by Persian Gulf at 07-19-2019, 06:06 PM
IRGC just confirmed they seized the British-flagged Stena Impero oil tanker in the Strait of Hormuz today. 

The tanker had departed Fujairah in the UAE and was headed for Saudi Arabia and was travelling via international waters in the Strait of Hormuz when it suddenly changed direction and headed towards Qeshm Island in Iranian waters. The oil tanker stopped sending its location for almost 2 hours now, and its last known location was in Iranian waters (see photo below).

The company of the ship confirmed that "hostile action [from Iran] preceded [the] vessel's change of course" towards Iranian waters.

Iran said the British oil tanker and its 23-man crew were seized for violating 'international maritime rules and regulations in the Persian Gulf'.

[Image: Screenshot-2019-07-19-at-19-04-54.png]

Earlier today, Gibraltar Supreme Court extended UK detention period of Iranian Grace 1 oil tanker for another 30 days.

This is the response. Iran warned the UK about this...


The MESDAR is a Liberian-flagged, UK-owned tanker that is much larger than the Stena Impero (similar size to Grace 1). Was on course for KSA but suddenly changed course towards Iranian waters and now seized by IRGC also.

[Image: Screenshot-2019-07-19-at-19-55-57.png]
by Persian Gulf at 07-19-2019, 05:46 PM
US (Trump) claimed that the USS Boxer destroyed an Iranian drone that came within 900m of the ship as it transited the Strait of Hormuz and entered the Persian Gulf. Allegedly by jamming the drone at around 10am local Iranian time.

Now, Iran denied it and even claimed maybe the US destroyed one of their own drones! IRGC released footage captured by the drone of the USS Boxer, claiming this shows the US is lying:

Our friend Babak claimed the video released was fake because the date was 19/07/18 and he thought the 18 = 2018... Now he deleted that Tweet and agrees the video is real! This guy is hilarious!
by Vegas at 07-19-2019, 05:46 PM

[Image: hqdefault.jpg]

In every Pakistani forum, there are Iran haters who have been making a stupid claim that Iran issued Kalbhushan an Iranian passport. 

It is wrong. This is Indian passport and Iran only issued him VISA on this Indian passport. Iran has nothing to do with Kalbhushan case. Pakistani borders are totally open. There are no problem for crossing Pakistani border from Afghanistan as thousands of people cross it illegally every day. 

Unfortunately, propaganda against Iran is in full tide.
by Persian Gulf at 07-12-2019, 04:30 PM
U.A.E. Pulls Most Forces From Yemen in Blow to Saudi War Effort

For four years, the United Arab Emirates have been the military linchpin of the Saudi-led war in Yemen, providing weapons, money and thousands of ground troops to a campaign to drive out Yemen’s Houthi rebels. Emirati forces led almost every major advance the coalition made. Now they have decided they can go no further.

The Emiratis are withdrawing their forces at a scale and speed that all but rules out further ground advances, a belated recognition that a grinding war that has killed thousands of civilians and turned Yemen into a humanitarian disaster is no longer winnable.

In the past month, the Emiratis have cut their deployment around Hudaydah, the Red Sea port that was the war’s main battleground last year, by 80 percent to fewer than 150 men, according to four people briefed on the drawdown. They have pulled out their attack helicopters and heavy guns, effectively precluding a military advance on the city.

Mike Hindmarsh, a retired Australian major general who commands the Emirati presidential guard, recently told Western visitors that Yemen had become a quagmire where the Houthis were the “Yemeni Viet Cong.” 

The drawdown “is going to expose the Saudis to the reality that this war is a failure,” said Michael Stephens of the Royal United Services Institute, a research group in London. “It tells us the two main protagonists on the coalition side, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, don’t have the same idea of what success looks like.”

Diplomats said the Saudis were deeply disappointed by the Emirati decision. Top officials with the royal court personally intervened with the Emirati leaders to try to dissuade them from the drawdown, said a Western diplomat familiar with the matter. Several people briefed by the Emiratis said that they have avoided announcing their decision publicly in part to minimize the unhappiness of the Saudis.

A senior Yemeni official said Thursday that Saudi officers had taken charge at the two main Emirati bases on the Red Sea, at Mokha and Khokha. The Saudis have little experience on that front, and the sudden changes have stoked fears that without the heavily armed Emiratis to keep the peace, the Yemenis could start to feud among themselves. “The only thing stopping the Houthis from taking over Yemen was the U.A.E. armed forces,” said Michael Knights, a senior fellow at the Washington Institute. “Now the glue that was holding Yemen together is being withdrawn.”

