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Iran save for French nationals? Business trip

i dont know if this is the right forum but i found on google. 

My name is Aristide and i´m from France. The company i work for plans a business trip to Iran in December and i´m an assistant to go there with the managers.

I dont have question regarding visa, because the company do that but i have other questions.

Is Iran save for frech nationals? How is security in generel there? Can i walk free around in my free time? I´m brave but my parents freak out and want that i ask my boss to stay at home ha ha

How is language? My normal language is french but i speak also english. Can people understand me there? 

We go Shiraz, Yasd, Nain, Isfahan, Ghom and Tehran. As far as i know there are meetings and all that in evry town but i would have freetime at evening to explore the cities and so on. 

How do you pay there? I have a mastercard gold. Is this working there?

How is it in restaurants? Can you just go in and get a table? Do you get a card to chose from and how is tipping and payment in general? 

How is airline security there? Unfortunately Air France does not go Iran anymore and we fly Quatar Airlines and inland we go with cars. Are the distances between teh cities big? How are the streets?

How is hygineic standards? Can you drink tap water and is evrything ok there?

Last but not least how is internet there? Wlan and so on?
Hello Aristide

Please check these sites :

Have Fun

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