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Iranian Weightlifting
Iran's Moradi breaks weightlifting's oldest world record

Iranian weightlifter Sohrab Moradi has broken the world snatch record in the man’s 94-kilogram category at the 2018 Asian Games in Indonesia.

In the seventh day of the games in Jakarta, the Iranian Olympic champion successfully lifted on Saturday 185 kilograms in his first move of snatch to secure his first place in the ranking table.

Then, Moradi hoisted 189-kilogram weights in his third attempt to advance the snatch record set at 188kg by Greece's Akakios some 19 years ago.

[Image: image.png]

Sohrab Moradi of Iran performs a lift to break the world record in the men's 94 kg class weightlifting event at the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta on August 25, 2018. (Photo by AFP)

The 29-year-old now has a complete set of world records. Moradi has already owned the marks for the clean and jerk (233kg) and total weight (417kg) in the men's light heavyweight division.

He went on to lift a new Asian Games record total of 410kg after a clean and jerk of 221kg.
Moradi just failed with an attempt at 234kg which would have bettered his own world records for the clean and jerk and total lifts.
نه شرقی، نه غربی، جمهوری اسلامی
Since the changing of the weight classes Moradi moved up to 96kg and broke all 3 world records (set at 'world standards') there at the World Championships last year (winning gold in the snatch with 186kg WR, gold in the clean and jerk with 230kg WR and gold total with 416kg WR).

The 2019 World Championships begin in September and take place in Kazakhstan.

Kianoush Rostami has also moved up to the 96kg weight class (because of the new weight classes), but he has not adapted as well to the new weight class.

At superheavyweight (109kg+), Salimi has retired, leaving Saeed Alihosseini as Iran's best 109kg+ weightlifter. But Alihosseini is quite old and Lasha Talakhadze is currently a level above everyone else, breaking all time world records. Iran has a fantastic young heavyweight in the 109kg+ category though: Ali Davoudi. Davoudi owns all 3 Junior World Records (197kg snatch/237kg clean and jerk/432kg total) and is still only 20 years old.
Moradi did a 241kg clean and jerk in training (11kg over his current WR), but injured his shoulder whilst attempting a 200kg snatch (14kg over his current WR)...

The injury looks quite bad...
The 2019 Weightlifting World Championships begin in Thailand tomorrow.

This will make history for Iran:

Quote:Iranian women to make Worlds debut

On Friday, 20 September Poupak Basami will make history by becoming the first Iranian woman to compete at the World Weightlifting Championships in the 55kg division.

While the nation has been a powerhouse in men's competition for several years, it was not until 2017 that the Iranian Weightlifting Federation allowed women to compete officially.

Its president, Ali Moradi, told the IWF that the country's female lifters should take inspiration from Sara Ahmed who became Egypt's first female Olympic medallist in the 69kg category at Rio 2016.

Basami was the first Iranian woman to take part in a major senior event, lifting at April's Asian Championships in Ningbo, China.

The 27-year-old is one of a five-strong women's team for Iran with Abrisham Arjomandkhah (64kg), Elham Bajalani (71kg), Seyedehelham Hosseini (76kg) and Parisa Jahanfekrian (87kg) also competing.

While none will be contending for medals, this is just the start.

Iran's team is quite weak this year, with Moradi out with injury and Alihosseini also out (I guess with injury too). 

I hope for good performances from Rostami, Reza Beiralvand, Kia Ghadami, Ali Hashemi and particularly young Ali Davoudi.

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