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US-Iran current crisis in persian Gulf
I'm opening this topic because of escalation in P.Gulf,everything related current crisis,if it is not for separate topic,you can post here..ot open new topic,but I think one topic will be easier to follow....

here is first news...Spain is leaving US-led coalition from P.Gulf because of escalation with Iran

Spain withdraws from US-led combat group in Persian Gulf amid tensions with #Iran
Trump might be sending 120,000 US troops to Persian Gulf to deter Iran:
Spain has bad memories of blowback from previous military co-ordination with the US, good move by Pedro Sanchez's government to avoid escalation (although Spain would never join attacks on Iran itself anyway).
An Iranian military official: Abraham Lincoln's aircraft carrier has stopped in the Arabian Sea


Photographs of Iranian missiles on small boats in the Persian Gulf reportedly became a cause for the recent escalation of warnings among White House officials.

Overhead imagery showed fully assembled missiles, stoking fears that the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps would fire them at US naval ships, officials familiar with the matter told the New York Times.

Three officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk about the issue publicly, said that the intelligence presented a different kind of threat that had been previously seen from Iran. However, officials said that while President Trump’s hard-line national security adviser John R. Bolton and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo see these photographs as a justification for viewing Iran as a threat, other parties, including the Europeans, Iraqis, members of both parties in Congress and some senior officials within the Trump administration, suggested that the move to put missiles on ships represents a defensive action against what Tehran believes are provocative acts by Washington.


'Neither talks nor war,' Khamenei says of US-Iran tensions

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Iran will force the United States to retreat by "resistance," which he described as the only option against unrelenting US pressure. During a meeting with the country's top political elites .

Khamenei reasserted his earlier stance that dialogue with the current US government is not an option: "As long as the United States is what it is now … negotiating is but poison, and with this current administration that poison is twice [as lethal]."

Khamenei praised Iran's missile program, stressing that it remains nonnegotiable. He underlined Iran's "self-sufficiency drive," which he said is being pursued by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).


UAE will ensure its security, says Minister Anwar Gargash

'We will do everything we can to not only avoid war but to de-escalate current situation'
"We have to exercise wisdom, patience and prudence," Gargash said, reaffirming that regional developments have witnessed many crises, but that no parties "have an interest in seeing this current conflict flare up."

Commenting on investigations currently taking place in Fujairah, Dr Gargash said that the UAE is partnering along with the United States and France, and the outcomes are due to be revealed within a few days.

Russian President Putin during press conference with Austrian president Alexander Van der Bellen 15/5/2019: "We are not ‘a fire brigade' "we cannot save everything" at time of height of probability of military conflict between the United States and Iran

for Iranian members who thinks in case of any conflict Russia or China will intervene or even help or even give lip service think twice never mind UNSC

Putin has sent it signal and message to west clearly after pampeo vist to Russia
Dear yavar

Mr Putin talked beside Austrian president Alexander Van der Bellen which means target audience of his speech was EU .

Zarif to Europe: Time to get wet if you want to swim against US unilateralism .

EU previous position : Mogherini puts hopes in China and India to save Iran deal ( they wanted India and China to buy more oil from Iran as EU companies stopped buying Iran's oil ).

basically from my understanding EU want to save the nuclear deal with expending from other countries pockets without involving themselves .
Yes, Putin’s words were addressed to the European auditory, that Europe must take real action too.
There question for Russian and Austrian presidents Putin and Van der Bellen was about saving of JCPOA agreement, not about military conflict between the United States and Iran. And therefore Putin replied about the fate of the agreement, that Russia have played it part, and Russia are ready to continue to play the same positive role, but it doesn't depend solely on us, that it depends on all our partners.

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