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Iranian Navy will test-fire missiles to be launched from Ghadir-class submarines
TEHRAN, Feb. 21 (MNA) – Commander of Iranian Army Navy Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi says that Iranian Navy will test-fire missiles to be launched from Ghadir-class submarines towards ships on the water surface in the ongoing 'Velayat-97' war game.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi told Mehr News correspondent that “missile with different ranges will be launched from warships and for the first time submarine-launched missiles will also be practiced” in the large-scale naval drills dubbed 'Velayat-97', which kicked off earlier today.

According to Khanzadi, the 'Velayat-97' is carried out in a vast maneuver area which starts from the Strait of Hormuz and the Oman Sea, to the Indian Ocean.

The Navy commander said part of the Iranian naval forces capabilities’ will be displayed in the war games, adding that all the fleets participating will display their preparedness in the face of enemies’ threats.

He added that missiles will also be launched from the coast towards floating targets in the sea. The commander further noted that UAVs and helicopters will carry out their missions on deck of home-made Sahand destroyers.

With regard to the goals of 'Velayat-97' naval drills, khanzadi said that displaying the capabilities of the Iranian naval forces in addition to increasing the preparedness and skills of the naval forces are two major goals of the exercises. He added that the drills will also show the Iranian naval forces’ readiness to secure the access of friend and neighboring countries to international waters.

In response to Mehr News correspondent’s question regarding the achievements of 2018 Indian Ocean Naval Symposium (IONS) meeting in the southern Iranian city of Bandar Abbas on the Persian Gulf, the Navy commander said that a working group was formed, a major achievement of which was reaching an agreement to hold a naval maneuver to tackle piracy.

He expressed hope the joint drills to tackle piracy would be held later this year in summer of autumn.

In response to another question put forward by Mehr News correspondent, he added Iranian naval forces have major presence in the Persian Gulf, Oman Sea and Aden Gulf, adding the Persian Gulf is completely secure, thanks to the IRGC naval forces.

Khanzadi added that the Strait of Hormuz is also secured by the Iranian Army Navy and navigation is continuing in the waterway. He also stated that the Iranian navy spares no efforts to secure the Strait of Hormuz’s functions, which is also to the advantage of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The Navy commander went on to add that the 60th fleet is also navigating in the northern region of the Indian Ocean, in addition to a training fleet which is present in the Indian Ocean region and visits Indian ports on a regular basis. Overall, he said, there is meaningful and sustainable security in the region through the efforts of the Iranian Army Navy.

And finally, with respect to the launch of missiles from submarines for the first time during naval drills by Iranian naval forces, Khanzadi said “for the first time these weapons will be tested seriously and we can make the maritime regions unsafe for the enemy in any way possible.”
Video of cruise missile launch from buoyant capsule deployed by submarine



Better quality vids at:
"Lead me to those who seek the truth,and deliver me from those who`ve found it"
                                         Andre Gide
What is the range of this missile ?
(02-24-2019, 08:42 PM)Emirzaad Wrote: What is the range of this missile ?

