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Iran opens production line of Toofan MRAP
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According to the minister, Toofan is a four-wheel drive truck with protection against land mines and improvised explosive devices (IEDs) with explosion power of several kilograms of TNT equivalent.

The Iranian vehicle is also resistant to steel-core bullets, he added, noting that Toofan is a high mobility multipurpose truck capable of moving in difficult terrain, driving through 1.5 meters of water and climbing barriers as high as 50 centimeters.

The mine resistant ambush protected vehicle can carry up to 10 personnel, the general said, adding that run-flat tires have enabled Toofan to drive out of the kill zone with flat tires within a range of 50 kilometers.

Toofan can be furnished with semi-heavy weapons thanks to tailgate gun shields and turrets, the minister said, adding that it provides ballistic protection for the cabin crew and can drive at speeds of up to 100 km/h.

The minister went on to say that while such a vehicle costs around $500,000 in the international market, the Iranian experts have manufactured Toofan at a much lower price.

[Image: 13970829000858636783272898682461-47583-Photo-T.jpg]

[Image: 13970829000858636783272906807692-23258-Photo-T.jpg]

[Image: 13970829000858636783272912745312-65878-Photo-T.jpg]

[Image: 13970829000858636783272918370441-31859-Photo-T.jpg]

[Image: 13970829000858636783272935628037-84333-Photo-T.jpg]

[Image: 13970829000858636783272941721895-72287-Photo-T.jpg]

[Image: 13970829000858636783272947355955-44528-Photo-T.jpg]

[Image: 13970829000858636783272964856303-19427-Photo-T.jpg]
Great,more and more iran is investing now in conventional equipement also
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