Iran and the far-right movements

Is the far-right a friend of Iran?

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And this is how today's real patriotic native Germans (though of far right) think of the Persian race:

The man identified himself as Tobias Rathjen on the website, which has since been taken down but had a mailing address matching that of the home where the bodies of the killer and his mother were found.

In the manifesto, Rathjen claimed to have approached police several times with conspiracy theories. But Beuth said it does not appear the gunman had a criminal record or was on the radar of Germany’s domestic intelligence agency.

Among the documents posted to the website was a 24-page, rambling manifesto in German detailing, among other things,

“We now have ethnic groups, races or cultures in our midst that are destructive in every respect,” he also wrote. He said he envisioned first a “rough cleaning” and then a “fine cleaning” that could halve the world’s population.

He wrote: “The following people must be completely exterminated: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Israel, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, the complete Arabian Peninsula, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Usbekistan, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and the Philippines.”
Not a little bit surprised, as these Europeans chiefly admire industrious and clever people, that are technologically leading. They only respect Alpha males sort of speak.

If you are second, you are nothing.