Poll: Should Iran launch an astronaut into space before India (~2022)?
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Chabahar Satellite Launch Center
The development of the Chabahar Space Launch Station is the next step

After the martyrdom of Shaheed Qassem Soleimani, the Iranian self-imposed moratorium on space development is over.

With the plan to launch one satellite every season, with 6 satellites now in the pipeline, and to support the new 4 meters diameter solid propellant Sourosh space launcher, the Imam Khomeini Space Center (IKSLC) LC-2 will not suffice.

In addition, to reach geosynchronous orbits, for more energy efficiency, a third space center must be built in the most southern part of Iran.

Lastly, to support its manned space program, that plans a slashdown recovery for its spacecraft, and unlike the land-recovered Soyuz and Shenzhou spacecrafts, this space center must be located along the coastline, like India's Satish Dhawan Space Centre and North Korea's Tonghae SLC!

Finally, to avoid the reentry of these new massive rocket stages over populated area of Iran, this space center must be located along the coast.

This project was first envisaged back in the 2010s, then postponed following the JCPOA and the moratorium on space development.

But it's official now, the construction of the Chabahar Satellite Lanch Center is restarted.

The short video footage of the construction of the IKSLC Vertical Assembly Building is not a coincidence...

[Image: c61f4c5cc3cf392c2f46e3204aa95b5b647da211.png]
http://archive.is/n8SzH/c61f4c5cc3cf392c...7da211.png ; https://archive.is/n8SzH/0b91240a28d2cc8...1e/scr.png ; [plain]https://twitter.com/barari_ir/status/122...2775173122[/plain] ; Morteza Barari - مرتضی براری@barari_ir ; 8:22 PM · Jan 28, 2020
1. Completion of major studies and designs of the Chabahar Space Launch Center.  The development of the Chabahar Space Launch Station is the next step.

[Image: 6e323515d66ee30841cae4a9a7318d3b72b3e685.gif]
[Image: ae4ffdaeb02c2ea160fb33e41686a846f36755ca.gif]
[Image: 55abcc242354c9c1c73538db5d8c7b984de5ca52.gif]

As stated, this space center will have to be completed by next year!

First, to support the suborbital manned space program from 2021-2023, and then the subsequent orbital manned space program, after 2023 that will rely on the Soroush SLV evolutions.


• 5 space missions involving the one-seater spacecraft 'E1' of 1'800 kg, carrying astro-robot dummy: probably 4 crewless flights before the final crewed flight

• Suborbital flight of 190 km altitude

• Associated rocket in the research stage (presumably the manned-rated Safir-1D)

• First suborbital manned flight by 2023

Possible timetable:
_ • 1st mission: First suborbital crewless flight, by early-2021
_ • 2nd mission: Second suborbital crewless flight, by mid-2021
_ • 3rd mission: Third suborbital crewless flight, by early-2022
_ • 4th mission: Fourth suborbital crewless flight, by mid-2022
_ • 5th mission: First suborbital manned flight, by 11th February 2023 (Shanbeh, 22nd Bahman 1401)

• Orbital flight thereafter: presumably aboard the man rated Sarir-C (man rated version of Sarir-A plus 2 strap-on boosters) or alternately the Soroush-B (aka Safir-4B)


[Image: 6e323515d66ee30841cae4a9a7318d3b72b3e685.gif]
[Image: ae4ffdaeb02c2ea160fb33e41686a846f36755ca.gif]
[Image: 55abcc242354c9c1c73538db5d8c7b984de5ca52.gif]

Quote:9 February 2020

The head of the Iranian space agency pointing to the launch of two telecom satellites in 99 said:
These satellites have been in the final stages and we have begun designing the Chabahar satellite launch center, and the satellite will be launched by Sarir and Soroush SLV from Chabahar SLC.


[Image: d77f7f62b227ecddcbbc36bc852baf0e640e2039.jpg]
http://archive.is/Niz3N/d77f7f62b227ecdd...0e2039.jpg ; https://archive.is/Niz3N/caf2442ef373cd7...1c/scr.png ; [plain]http://web.archive.org/web/2020020913585...zyjwiL.jpg[/plain]
2. Safir SLV family speculation, as of February 2020.

[Image: 6e323515d66ee30841cae4a9a7318d3b72b3e685.gif]
[Image: ae4ffdaeb02c2ea160fb33e41686a846f36755ca.gif]
[Image: 55abcc242354c9c1c73538db5d8c7b984de5ca52.gif]

Here again why a new space center is needed near the coast:

Locals near Zahedan city (south-east of Iran) published a few  photos. According to local reports, these debris had fallen after a loud sound of explosion.

Security deputy of Sistan and Baluchestan governor: possibility of falling debris of Safir-2-e-Zafar-1 rocket in Zahedan

Date of publication: Wednesday 09 February 1398, at 12:36

Mohammad Hadi Marashi said: The origin of a fearsome sound in the area of Zahedan is outside the province and we are investigating the details.

Following the release of some news about the fearsome sound reported in the district of Zahedan, our correspondent said that he was a conversation with security deputy of the Governor of Sistan and Baluchestan, who responded, saying that he replied: The origin of this is outside the province, and we are investigating the exact details.

Marashi added: In preliminary investigation it is possible that the sound heard and the falling parts on the ground were related to the rocket stages separated from the Safir-2 e-Zafar-1 launch.

He stressed: these debris fell in the the country's suburban district and there is no risk for the citizens.


[Image: 39e7ac0c3160e996ea926862a851db0f05092f21.jpg]
http://archive.is/2EXuw/39e7ac0c3160e996...092f21.jpg ; https://archive.is/2EXuw/9f989afc721dd1f...65/scr.png ; http://web.archive.org/web/2020021014385...02/001.jpg
1. Safir-2 e-Zafar rocket debris.

[Image: fa122d012c594100ee0c986db7d419653d34318f.jpg]
http://archive.ph/W8VmH/fa122d012c594100...34318f.jpg ; https://archive.ph/W8VmH/b4876b281c20d99...83/scr.png ; http://web.archive.org/web/2020021014403...02/002.jpg
2. Safir-2 e-Zafar rocket debris.

[Image: d8e01046356bbb84da558f429b84b39f43b3141f.jpg]
http://archive.ph/LmVaI/d8e01046356bbb84...b3141f.jpg ; https://archive.ph/LmVaI/509d762b3566537...42/scr.png ; http://web.archive.org/web/2020021014415...02/003.jpg
3. Safir-2 e-Zafar rocket debris.

[Image: d27efb59778e573ef9eabc9d981250a951c5b216.jpg]
http://archive.ph/hgdEe/d27efb59778e573e...c5b216.jpg ; https://archive.ph/hgdEe/8e95582923a90c4...01/scr.png ; http://web.archive.org/web/2020021014430...02/004.jpg
4. Safir-2 e-Zafar rocket debris.


[Image: 6e323515d66ee30841cae4a9a7318d3b72b3e685.gif]
[Image: ae4ffdaeb02c2ea160fb33e41686a846f36755ca.gif]
[Image: 55abcc242354c9c1c73538db5d8c7b984de5ca52.gif]


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