The drawdown could prompt the Houthis to take advantage of the vacuum and launch new attempts to capture ground they lost to the Emirati-led battle group last year. Fighting has already surged in several strategic towns on the plains south of Hudaydah, threatening supply lines to Saudi-led forces positioned around the city.

The Emiratis “have simply tired of the stalemate and dim prospects for victory on the battlefield,” said one American official, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss internal government assessments. The Saudis, though, may still believe in a military victory. “There are voices in Riyadh who think the Houthis can be caused enough pain to do what Saudi Arabia wants,” said Peter Salisbury of the International Crisis Group. “But that feels like wishful thinking, which is not a good substitute for strategy.”
by Persian Gulf at 07-12-2019, 03:56 PM
Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards used drones and missiles to strike headquarters of a Kurdish militant group near Iran’s border with neighboring Iraq’s Kurdistan region, the Iranian semi-official Tasnim news agency reported on Friday.

“A large number of terrorists were killed and wounded in the attacks that had started from Wednesday to target terrorist headquarters and their training camps,” said the agency, citing a statement from the elite Guards.

A report from Tasnim in Arabic and a tweet in English from Iran’s Press TV described the strikes as taking place on the Iraqi side of the border. However, the full statement in Farsi said only that the strikes had taken place along the border.

The statement said the strikes were launched in retaliation for recent attacks by the group that killed at least five members of the Guards in northwest and western Iran.

“The Iraqi Kurdistan government is expected to take Iran’s warnings seriously and not allow terrorists to use its territory as a shelter to train, organize and endanger Iran’s sustainable security by carrying out terrorist attacks,” the statement said.

Iran used laser-guided artillery shells (Basir) with HM41 and Mojaher-6 for laser-designating targets. Very advanced capability!

Also reports that Qaem guided bombs were used by drones to strike targets.

by Persian Gulf at 07-07-2019, 03:44 PM
Today Houthis held a large military event where they unveiled new increasingly sophisticated military hardware, including new cruise missile, ballistic missiles, rockets and drones.

Quds-1 LACM:

[Image: Screenshot-2019-07-07-at-17-24-42.png]

This is the cruise missile behind recent Houthi attacks on Saudi airports (e.g. Abha Airport 200km from the border). 

People are drawing comparisons with Iranian Soumar LACM (whilst noting differences exist such as engine, booster and wing position). I think it looks closer to Ya Ali LACM but it could be a simpler variant designed for the Houthis. 

They didn't announce its range or warhead size but likely to be a small <250kg warhead and range anything from 200-700km.

Qaher/Badr Missiles:

[Image: Screenshot-2019-07-07-at-17-29-03.png]

In the photo are Qaher-M2, Badr-1, Badr-1P and Badr-F. 

Qaher-2M is based on the s-75 SAM but modified to become a SSM. Qaher-1 had a 300km range with 200kg warhead. Qaher-2M can carry 350kg warhead to 400km range. 

Badr-1P is a guided version of the Badr-1 rocket, with a claimed range of 150km and CEP of 3m (likely heavily exaggerated CEP - Iranian guided Farj-5C has far higher CEP).

Badr-F is a new cluster airburst missile tested and used earlier this year: range of 160km, airburst at 20m altitude, 14,000 shrapnel spread across 350m diameter. [Test footage here:]

Samad 3 and Qasef-2K Drones:

[Image: Screenshot-2019-07-07-at-17-41-13.png]

Samad 3 is a new 'spy drone' with claimed 1,500km range.

They also displayed their upgraded Qasef-2K UCAV which has been used as a loitering munition by the Houthis in several attacks against Saudi targets in the southern regions of KSA. 

[Image: Screenshot-2019-07-07-at-17-47-07.png]

Video of the event:

by Persian Gulf at 07-05-2019, 12:28 AM
Britain has been plunged into a diplomatic row with Iran after Royal Marines seized an Iranian oil tanker as it passed through the Strait of Gibraltar, in a move likely to further inflame tensions in the Persian Gulf. 

The Grace 1 super-tanker was boarded in the early hours of Thursday morning to prevent it from delivering a cargo of crude oil to Syria in defiance of EU sanctions, apparently following a request to the UK from the United States.  

The move provoked fury in Iran, which accused Britain of bowing to US pressure to blockade its oil exports and summoned the British ambassador to the foreign ministry in Tehran to express "its very strong objection to the illegal and unacceptable seizure" of the 300 meter vessel. 

