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Let me start.

متن آهنگ:

وقتی گریبان عدم
با دست خلقت می درید
وقتی ابد چشم تو را
پیش از ازل می آفرید

وقتی زمین ناز تو را
در آسمان ها می کشید
وقتی عطش طعم تو را
با اشک هایم می چشید

من عاشق چشمت شدم
نه عقل بود و نه دلی
چیزی نمی دانم از این
دیوانگی و عاقلی

یک آن شد این عاشق شدن
دنیا همان یک لحظه بود
آن دم که چشمانت مرا
از عمق چشمانم ربود

وقتی که من عاشق شدم
شیطان به نامم سجده کرد
آدم زمینی تر شد و
عالم به آدم سجده کرد

من بودم و چشمان تو
نه آتشی و نه گِلی
چیزی نمی دانم از این
دیوانگی و عاقلی

When the hand of creation was tearing apart the [primordial] nothingness
When nothingness was creating your eye with no substance from primordial eternity  
When the earth was admiring you in heaven
When the thirst was tasting you with my tears
I fell in love with your eyes; there was no mind and no heart  
I have no idea of this insanity [love] and sanity
The falling in love happened in one moment; the whole world happened in that very moment  
When I fell in love, Satan prostrated in my name
Mankind got more earthly [descended to earth], and the cosmos prostrated to mankind
I was there and your eyes, no fire and no clay
I have no idea of this insanity and sanity
i love this song of Alireza Ghorbani which is a cover but in my opinion the best cover and maybe better than the original

Well this is awkward, I don't really listen to Iranian music... There is one song that stands out to me however:

Everything else I know are just some classics that I don't know the names of but can recognise.
نه شرقی، نه غربی، جمهوری اسلامی
Ever since I really started to pay attention to Iran, I have admired Iranian music :)

i will try to post everyday a new song here so we have a collection in the future :)

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