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Iran is negotiating arms export with several countries

[Image: 2490995.jpg]

Member of National Security and Foreign Policy Committee of Iranian Parliament Mohammad Ebrahim Rezie today confirm  that several countries are in process of negotiations with Iran to buy Iranian defense and military products.

He said Iran's defense and military products are competitive with the other countries of the world and He said,Iran has great potential to create a good and prosperous market in this regard.He also said,Iran is already exporting defense products to many countries ,including some of countries currently in negotiations for new contracts.

Saying that several countries are ready to buy Iranian weapons,ammunition and other defense products he said, “A number of these countries are negotiating with Iran to buy Iranian defense and military products.

"We have reached consensus with some of them and have so far exported some products to those countries," he added.

Rezaie said that exporting defense products will not only help yield substantial revenues, adding that “the importance of exporting defense and military products to allies, especially in the countries of the region, is more than other countries.”
This will result in the strengthening of the neighboring countries’ defense capabilities so that they can defend themselves more vigorously and also strengthen the Resistance  Front  against enemies, he added.

IMF 13 March 2019

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