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Safir-2-e-Payam: Analysis V1.2 Addendum
Safir-2-e-Payam: Analysis V1.2 Addendum

First posted 11 February 2019; Updated 1 April 2019

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Space assets: the Achilles' heel of the U.S. Dystopian Empire
3. Moksong-2 ICBM: the Axis of Resistance's Treasured Sword of Justice
4. Geopolitical implications of the January 15, 2019, Safir-2-e-Payam launch
5. Saman-1 Upper Stage: Roll and Attitude Control Systems (RACS) of the Qaem ICBM
6. Conclusion
7. References

1. Introduction

Gone are the days when the U.S. could threaten the Islamic Republic of Iran with a blunt military invasion.

And as of 2018, Iran has already secured a credible deterrence against any direct act of aggression.

This is why the U.S. is now mostly using indirect strategies of proxy war against such military powerhouses, as demonstrated with the 2011 Jasmin Revolution targeting Syria, Libya and all the Middle East, the 21 February 2014 coup against Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, and of course the botched 15 July 2016 coup d'état, thwarted by Turkish President Erdogan.

For this, no need to reach the American continent. Iran's IRGC has the ability to strike at the U.S. Dystopian Empire's Achilles' heel, that is at the U.S. 20,000 orbital military satellites, and all the related ECHELON ground facilities.

2. Space assets: the Achilles' heel of the U.S. Dystopian Empire

The U.S. Dystopian Empire is known to rely for its survival on its 20,000 orbital military satellites, of which probably 90% are constituated of psychotronic-type.

And this since having taken over the world, even before the dust of WWII could settle, in a surprise and most treacherous unprovoked attack, with a fleet of orbital psychotronic (mind-control) satellites from outer space.

[Image: 7ysYMl.jpg]
▲ 1. Pax Americana, circa ~1947AD: The WWIII started when rogue U.S. splinter forces invaded Europe, even before the dust of WWII could settle, in a surprise and most treacherous unprovoked attack, with a fleet of 20,000 orbital psychotronic (mind-control) satellites from outer space.

Any Iranian salvo of Moksong-2 ICBMs (militarized Safir-2) could easily take down most of the U.S. space satellites with a single EMP blow.

In addition, Moksong-2 ICBMs are able to reach key facilities of the GEODSS, an important piece of U.S. Strategic Command in the Indian Ocean at some 3,800 km south-eastwards.

This is what the U.S. military has stated recently regarding such space tracking facilities (in this case Cobra Dane, Alaska):

Quote:December 2018

According to the data, Cobra Dane tracks 3,300 space objects each day that cannot be tracked by any other radar system. Air Force officials noted that when Cobra Dane is not operationally available for space surveillance for short periods (less than 24 hours), they can overcome that downtime without losing track of those unique objects. However, officials told us that it would take six months to reacquire all of the small space objects that Cobra Dane tracks, if they encounter any significant scheduled or unscheduled downtime.

[Image: DV9_rMmXUAAH9hk.1552783127.jpg]
▲ 2. The U.S. Space Surveillance Network, GEODSS at Diego Garcia.

Once breached and disrupted, without this U.S.' last line of defence, it is doubtful that the world's subjugated people would remain passive onlookers. The inevitable and unstoppable worldwide's uprisings of the oppressed would surely incite the U.S. military rulers to unleash more conventional WMDs such as biological, thermonuclear or EMF (cellphone base station) strikes.

3. Moksong-2 ICBM: the Axis of Resistance's Treasured Sword of Justice

[Image: d268bA9.jpg]
▲ 3. Comparative estimated North Korean ICBMs first stage main engine thrusts

Quote:Four advanced ICBM (4대에 걸쳐 진보한 북의 대륙간탄도미사일)

2013/10/01 [12:35]

The length of the Moksong-2 (목성-2호, 木星-2號: Jupiter-2) intercontinental ballistic missile is 32 meters. First stage is 2.4 meters in diameter.

The Dongfeng-4, 28.05m in length and 2.24m in diameter, made in China in the 1970s weighs 82t and has a range of 7,000km.

if [the Moksong-2 ICBM] was made of a three-stage intercontinental ballistic missile, it could carry a warhead of 250 kg at some 15,000 km. Obviously, the Moksong-2 ICBM is a three-stage intercontinental ballistic missile with a range of 15,000 km.

[Image: ptYvJzg.jpg]
▲ 4. First ever image of the Moksong-2 ICBM. From video, at T=2:51, from left to right: North Korean (intercontinental) ballistic missiles Hwasong-14, Hwasong-12, Hwasong-15 and Moksong-2.

