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Hong Kong Color Revolution
At first all these smoking guns..

Quote:Germs anti-Islam law (i.e. anti burka), applied to HKer!!!

[Image: rolling%20on%20the%20floor.gif][Image: rolling%20on%20the%20floor.gif]
17 Aug 2019

The Germany Police asked one Hongkonger to take off his mask when Hongkongers rally in support of Hongkong protest. Usually Hongkong protesters all wear black mask in Hongkong.

[Image: b4c80c57650bf655143edcc44551ed807e3e6e9f.png] ; ; ;
1. The Germany Police asked one Hongkonger to take off his mask when Hongkongers rally in support of Hongkong protest. Usually Hongkong protesters all wear black mask in Hongkong.

And finally, after a feigned four months of "weakness" and "leniency", the Empire (read: Skynet aka The MATRIX) drops the mask literally,  sort of speak! [Image: rolling%20on%20the%20floor.gif]

What was suspected from day one as the ulterior motive of the Empire is now confirmed.

Quote:MTR stations and bank vandalised as protesters rage against Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam's anti-mask law

4 Oct, 2019

Hong Kong’s embattled government has announced plans to ban people from wearing masks at public assemblies, as it struggles to control the increasingly violent civil unrest gripping the city.

Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor’s administration, under mounting pressure from its political allies to put a stop to nearly four months of anti-government protests, imposed the ban on Friday through legislation by invoking a tough, colonial-era emergency law that has not been used in more than half a century.

Lam says she did not seek approval from Beijing to implement the law during her recent trip for the National Day celebrations and says legislation is a step towards resolving the situation and restoring stability to Hong Kong.

[Image: 6096a5a0a710369676c1ec34cab8b85bc9701e68.jpg] ; ;
2. Hong Kong braindead ziombie shills in action, in "criminalizing" the civilian facial mask!

Indeed, isolated events might be misleading and often meaningless, while the larger global picture over several decades, covering five continents is indisputable.

In this case, the latest Hong Kong development only echoes what has already been craftily implemented as clumsy tricks in the West and even mainland China!

Quote:QUOTE "CHN Bamboo", post: 11661536, member: 162838: You must have been hurt by Muslims.

- Have Muslim ever forced you to buy their Qie Gao(切糕) at a high price? Tongue


This 切糕 (Qiegao) conspiracy is at the core of all current developments in Xinjiang. Note that it used to be called 新疆骗子 in the past.

By searching the words "新疆切糕骗子"(Xinjiang Qiegao scammers) with google or youtube, once again, we see that the West's disinformation machine is enforcing a totalitarian blackout on this topics, in its ongoing proxy-war waged on China.

Meanwhile, searching in mandarin gives therefore a more better idea, such as baidu search:

Typical result:

•新疆切糕是如何骗人的 How does Xinjiang Qiegao deceive people?

•为什么新疆人骗人得不到公正的审判???他们卖切糕就是不对。 Why do Xinjiang criminals that deceive people can escape a fair trial? ? ? This scam is not right.

Soft video -without violent gory ending-
女子买切糕,发现被骗后要走,被卖方拦下无奈服从 The woman bought the Qiegao and found that she was going to be deceived but was stopped by the seller.

And indeed, for more than two decades, this has been allowed. Most often, the cheated customer ended up beaten by gangs of these professional scammers.

But when security personel at the entrance of long distance bus station for instance, seem to enjoy the beating instead of intervening, then one has the proof that it was from day one a well prepared and executed conspiracy.

Procedure of the conspiracy

To conduct nation wide, even in smaller towns, this violent scam, in order to antagonize the ethnic Uyghurs from all the other ethnic groups of China.

Conducted by small group of ethnic Uyghur male, up to ten.

Immunity from prosecution is assured by the authority.

Objective of the conspiracy

After one generation, it is expected that all Chinese of age 20 and above will have grown a genuine hostile feeling for ALL Uyghurs, and beyond, for all Muslems.

Without any sympathy left from the rest of the some 50 Chinese ethic groups, a ban on burka is made possible on the isolated Xinjiang ethnic Uyghurs!


This only echoes the conspiracy in Europe. For two decades, Muslems were singled-out for praying in the streets, or wearing hijab, or refusing to shake hands, or refusing to go to the swimming pools with there fellow schoolmates, or eating halal -refusing pork- at the canteen, or building minarets.

But, also, once marginalized, the delinquent teenagers would only be punished with a lenient sentence.

Soft video -without violent gory ending-
Ultraviolent aggression of an Asian Indochinese  (L’agression ultraviolente d’une Asiatique résolue grâce à la vidéosurveillance)

Today we know that all these "bad seeds", have in fact craftily been engineered en masse to form the backbone of the West's proxy armies as "ISIS" in their proxy-war waged on Libya, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yaman and Iran!

And as these were supposed to die in the Middle East while carrying out the grand strategy of their European puppet masters, therefore the absolute interdiction for them to return to live in the West!

And the ban on burka is now unopposed in the West!

[Image: cool_thumb.gif]

Here the goal again clearly stated by the Empire's mouthpiece in implementing its frantic and reckless 24/7/365 ALL-CCTV 5G/6G Teraherz Big Brother Dystopian Totalitarian Orwellian Surveillance of all the world's masses, at the Ground level, complementing its already built multi-layered space, near space and airborne infrastructures:

Quote:I hope all CCTV cameras in Hong Kong are working well.

All these Loser rioters caught by the CCTV camera

will have ZERO future

They all will be tracked by Big Data AI
* using their unique face and unique physical gait.

All these Loser rioters have better start committing mass suicides and
burn themselves up to dust

If this thesis is true, then the prospect for the less industrialized nations seems bleak indeed.

One might expect that the next to be targeted in a row would be...Indochina!

See for yourself and decide!

[Image: 41692abe356340575436edd7b8f3c8d3d0354fef.jpg] ; ;
3. The last generation of Indochinese to wear facial mask, before its expected ban!

[Image: 42d025df4518d2248e33a52e1b8938e931bef819.JPG] ; ;
4. The last generation of Indochinese to wear facial mask, before its expected ban!

[Image: c21ae0d6bd7c7ee1a9ea8676f3c26c4874e78c6c.jpg] ; ;
5. The last generation of Indochinese to wear facial mask, before its expected ban!

[Image: 6cb8013c21222d35bf64b357201eff53e083d6e5.jpeg] ; ;
6. The last generation of Indochinese to wear facial mask, before its expected ban!

[Image: 5.gif]

[Image: tootha_thumb.gif]
[Image: ?temp_hash=a1e6d940f63c1ef1a53f20fa46b82732]
[Image: 55abcc242354c9c1c73538db5d8c7b984de5ca52.gif]


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