How Iran and North Korea Became Best Friends


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2. Small typo at 1m49s

Iranian grogapher Ibn Khordadbeh
left records about Silla in The Book
of Road and Kingdoms (846).
This typo reveals that in fact, it is Korea who first made it to Persia, and even a century earlier!

Claims for North Korea

Recently, North Korean official media have published an article relating the exploits of the legendary eighth-century great traveler, the Buddhist monk Hyecho from the Silla Kingdom of Korea.
The first ever Korean to have travel from Korea to Persia.

[Warning: bad translation from wikipedia and google translate]

Hyecho and the «Memoir of the pilgrimage to the five kingdoms of India»

주체107(2018)년 12월 1일

Hyecho (704–787), 慧超, Sanskrit: Prajñāvikrama; pinyin: Hui Chao, was a Buddhist monk from Silla, one of the Three Kingdoms of Korea.

Hyecho studied esoteric Buddhism in Tang China, initially under Śubhakarasiṃha and then under the famous Indian monk Vajrabodhi who praised Hyecho as "one of six living persons who were well-trained in the five sections of the Buddhist canon."

On the advice of his Indian teachers in China, he set out for India in 723 to acquaint himself with the language and culture of the land of the Buddha.

During his journey to India, Hyecho wrote a travelogue in Chinese named Wang ocheonchukguk jeon (hanja: 往五天竺國傳) which means, "Memoir of the pilgrimage to the five kingdoms of India."

It is the first known overseas travelogue written in Chinese by a Korean and contains information about the political, cultural and economic customs of India and central Asia at that time. The five Indian kingdoms in the work's title refer to West, East, North, South and Central India. This scroll is estimated as the first East Asian travelogue to the Islamic world.

He went to the coastal countries and crossed Persia (Iran) to reach the region known as the Eastern Empire, before returning to China in the year 727.

Hyecho traveled most of his journey by road for several years, traveling a distance of about 10,000 km, recording in details his experiences.

It took Hyecho approximately four years to complete his journey. The travelogue contains much information on local diet, languages, climate, cultures, and political situations. ; ; ; ;
1. Hyejo's voyage, the first Korean in history to discover Persia.

3. Iran and North Korea's relationships

Iran and North Korea's relationships works not just because it was born out of the dysfunctional hegemonic order but because both find continuity and their ancient bilateral heritage.
This conclusion is arguably inacurate.

The post-WWII world order can not be described simply as dysfunctional.

The global world A.I. sentient Matrix plays cunningly in order to fool the little humans, and it wins with 100% rate.

People are turned into LGBTs, and zombies. This is proof of the exploits It can achieve, where no other world rulers in the entire human history can compete!

Now why would North Korea need to befriend the fundamentalist Persia?

The answer is that like Israel, that needs to outsource its WMD development to the bigger Republic of India, the DPRK could not make it alone.

Iran has the manpower of a Big 5 power, more than France and the U.K.

Iran is endowed by its natural ressources.

Therefore, Iran can finance and supply the manpower for all the strategic military research of both nations.

It's role is that of a strap-on rocket booster. The DPRK being the main rocket that carries the precious payload.

This reveals that both Israel (the Chosen People) and the DPRK (the Chosenjin: 朝鮮人), have a very special status in the Matrix 2.0.

The first one provides the backbone of collaborationists in all ethnic European advanced nations.

While North Korea is at the core of the Matrix's future militaro-industrial complex.


Rare Earth Reserves As Rule Of Thumb

Rare Earth Reserve is a good indicator for any global superpower, especially when concerning one's future space achievements. ; ;
1. Rare Earth Reserves worldwide as of 2019

Rare earth reserves by country data is taken from the US Geological Survey’s most recent report on rare earths.

Rare Earth Reserve Of North Korea

First in the world at 216 million tons.[/SIZE]

jafari said:
Are you familiar with Nick Land?

Galactic Penguin can not comment on Nick Land, as the field of study centered on the Irano-DPRK relashionships never covers this author.

Only hard sciences. Never philosophy nor sci-fi. Only to not lose one's credibility.

And it takes more than 24 hours each day to only update one's database on both Iran and North Korea's space, military and foreign affair developments.

Along the press releases, video footages require hours to analyse.

If extra time is left then it is used to further investigate urgent topics.

Therefore, this blogger is certainly not and will not be listed high in the priority list: only today, more research are required to be done on the upcoming North Korean ICBM launch, and verifying some new mosaic on a school facade of an all straigh up rocket stage representation spoted in a new youtube video...

Galactic Penguin SST said:
The global world A.I. sentient Matrix plays cunningly in order to fool the little humans, and it wins with 100% rate.
Since we live in a world that is using fantasy to describe both past history and current events, it is of utmost difficulty to find the correct wording.

As a result, more than 99.99% of the world's people live in an alternate universe, totally unaware of the reality.

Therefore, the above sentence, mostly borrowed from the sci-fi movie universe. But at least it can be understood by most readers born after 1970s.