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World without Iran's oil !
Some of Iran's oil will be going to sell through North of Iran/Russia after November sanctions 
Private companies will sell a little bit of Iran's Oil
China is now showing green lights to work with Russia 

But all of these actions till now are short term response to US sanctions . so after all US efforts Iran oil sale will go down to 1-1.5 mbpd

Side effects :

Oil price is rising ( good thing for oil based economies Russia, KSA , UAE ... )

Saudis are getting bolder :
As you may heard recent news( Jamal Khashoggi's case ) Saudis are testing the waters in the new world without Iran's oil 
How far they can go ? I don't know but there is one thing for sure the West will never give Saudis this much of power

Improving Russia's position :
Trump at UN : Germany will become totally dependent on Russian energy if it does not immediately change course,” 
German delegation : Laugh at Trump 

[Image: germany.jpg]

Losing side : 
Asian countries such as China , Japan , South Korea and India . fate and economic growth of these countries highly depends on security of middle east energy and price of Oil . Japan and South Korea already shown they are ready to make deals with US in order to get waivers for Iran's  sanctions .what will China and India do ? can they put aside their national interests and make such deals with US ?
I think answers to that will shape future of world for next couple of decades .

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