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Houthis Reveal Burkan-3 BM (1200km+ range)
For a while Houthis have been boasting of their ability to strike beyond Riyadh (800km) and yesterday they announced they fired a ballistic missile at the Persian Gulf coast city of Dammam in Saudi Arabia (1200km+ away from Houthi territory).

Today, the Houthis officially revealed the Burkan-3 BM that was used in that strike and showed footage of the strike. 

This is apparently an image of the damage caused by the Burkan-3 BM at Dammam (will update with more open-source evidence/info when/if becomes available):

[Image: Screenshot-2019-08-02-at-15-09-22.png]
[Image: EA90TK1XsAAYCJe.jpg]
[Image: EA90TKzWwAAoJx4.jpg]
[Image: EA90TK1XkAA9awk.jpg]
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