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War in Yemen
Under shroud of secrecy US weapons arrive in Yemen despite Congressional outrage

[Image: EI8a-Ypc-X0-AAE9gj.jpg]

[Image: EI8a-Zo-WW4-AA7-Ac4.jpg]

[Image: EI8-Yd-Lj-Xk-AAf9k-X.jpg]

[Image: EI8-Y-P2-XUAA-i-BP.jpg]
[Image: EI9-Lr-Nt-Xs-AI9-GSM.jpg]
Three commanders of #Saudi-backed forces were killed by Houthi-led Yemeni army during the offensive in Dali province.
1. Commander of the so-called 3rd Brigade Sa'ad Malik Mohammed Qassim
2- Commander of the so-called 1st Brigade Walid Saif Sukra
3- Abdul Dayem Ahmed Ali

[Image: EJFs-J9-NUc-AAWFMD.jpg]
A rocket hit Jinna Dish camp in Marib province, killing at least 5 #Saudi-backed commanders, including a general. most probably a result of infighting between KSA backed forces and UAE backed forces.

1. Dean Al-Saarken Abdul-Saar al-Sayed, commander of Camp Al-Thania in Marib
2. Brigadier General Saeed Al-Shamahi Joint Operations Training Corner here is his picture:
[Image: EJQhq0z-U0-AAu-UIP.jpg]
3- Lieutenant 1/ AbdulRahman Al-Abyi
4. Lieutenant 1/ Omar Al-Abyi
5. Lieutenant 1/ Ben Ali Hatem
Three Saudi soldiers were killed(Abdul Hamid Abdullah, Yahya Hadi, and Ibrahim Fath al-Din Bahis).
Another UAE soldier Tariq Hussein al-Balushi was killed, too.
[Image: EJm-HW1-FXk-AAmd-Oz.jpg]

[Image: EJj-Erwx-VUAEITtt.jpg]

As Saudi media admitted, Houthi-led Yemeni army killed at least nine Saudi soldiers in southern Saudi border.
1. Majid Hamdi
2. Corporal Ibrahim Mohammed
3. Adnan Bin Obaid Al-Sharbi
4. Mohammed Al-Magaji
5. Mohammed Zeig al-Najai
6. Sultan al-Wadani
7.Abdul Rahman Al-Khobarani
8.Gibran al-Maliki
9.Hammoud Bin Shuai Dga

[Image: EJj-Di7-KU8-AEy-KD9.jpg]
Yemeni Coast Guard & Ministry of Interior confirms they've seized 3 vessels in the Red Sea 3 miles off of Abqan island. One of the vessels is believed to be a Saudi tanker named "Rabigh-3".

The vessels were reportedly entering Yemeni Maritime Borders illegally.

[Image: EJrjq-Vg-Wo-AAvs0l.png]

[Image: EJuzn-Mg-VAAArl-A.jpg]

[Image: EJts-E9-QWo-AA22jq.jpg]
[Image: a1b553b1-f47a-40e7-b454-ced00a0c4f44.jpg]
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