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UN Report (06/19): Saudi Arabia responsible for “premeditated execution” of Khashoggi
Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi was the victim of a premeditated extrajudicial execution, for which the State of Saudi Arabia is responsible, according to a report published today by the UN Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary killings.

Following a six-month investigation, Agnes Callamard issued her findings into the killing last October of Mr Khashoggi at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, analyzing evidence on the basis of international human rights law, and considering steps that could have prevented his murder.

Saudi state agents, 15 of them, acted under cover of their official status and used state means to execute Mr. KhashoggiHis killing was the result of elaborate planning involving extensive coordination and significant human and financial resources. It was overseen, planned and endorsed by high-level officials. It was premeditated.”

The report cites six violations of international law:
  • the prohibition against arbitrary deprivation of life, a fundamental principle of international law;
  • the prohibition against extraterritorial use of force as enshrined in the UN Charter;
  • the requirement that states use consular missions for official purposes;
  • the prohibition against torture, under the terms of the Convention Against Torture, ratified by Saudi Arabia, and;
  • the prohibition against enforced disappearance, and;
  • in killing a journalist, the State of Saudi Arabia committed an act inconsistent with a core tenet of the United Nations, the protection of freedom of expression.
“The killing of Mr Khashoggi thus constitutes an international crime over which other States should claim universal jurisdiction. I call on those States to take the necessary measures to establish their competence to exercise jurisdiction under international law over this crime of extrajudicial execution,” Callamard said.

The Special Rapporteur also determined that there was credible evidence, warranting further investigation of high-level Saudi officials’ individual liability, including that of the Crown Prince."

The official UN Report found evidence of high-level complicity in Khashoggi's murder, including evidence that it said justified investigating further MBS's role in the murder.

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