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New IMF-Light Theme Explanation & Bug report
Since many mebers asked for light theme , new IMF-Light theme is available and it is set as default Forum theme. It is fully responsive and work on this theme will continue, new military style icons and ranking will be introduced very soon. Users who want to contiunue with dark theme can switch to Dark-fire theme in user CP any time and it will be explained how to do it(with images).

New features:

Tweet any text from any page(not only in posts but literary any text...from buttons..tabs..etc)
Just highlight any text you want to tweet and twwet button will pop up and hover above text.

[Image: 2019-01-20-03-18-49-Iran-Military-Forum.png]

Login/register in one click with Google,Twitter and Facebook account.

All login/register pages include now this option.

User mentions

You can now mark any user with syntax @username @admin ,this will make more sense after alerts are introduced(very soon), and it will alert user any time someone mark his username.

Theme options

Since new theme is now default,some buttons,links,navigation..etc is different than before. one of the things users may hard time to spot is User CP navigation and links positioned in left sidebar...thing is now after you go to userCP, if you want change anything you need to click on settings button before options will be is few pictures to make things easier.

Here is picture of userCP,as you can see on left side there is small settings buton

[Image: theme-exp.png]

After you click settings button,side bar will became visible

[Image: theme-expl.pnghttp:]

If you want to switch to different theme,just click "ecit options" and find option "board style"(see picture)

[Image: theme-expla.pnghttp:]

If you havy any questions feel free to ask, if you find a bug you can also post here.This thread will be listed on main forum page in next month since I will work on IMF developemnt next whole month and there will be new features and functionalities so I want to make much easier for all of us,users can report anything related to this at one place and we can track everything.
Last month I had to handle some important thing for this board which can't be seen from outside setting SMTP,POP & IMAP dedicated server so forum can work properly without emails sent to our users end up in spam folders or rejected,this is finally resolved,in past google and microsoft rejected all emails sent from this domain,so I had to contact them and ask for delisting...also Facebook now accept content from this forum,seems a lot of providers blacklist and filter everything which contain iran & military so I spent a lot of time for nothing...just because idiots who work for major companies are totaly brain washed and they completlly fail under some narratives .Anyway now that is finally finished and I can use my free time for IMF developing..Some features you can expect are:
1.Alerts - this is priority and I did integration but now had to fix some rendering problems for 2 custom themes IMF-light and Dark fire)
In short,if someone mark you in post with syntax @username or there is new quote of your post you will be only private messages and few other events will alert user.
2.Dedicated IMF galery...also will be used for storage for forum images,now 3th party image hosting is used for "add images" option while attachments are hosted on our server.
3.E-mail for alerts(this work even now but only if you subscribe to some forum or will be extended so every alert will trigger e-mail notification..also you will have option to select what events you want to be alerted or to disable completlly)
4.Forum iconographic will be replaced with military style
5.User groups will be converted in to ranks thus there will be also customizable user group titles you can set your self as you want but ranking will be activity related
....there are few other things and few major upgrades but will leave it for now ...any way feel free to express your opinions and report bugs.

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