Well since its clearly jet powered its possibly based on the large noor/qader,so its range would very likely be around the 2-300kms mark.
However if its based on one of the smaller jet powered ashcms,then you`re probably looking at around 100kms range.
Until they actually unveil the system itself we can really only guess at which ashcm they might be using.
"Lead me to those who seek the truth,and deliver me from those who`ve found it"
                                         Andre Gide
All,anti ship missile ,c-8xx family curently produced by Iran are jet powered...Qader and Noor1/2 cost-to-see and sea-sea versions have short range booster but it is rejected in few second after lunch as soon missile reach speed and fire jet engine...air lanched version of Noor1/2 and Qader ofcourse dont need booster nor smaller missiles like Nasr or Kowsar .Nasr and Nasr1 have range up to 40km if I remeber corectly and those missiles are powered by rocket motor.I suppose Iran will use both c-8xx and c-7xx family as submarine lunched,simple because noor1/2 and quader missiles both have huge minimal range and Iran needs missiles for up to 40km range,which is actually probably even important when submarines are considered.This is very big thing...I dare to say one of the most important things Iran military did in few years...Iran has huge submarine of the largest on the planet and putting AScM in perspective is completly new level....Submarines,unlike bigger ships, can easily get close to it target without being detected....and lunching missile from close range literary means completly stealth and there is no defense from this....these missiles fly few metters above sea and you cant detect such small missile flying such low...hack you cant detect even F4 aircraft flying few metters above sea until it reach few miles...such small missile is invisibile ....In warship case,you can monitor ship and point all power of radar in one target and in that case it has chanse to detect missile,small chanse but still radars are providing much better results when operator direct all power in one direction and narrow sector....but in this is not case and even more scary is fact that subs can lunch short range missiles which leaves no time for response....In practice Iran can put any of it missiles in capsule but most denger will be short range missiles.As we saw in case when Iraq air force lunched Exocet 39 at one of the US navy ageis ships..even they detected and tracked aircraft whole time they never detected missile even it is lunched from higher atlitude ...todays missiles fly even lower than exicocet from that time and also implement pop up attack capability.Originalybit is reported that missile lunched Mirage f1..than latter that it is Super eterndard....recently new reports pop up with claim that in fact exocet is lunched from Falcon 50 bussines/VIP class aircraft which in that time no know was adapted and instaled with radar exocet 39 capable,Iraq suposely asked from Franch company to adapt one Falcon 50 with serial 122 for reconnaissance and weapons training,and as reported on one Falcon 50 was installed cameras,radar and weapon system which makes it exocet capable.Now,I dont want to spark discussion about aircraft that lunched 2 exocet 39,that both hit USS stark,ageis capable frigate,that is bot important for what I'm trying to say.What is important is fact that none of the advanced equipement on USS stark,including CIWS ,air defense missile system and advanced electronic warfare set,didn't help it to defend itself simple because everything mentioned depends on one thing...detection and acquisition...I repeat,missiles were not detected even aircraft lunch it from 35km and higher altitude than in case when lunched from ship,cost or submarine....Since submarines can get just few km and sometimes even up to 100-200 meters(depending on many factors but few miles is safe distance) close to ship or fleet without been detected and missiles fly 20-30 meters only in first few seconds after lunch,after that it goes at 3-5m,it is almost imposible to even detect missile..engaging in such short time.....As I said Iran has,as we know,at least 35-40 ghadir class subs,has also 2 Nahang class(after some time I saw new image of this boat on sea..),has also 3 kilo class and at least 1 operative Fateh class...even to me it seems there are 2 actually and I think Iran sell us 2 Fateh subs as one..but we can latter about this..I may be wrong also...also there are number of submersible and semi-submersible boats...all with 533mm my opinion probably intended to lunch hoot(skhval like torpedo)but any of those could also lunch cruise missile....So we are talking close to 50 submarines(I will count only subs).....with cruise missile in perspective....I mean...this is huge....and best thing is...there is no subs on oposite side that can operate in Persian Gulf...even on open sea Nuklear subs are in bad position if engage many times smaller and much more quiet disel-electric submarines....US will have to reconsider their strategy when it comes Iran navy,I mean they could (in theory)sunk all navies in P.Gulf with subs only....destroyers are submarine main response but problem are these cruise missiles...unlike with torpedo,with cruise missile Ghadir subs can attack from 20-30 war situation normal response on such threat would be to deploy submarines and anti-sub aviation...since subs can better scan and far greater than destroyers sonars...but large submarines are sitting ducks in shallow water...I understand US reasons to operate large nuklear powered subs....their operations are global and they need speed and great independence...but without smaller and also quier subs...they are easy targets....these Iranian disel-electric subs(and also operated by many other countries) can operate in completly stealth mode...kilo class when operate under quiet mode(slower speed and electric power)are undetectable and US,UK and some other countries already find out this in reality...supposely they reffer to kilo class as black hole....also Indian navy killed L.A class sub in join navy drills with US...which is nothing strange for anyone who understand this topic....nuklear reactors make noise unlike electric bateries thus those subs are several times larger and this is not big deal when engage surface boats or similar nuklear powered subs but againest quier and smaller subs it is disatventage....All in all,conaidering Iranian fleet will be increased and in terms of numbers but quality will be intresed to see reaction.Worst thing is,10 years ago on my claim that Iranian Ghadir class subs are cruise missiles capable most reactions were completly ignorant on many western communities...they couldn't process my estimation about Ghadir as very advanced and capable subs...even I explained that 533mm....and even smaller caliber 324mm torpedo tubes can be easily used as lunching platform for all Iranian AScM and there were already very similar...proven system Exocet 39 sub-lunching system and also Chinese for their C-8xx and C-7xx missiles ,which by the way,are base missiles for Iranian it was expected to see Iranian platform....but that was just another time they under-estimated Iran capatibilites.And now they will find itself in position to have almost +50 AScM platforms,much more danger than any other.Now after successfully developed under water lunching system,Iran can use same model to lunch anti-aircraft missiles...even independently only short range SAM could be lunched from subs..medium range would require aditional equipement on boats...Kilo class...and even Fateh can easily accept additional equipement but Ghadir no...but subs van be used as lunchers for medium SAMs while guidance can be provided by support ship...While this is not seems as quite perspective developement,I'm mentioning this because this is pointed by Iran navy cheef ..He didn't elaborate anything on this...just point anti-aircraft missile as one more asset that can be I wouldn't go deeper till we see some work on this field

This AP report say Nars 1 was lunched,they quote Fars and Tasnim but I saw both report and Nasr 1 wasn't mentioned or any type of missile....I think this is just assumption...missile looks larger and if it is powered by jet engine than it is probably Noor variant...considering Chinese sub lunched missile c-708una is c-801 derivate it it would be logic for Iran to follow same root,even when first time presented underwater capsule,it was loaded with Nasr missile....Iran,ofcourse can put in capsule any AScM currently available..from Kowsar,Nasr,Zafar..up to Noor and Qader...

Tehran: Iran launches cruise missile from sub during drill
By: Nasser Karimi, The Associated Press

Iran media reported that the Nasr-1 missile was launched by a Ghadir-class mini-submarine. Iran launched a cruise missile from a submarine for the first time during an ongoing annual military drill in the Strait of Hormuz, local media reported Sunday.

The semi-official Fars news agency reported on the Sunday launch and released an image of a green submarine on the surface of the water launching an orange missile. It said other submarines have the same capability. It did not provide details on the missile's range.

State TV showed a video of the launch in which a missile fired from a submarine hit a pre-determined target. Adm. Hamzeh Ali Kaviani, spokesman for the drills, said "by achieving various types of sub-surface missile and torpedoes, we have completed our chain of defensive power under water."
Iran Army Navy cheif Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi said that we have mass produced of submarine-missiles. A year ago, Iran launched its first submarine-missile and now we are manufacturing it in large numbers,” Commander of Iranian Army Navy Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi said on Sunday. "Today, we have achieved the technology to launch missiles from the depth of sea and the equipment that comes with it, including the missile, and its capsule, the submarine and its workforce are totally Iranian," Khanzadi added.
Nasr naval cruise missile, Jask 2 project. SLCM,


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