[Image: NBoMVMU.jpg]
▲ 5. Iran's IRGC Moksong-2 TEL-launched ICBMs.

4. Geopolitical implications of the January 15, 2019, Safir-2-e-Payam launch

[Image: NAME-A-971025%20%284%29.JPG]
▲ 6. Iran's IRGC Moksong-2 ICBMs.

[Image: NAME-A-971025%20%283%29.JPG]
▲ 7. Iran's IRGC Moksong-2 ICBMs.

[Image: NAME-A-971025%20%2811%29.JPG]
▲ 8. Iran's IRGC Moksong-2 ICBMs.

[Image: NAME-A-971025%20%285%29.JPG]
▲ 9. Iran's IRGC Moksong-2 ICBMs.

▲ 10. Video of the January 15, 2019, Safir-2-e-Payam launch. Published on Jan 15, 2019

▲ 11. Video of the January 15, 2019, Safir-2-e-Payam launch. Published on Jan 15, 2019

[Image: DxC8Y42X0AA6Q0i.1552782877.jpg]
▲ 12. Track of the January 15, 2019, Safir-2-e-Payam launch.

[Image: b9nRk9b.jpg]
▲ 13. Diego Garcia at 3,867 km from South East Iran, within striking range of Iran's IRGC Moksong-2 ICBMs.

The track of the January 15, 2019, Safir-2-e-Payam launch has clearly demonstrated Iran's IRGC ballistic deterrence's vital credibility, putting the U.S. Diego Garcia GEODSS within its range.

Unlike the 3 previous failed test launches, the first two stages have performed perfectly for the first time. Separation of the second and third stage succeeded.

The mass equivalent to a warhead that returned and had splashed down to the ocean comprising the Saman-1 upper stage of ~500kg and the Payam-e-Amir-Kabir satellite of 100kg, totaled ~600kg.

The unconcealed greatest dismay and uneasiness following this latest successful ballistic test launch only confirms Washington's acknowledgement of its hoppless vulnerability:

Quote:U.S. State Department

Robert Palladino
Deputy Spokesperson
Washington, DC
February 7, 2019

In defiance of the international community, the Iranian regime continues to develop and test ballistic missiles, including a reported second failed space launch in less than a month. Space launch vehicles use technologies that are virtually identical and interchangeable with those used in ballistic missiles, including in Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs). This attempted launch furthers Iran’s ability to eventually build such a weapon that threatens our allies.

5. Saman-1 Upper Stage: Roll and Attitude Control Systems (RACS) of the Qaem ICBM

To further increase its combat readiness, by cutting down on the fuelling time of liquid propellant ICBMs, the IRGC will complete the shift to an all solid propellant ICBMs deterrence.

The backbone of it made by Qaem ICBMs. And as confirmed by an 2016 artistic representation in North Korea, the first stage of this ICBM will neither have any planar fins nor grid fins stabilizers.

[Image: 20160304-kp-01-7.jpg]
14. First disclosure of the Qaem SLV in North Korea: no grid fins or planar fins stabilizers.

This only means that the Roll and Attitude Control Systems (RACS) will be assumed by the 4th stage of the ICBM, provided by clusters of cold gas thrusters.

A first possible hint of such a RACS seems to have been disclosed previously back in 2 June 2017, during the National exhibition of children's science fictions and models.

Indeed, associated with some space plane and astronaut, was a very strange depiction of a space launcher, with several side thrusters or boosters attached to a ring, itself fixed to the middle of the rocket.

[Image: 20170603-pt1-4.jpg]
15. June 2 (KCNA) -- A national exhibition of children's science fictions and models-2017 opened with due ceremony at the Sci-Tech Complex on Friday to mark the 71st anniversary of the Korean Children's Union.
Left poster: Flying along a Korean astronaut, another rocket with 4 smaller side thrusters or boosters attached to the main core booster, as depicted for childrens.

16. Video Published on Jul 8, 2017 from the national exhibition of children's science fictions and models-2017: At T=0m41s: rocket with 4 smaller side thrusters or boosters.

But when this image is compared with schematics of "attitude control and side maneuvers with solid/liquid propellant rocket motors", the analogy is suddenly evident.

[Image: 0qyL7as.png]
17. P466: "attitude control and side maneuvers with solid propellant rocket motors"

[Image: cfZa7Et.png]
18. p230, "bipropellant rocket engine system of the fourth stage of the Peacekeeper ballistic missile"

A previously unknown finless rocket tested under the supervision of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un sometimes prior to July 2017, might have been the testbed of such a new RACS.

