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Now Sad news ! Iran Sees Oil Exports Fall By More Than 500,000 Bpd .
By Tsvetana Paraskova - Aug 22, 2018, 11:00 AM CDTundefined

Iran’s oil customers may have started to drastically wind down purchases of Iranian crude ahead of the U.S. sanctions, with Platts preliminary tanker tracking data showing that in the first half of August, Iran’s exports plunged by 600,000 bpd compared to July loadings, due to plummeting flows to India, Tehran’s second-largest oil customer.

Between August 1 and 16, Iranian oil exports averaged 1.68 million bpd, Platts tracking data showed. This compares to average exports of 2.32 million bpd in the whole month of July, and to 2.10 million bpd in the first 16 days in July, according to S&P Global Platts estimates.

In the first half of August, Iran’s biggest customer, China, scaled back loadings to 615,688 bpd from 722,100 bpd in July. But the second-biggest importer of Iranian oil in the world, India, saw crude flows from Iran plummet to 203,938 bpd in the period August 1-16, compared to 706,452 bpd in July, according to Platts trade flow data.

Demand from Japan remained steady, but South Korea is not importing Iranian condensate for a second consecutive month in August. Demand in Europe was up strongly, especially from Italy, during August 1-16, according to Platts data.

Iran’s oil exports in July were already lower, having dropped by 7 percent to 2.32 million bpd—their lowest level in four months. Analysts expect Iranian exports to drop even more noticeably next month, the rate of decline expected to accelerate as the United States looks to have Iran’s current customers reduce oil imports to ‘zero’.Related: Brazil’s Opposing Energy Views
It has also been reported that Iran has started to offer India cargo insurance and tankers operated by Iranian companies as some Indian insurers have backed out of covering oil cargoes from Iran in the face of the returning U.S. sanctions on Tehran. 

India’s imports from Iran could start to slow from August as some big Indian refiners worry that their access to the U.S. financial system could be cut off if they continue to import Iranian oil, prompting them to reduce oil purchases from Tehran.

The U.S. hasn’t been able to persuade China to reduce oil purchases, but Beijing has reportedly agreed not to increase its oil imports from Iran.

Analysts had expected the sanctions on Iran to remove between 500,000 bpd and 1 million bpd from the oil market, with a growing number of experts saying that the loss could be closer to 1 million bpd and above.

By Tsvetana Paraskova for Oilprice.com

I am the Link !
countermeasure from Iran side .

Iran’s New Gray Area Oil Trade Strategy

The idea for the exchange is to have private local entities buy the crude and then resell it to foreign traders. Analysts accurately point out that this would still put the foreign entities on the hook for penalties from Washington as doing business with Iranian entities would constitute a breach of the sanctions. However, not all agree that this fact would make the move ineffective.

The exchange trade could be used by illegal traders, not just legal local companies, the Middle East managing director of consultancy FGE Energy told S&P Global Platts. "Since the Iranian government or NIOC cannot get directly involved in negotiations with smugglers, this will allow a private middle-man ... to go and find buyers and arrange for logistics that could possibly be invisible to the monitoring systems," Iman Nasseri said.

In its statement, NIOC went on to say the barrels to be sold on the exchange would be priced based on what the company has been receiving for international oil deliveries to date, adding that 80 percent of the payment would need to be in a foreign currency and the rest in rials.

I believe local or foreign middle man under the table dealings are the way but does that really happen at government levels ?
Under Ahmadinejad government we were doing this after US sanctions .but main question is how much of Iran's oil will be sold through private companies ?
(10-16-2018, 03:24 AM)pin gu Wrote: Under Ahmadinejad government we were doing this after US sanctions .but main question is how much of Iran's oil will be sold through private companies ?

Where are such companies located ? are they Iranian registered or operated companies ?
Mostly private Iranian companies . Idea is if we sell oil at lower capacities to little companies then they will sell it to whoever they like ( expect Israel ) . bidding will start at a few dollars below world price and winner must pay 10 percent of payment before they sell their oil

Compared to Ahmadinejad's time minimum is lower ( 35000 barrel minimum ) now . it will help unidentified buyers to buy more oil from Iran

به گزارش فارس، حداقل خرید در این عرضه معادل با ۳۵ هزار بشکه نفت خام سبک تعیین شده و حداکثر مشتریان می‌توانند تا یک میلیون بشکه از حجم نفت خام عرضه شده را با حداقل تغییر ۰.۰۱ قیمت سفارش (پریمیوم دلاری - سنا) خریداری کنند.

I think iran should also look at crypto currencies such as bitcoin for possible use as payment mechanisms as these would be one more headache for the west to have to try and deal with when it came to trying to cut iran off from the global financial network and being electronic are far less bulky than cash or precious metals,in addition I would also look at working with the dprk as they have had a lot of experience in evading sanctions and oversight.Lastly I would also consider printing my own foreign currency ie super dollars/super euros,after all if the dprk can do it then just imagine the sort of currency "clones" iran could produce....
"Lead me to those who seek the truth,and deliver me from those who`ve found it"
                                         Andre Gide
Can we trust cryptocurrencies ?
The financial times reports Iranian tankers have been switching off their beacons and Iran's actually exported 2.2 million barrels.

نه شرقی، نه غربی، جمهوری اسلامی
Price of Oil is decreasing or somehow stable at 80 $ for now. I think at more than 85$ US will use its strategic reserves to bring it down oil price specially since that is not a good sign for republicans and their candidates at US midterm elections . if we look at khashoggi's case through oil market perspective its a good excuse for Trump to pressure put on Saudis to bring down oil price and then they will get more votes in midterm .then we will have bad guy MBS and a good guy Trump for american people . and after midterm elections everything will go back to normal !
Rallying Oil Prices Send Eurozone Inflation To Six-Year High

Annual inflation in the 19 EU member states using the euro currency is expected to be at 2.2 percent in October, up from 2.1 percent annual inflation in September, with annual prices of energy soaring more than 10 percent, Eurostat said. The annual inflation rate in the euro area in October is the highest since December 2012.


So far another win for Trump ! 75$ oil price 4 days before Iran's sanctions
How to stop Iran oil-sanction busters ? take 50 million photos a day 

Interesting video , side effects of increasing U.S oil production 

more shale oil = more earthquakes ?!
Export stats for the September-October?
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