Abbas Moussavi, a spokesman, called the move "destructive" and said it could increase tensions in the Persian Gulf, where six oil tankers have recently suffered attacks that Britain and the US have blamed on Iran.

In an interview on Iranian television, Mr Mousavi said it was "a form of piracy" that proved Britain was following "the hostile policies of the US".

US National Security Advisor John Bolton said the British move was "excellent news." "America & our allies will continue to prevent regimes in Tehran & Damascus from profiting off this illicit trade," Bolton said on Twitter.

The operation was over in minutes with no shots fired. Fabian Picardo, Gibraltar's Chief Minister, said he authorised the assault and a police request for Royal Marine assistance because he believed the ship was bound for the Baniyas refinery in Syria. "That refinery is the property of an entity that is subject to European Union sanctions against Syria," he said.

The foreign minister of Spain said Britain had acted as the request of the United States. Josep Borrell, the Spanish foreign minister, said Madrid was assessing the implications of the incident because it took place in waters it considers its own. Spain disputes British ownership of Gibraltar.

The Foreign Office said Rob Macaire, the UK ambassador in Tehran, told the foreign ministry when he was summoned that the move was about enforcing sanctions on Syria, not on Iran, and that Britain views Iranian oil exports in general as legitimate."

[Image: Screenshot-2019-07-05-at-02-29-42.png]
by admin at 07-02-2019, 08:51 PM
I find very new image of Iranian MiG-21 that seems to be operative,this is actually first such image I saw that seems to  be dated.Iranian F-7 and SU-22 have very different air intakes and cocpit glass,this seems to be actually Mig-21

by Aristide at 06-30-2019, 07:42 PM
I was member of a delegation from France on a business trip to Iran this February. I was just an assistant but it was interesting. 

I found Tehran to be a strange city with much contrast. I mean inside the city you see strict laws but when you looked it was very interesting.

For example i went to a ski resort. We did drive 2h with car. I dont remember the locations name. Something like Danzos? And it was totally open there. Women did not even cover their hair.

Down in Tehran i found that people like us French. Never heared a bad word. And most apeared very open towards us. 

Food was very good as well and our hotel was good too. 

As assistent i had not much to do. My colleagues and i mostly prepared some presentations and then strolled around and looked whats going on.

I´m an athlete and do much training, found some good fitness studios there. What surpised me is that there are so many western malls. 

Also alot of the people we meet wanted add me on Instagram. This was funny. Because in France we exchange phone numbers. In Iran Instagram. Big Grin

What i did not like though was the ofteh chaotic traffic. I think they could do much more to control traffic. We french drive like crazy but its worse in Iran. 

Oh and one thing...i did not expect that there is snow and cold. In France we see Iran as desert country. :Big Grin was suprised about the mountains. I had to rent ski equipment and was glad i had some warm clothes with me.  

We sold some A320 in last years to Iran and it was interesting that the technicians tried to absolute follow the protocolls they learned at Airbus how to maintain them. But IranAir also has some super old machines and i think its very important to get rid of those. 

There were some other things i did not understand but over all it was a nice experience.

I hope France and Iran stay with good relations.
by Persian Gulf at 06-29-2019, 06:46 PM
This thread is to track progress in Iran's development of military jet engines. 

Iran announced successful mass production of "Owj" engine in 2016, a reverse-engineered copy of the American J85-21 with a maximum thrust of approximately 5000lbf. The J-85 (and its variants) was produced by the US until 1988, but is planned to remain in use for the US military until 2040. 

The J-85 powers the F-5 and represents the first step in Iran successfully building a fully indigenous military jet engine - one of the hardest feats of modern technology.

[Image: Screenshot-2019-06-29-at-20-42-16.png]

Much more powerful engines are needed to power larger jets (such as the F-14 which uses 2x25,000lbf engines).

There are reports that Iran has been working on engines in the 20,000-25,000lbf range for a few years, but engine development is extremely difficult. India tried to make their own engines in the "Kaveri" project, and spent almost $1 billion in 1989 until the programme was cancelled in 2014 because of numerous problems in its production/testing.

One option is for Iran to reverse engineer the RD-33 engines used in Mig-29 and has a thrust of 19,000lbf. However, because of how difficult such a process is and how long the process inevitably takes (due to years of testing needed) I do not expect such an Iranian engine to be produced for another 5-10 years (but hopefully we will see more news of such an engine before this, i.e. the Owj was shown by Ahmadinejad about 5-6 years before it was officially revealed/completed).
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