[Image: 2017-07-15_22-20-07.1500170111.jpg]
19. Video Published on Jul 13, 2017. At T=56:24 : Image of unknown finless ballistic missile.

And this system was precisely flight-tested for the first time in Iran on January 15, 2019, in a scaled-down model code-named Saman-1 Uppers Stage. It was this Saman-1, fitted as a third stage atop the Safir-2-e-Payam that underperformed during its inaugural flight.

[Image: ?temp_hash=379c6e5dff66a1533f2a30b1c6dc49a0]
20. Iranian Saman-1 Upper Stage: first step toward the Roll and Attitude Control Systems (RACS) of the Qaem ICBM.

[Image: vega-veb.jpg]
21. Roll and Attitude Control Systems (RACS) of the Vega solid fuel SLV/ICBM.

6. Conclusion

Indeed the U.S. Dystopian Empire is only a paper tiger, a colossus with feet of clay, since day one of its take over.

Iran has the capability to simply put an end to the century-long Pax Americana, within an hour of conflict, thus starting the dawn of a multi-millennial long Pax Persiana that will be reminded as the longest Golden Age of Humankind. At the discretion of its Supreme Leader, should He decide to do so, and at the time of His choosing.

[Image: ?temp_hash=886a8c3db40055848f83bf9e51e8b9d7]
▲ 22. Iran's IRGC Moksong-2 TEL-launched ICBMs opening the dawn of the Pax Persiana.

Big Grin

7. References

Baptism of Fire

First live demonstration of the vital credibilty of this new Iranian anti mind-control strategy as the most powerful deterrent against the U.S. superpower.

And causing for the firts time in human history, the U.S. Commander-in-chief Donald Trump to back down on 8th January 2020, during its epochal confrontation with the IRGC:

Note that in the N.A.T.O. classification:

• Shahab-4 synonym of Taepodong-1 designates the military version of the Safir-1 rocket. The missile is capable of carrying a 750 kg payload with a range of 2,000 km in a two-stage configuration, and 5,000 km in a three-stage configuration.

• Shahab-5 synonym of Taepodong-2 designates the military version of the Safir-2 rocket or Simorgh. With a range of 4,000 to 10,000 km (two stage) 10,000 + (three stage), and a single warhead of 1,000-1,500 kg.

• Shahab-6 synonym of Moksong-3 designates the military version of the Safir-3 rocket or Sepehr. With a range of over 13,000 km and a single or multiple warheads totaling 3,900 kg.

Quote:The US F-35 had been prepared to retaliate, but satellites suddenly found Iran's Trump card weapon forcing to concede a defeat

15 January 2020

According to a report by the Russian Sputniknews news agency on 14th January 2020, after the Iranian authorities announced that they would retaliate against the US military, the Iranian side launched a large number of ballistic missiles, hitting the US military in Iraq three military bases.

After his military base was hit, the White House had originally ordered F-35 fighter jets deployed in the Middle East to retaliate against Iran. However, the Pentagon found through its Keyhole satellites deployed in space that the Iranian military had deployed its own Shahab-5 ballistic missile, and the purpose of the Iranian deployment of this advanced ballistic missile was likely to strike Diego Garcia.


Moreover, Iran has always regarded the 'Shahab-5' missile as its Trump card weapon, so the United States does not have 100% confidence that it can intercept all missiles.

After being hit, Trump had the outside world wait for his final decision, but Trump announced the next day that he would not go to war with Iran, and the White House was considered to be forced to bow its head.

However, a source said that the U.S. military is currently deploying a large number of Patriot missiles to the Diego Garcia military base, and the purpose of their deployment of this air defense missile is self-evident.

In the future, this winning Iranian doctrine should absolutely be bolstered with interception-proof vectors, able to defeat both airborne and spaceborne lasers and ground kinetic ABM interceptors.

The best way to strike at the enemy's space assets would be EMP waves blasted from the ground.

To clear the ground ECHELON facilities, long range directed energy particle accelerators should be developed.

Being buried several kilometers deep underground to ensure both MOAB survivability and anti mind-control capability, both weapon complexes would need to be powered by nuclear plants, requiring Iran to quit the JCPOA and NPT first.

[Image: 6e323515d66ee30841cae4a9a7318d3b72b3e685.gif]
[Image: ae4ffdaeb02c2ea160fb33e41686a846f36755ca.gif]
[Image: 55abcc242354c9c1c73538db5d8c7b984de5ca52.gif]


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