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Rebuild the IRIAF
(09-22-2018, 09:43 PM)Geo Wrote: Hello, I think that after many years of effort (more than 15 years) we will soon see the real "Saeqeh-3": category of JF-17, with new fuselage, powered with one RD-33 (in future reverse engineered), many internal parts and technologies of F-5 series and Chinese avionics tested on Kowsar.

[Image: 43254643635756.jpg]
Those pictures are cancelled Shafaq fighter jet project mate it is Russian-Iranian project
^ yes but it shows the mindset of IRIAF planners. They want a light fighter in class of F-16 blk40. Why though is beyond me because IRIAF needs larger MRCA's.
This thing has nothing to do with Mukhamedov's mad Integral.
Mukhamedov's design was manifested in Shafagh and later into Borhan-92 mock up that was shown. They eventually seemed to be more focused on Kowsar trainer and Saeghe.

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