabilities and technologies developed by Iranian engineers,” said Azari Jahromi of Nahid 1, whose launch would come more than six months after Iran failed to place another satellite, named Payam, into orbit because it did not reach adequate speed.

The minister said that Nahid 1 had successfully passed its final tests and a launch date will be announced subsequently by Iranian defense officials.

The announcement comes as Iran is pressing ahead with its space program despite sanctions imposed by the United States over accusations that the country uses satellite launches as a cover for its military-grade missiles and rockets.

Iran has repeatedly denied the accusations, saying it has nothing to hide in its missile program while insisting the satellite launches are intended for peaceful purposes like managing water resources and protecting the environment.

On Sunday, Head of Iran's Space Research Center Hossein Samimi announced that the country's experts have ended work on the home-made 'Nahid 1' telecommunication satellite, adding that a new sensing satellite named 'Pars 1' will be manufactured by the end of this Iranian year (March 19). ;

Big Grin [Image: 4.gif] [Image: cool_thumb.gif]

Satellite image of Imam Khomeini SLC, LC-1 from 9th August 2019.

[Image: 322deea96eaab39b7265446016ef7fab8c6702cc.jpg] ;
1. Satellite image of Imam Khomeini SLC, LC-1 from 9th August 2019.

[Image: cool_thumb.gif]

US officials expecting Iran to launch rocket in coming days

Go go go! This would be a huge achievement as it will put to test complex critical subsystems such as:

1. attitude determination & control system (ADCS)
  • a. attitude determination and position systems (sun sensors, star sensors, IMUs, GPS...)
  • b. control systems such as magneto torquers, reaction wheels
  • c. ADCS algorithms such as Kalman filtering
2. power systems:
  • a. GaAs solar panels
  • b. Space grade batteries
  • c. power management system (firmware, board, sensors)
3. computing system:
  • a. RTOS & firmware implementation and integration of all subsystems
  • b. redundancy in system design -> complex system architecture
  • c. radiation hardening
4. Telecommunication/RF
  • a. 3 separate antenna designs performance test (S-band, KU band, 400-800 Mhz)
  • b. RF boards performance
  • c. RF firmware performance
5. Structural:
  • a. main chassis and overall bus test against vibrations, radiation and thermal management
  • b. thermal management, cooling and shielding
  • c. out gassing from electronic components
  • d. solar panel deployment, 400-800 MHz antenna deployment mechanism
6. Camera:
  • a. digital signal processing in noise (radiation every environment)
  • b. onboard image processing with tight constraints on low computing power, radiation/noisy signal, image size limits, image compression
  • c. optics to operate in space
7. Overall system integration:
  • a. system reliability
  • b. system endurance
Safir-Simorgh double launch coming very soon...

[Image: do.png]
Simorgh will launch Zafar satellite (90kg), or a different satellite?
(08-28-2019, 09:29 PM)Persian Gulf Wrote: Safir-Simorgh double launch coming very soon...

[Image: do.png]

Please remove this from this section. LC-2 is for Safir-2 SLV, not related to Nahid-1!!!
Proof below from LC-1:

Safir-1-e-Nahid SLV is no more!

BREAKING: Dramatic satellite imagery from @planetlabs shows that Iran's latest launch attempt has again ended in failure:

[Image: EDJWXxQWwAED7kI.jpg:large] ; ;
1. Safir-1-e-Nahid SLV is no more.

Time to clean up the swamp in ...

[Image: cool_thumb.gif]


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