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(05-26-2018, 02:41 PM)Berislac Wrote: I also joined the Pakistani defense forum made one post and then quit.I did not liked it.This forum looks great its form based on old IMF you brothers have done great work I really mean it.Nelsa did you contact Pasdar?I have pretty large number of pictures of Irans airforce.I will post them all next week when i catch some time.We need more members so i will ask couple of my Bosnian friends to join.No need to say they are all pro IRI.One thing is a miss here when you google Iran military forum you can find subforum on PDF,Iranian subforum on Russian defence net and even old IMF but no sign of us here.Is it possible to send you a PM Amir?

The Pakistani forum has a good design but is unfortunately full of trolls. That's why we made this forum.

And yes, anyone can PM me, go right ahead.
نه شرقی، نه غربی، جمهوری اسلامی
I don't know if this is going to be a good suggestion or not but I feel like size of posters information is too bulky. Maybe shrink it vertically a bit? It takes too much screen real estate and it can be annoying during reading replies.

Maybe I am not use to it. Otherwise the overall usability has significantly improved and I really like it.

[Image: Screenshot-20190207-231737.jpg]
Thanks for your feedback,this is something I already had on my mind ,I think some of the information on mobile version could be shortened ..

Is there a separate section for Iran's missiles? I don't see it [actually now I found it, but it was not easy to find at all... i have to click IRGC --> IRGC aerospace force --> missiles! I understand that technically this is logical, but maybe this can be rearranged to make the missile thread more prominent and easy to find from the homepage? i think this is an issue because the thread has no posts since August 2018 which is surprising!]

Also, some parts of navigation on this forum are quite complicated... For example, to see latest posts I go to portal --> view new posts, but instead of taking me straight there it takes me to a pop up page saying thank you we are taking you there now ... Can you get rid of this?

I don't think the shoutbox should be right at the front of the homepage either, maybe at the bottom of the homepage because otherwise it distracts from the actual content

I also suggest the IMF gallery and development boxes move to the bottom as well, or at least below the main substantive threads

That is all I can think of for now, I hope I do not come across as rude or something because I understand the effort that goes into making and maintaining this website, I just want to make it better for everyone!


Also, when I make a new post it shows up as "1 new post" on the portal section, but this is the post I just made... Maybe this can be changed too (but a small issue...!)

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