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Su-22 fighter-bomber
(08-01-2018, 08:58 AM)lulldapull Wrote: How many Su-22's left now in Iran? Some overhauled M3/ M4's have been transferred to the SYAAF. as attrition replacements. Anybody has numbers?

None of the Su-22 M3/M4/ UM3 have been transferred to Syria for combat. IRGC has like 13 operational ones with major local + Ukrainian upgrades. I guess all fleet of 38-39 can become operational in coming years. Them armed with those mentioned 1500 km ranged CM (Soumar or Ya-Ali) can be deadly for enemy AD batteries. Once those sites are neutralized by CM strikes, IRGC can launch its BM's on their targets. 

Those against F-4E/D and Su24/22 upgradations in IRIAF or IRGC-AF do not see what Iranian planners are seeing. They have learnt their lessons from yemen-saudi theatres.
Heres some more pics of the su22 glide bombs supposedly called yasin/yassin
[Image: 38635690_454496025038502_849798452621816...MQ%3D%3D.2]

Heres a pic of it being tested on the karrar uav
[Image: 37039545_293194804760380_543721369804734...OQ%3D%3D.2]
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Whats the range of Yasin ?

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