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Wuhan 2019-nCoV coronavirus outbreak
Viva_Viet, post: 12045301, member: 40895 Wrote:Times for CN govt to apology the whole world and pay the compensation to patiens and the death ppl due to the virusSick

Time for the whole world (except for the Soviet Union, Spanish Republic, Abyssinia, Persia, Turkey, Afghanistan, and some other minor nations) to finally apologize and pay the compensation to the 100 million Chinese victims who were infected and of whom 10 million died, caused by the the bio warfare unleashed by the Empire of Japan after its large scale invasion of 1937, with the tacit support and connivance of the European powers (Dutch East Indies oil, U.S. strategic resources for the Japanese war machine).

Even 80 years later, this cowardly concerted genocide will never be forgotten, least pardoned. Payback will come in due time.

Quote:Commemorating the 80th Anniversary of Yueyang's Fall

发表时间:2018-11-7 10:37

According to the book Bacterial Warfare and Poisonous Gas Warfare published by the Central Archives in 1989, the records in the early years counted 270,000 deaths (excluding soldiers). After a review by experts from China, the United States, and Japan in the past 10 years, it is believed that 270,000 people are just a fraction.

According to Xie Zhonghou's Investigation Report on the Japanese Army's Bacterial War Crimes against China, the Japanese army's Chinese victims of bacterial warfare preliminarily estimated that about 7 million victims were infected, of whom about 2 million died. However, this estimate is far from the actual number.

The estimated number of direct casualties in bacterial warfare is generally the direct casualties of Japanese viruses, and a large number of indirect casualties caused by the epidemic caused by war and disaster are not counted. For example, during our investigation in the Lake District, farmers reported schistosomiasis.

The culprit, even if the direct cause of the Japanese bacterial warfare and this plague has not been found, but the Japanese invasion of China caused serious environmental pollution in our country, which caused schistosomiasis to breed a large number of conditions, causing 11 million people to be infected.

Based on field investigations and combined with archives, this research center estimates that the number of people infected by the Japanese bio warfare attack and indirect casualties of bio warfare was as high as 96 million (approximately 100 million), of which 10 million died.

Without any doubt the first cause of casualties all-type included, during the whole WWII.

As we will witness ever more African and Indochinese dying freezed and suffocated to death while trying to reach Europe, therefore the conclusion that this is not the last time we'll see such pandemic outbreak starting from China.

And as more double nuclear explosions will rock the Japanese mainland (as in 2011 implied).

It is verified that in the Matrix, we inherit from our ancestors' fate sort of speak.

Deal with it.
Plague Inc: Evolved: Pandemic starting in China..Coincidence? I think not!


Viva_Viet, post: 12039912, member: 40895 Wrote:But u can stop dengue by drinking clean water, keep the environment clean and eat healthy tropical food/vegetable.

But in CN, u can not close steel-rare earth factories that poison ur water,making u get sick easily, thats explain why deadly disease always make Cnese suffer the most while many kinds of other races ( black, white, Indian, Pinoy, VN etc living in Hongkong ) suffer just a little

That is totally opposite to the truth: according to data on the SARS outbreak of 2002-2003, the fatality rate was higher in Vietnam at 8 % (6th place), and China was even lower with only 6.6 % at the 7th place. Canada was the top in term of fatality rate at 18 %. Are these mixed euro mongrel races the most sickness prone people living in the most polluted lands, poisoned by rare earth and other mining processing activities? Without any doubt.

All your alleged superior pinoy, white, VN races are all more feable than Chinese! Get your fact right before talking such nonsense!

Chinese immune system number one, that is. Through superior genetic natural selection!

Probable cases of SARS by country and region, 1 November 2002 – 31 July 2003

1. Canada: Cases: 251; Deaths: 44; Fatality: 18 %

2. Hong Kong: Cases: 1,755; Deaths: 299; Fatality: 17 %

3. Singapore: Cases: 238; Deaths: 33; Fatality: 14 %

4. Philippines: Cases: 14; Deaths: 2; Fatality: 14 %

5. Taiwan: Cases: 346; Deaths: 37; Fatality: 11 %

6. Vietnam: Cases: 63; Deaths: 5; Fatality: 8 %

7. China: Cases: 5,328; Deaths: 349 ; Fatality: 6.6 %

Meanwhile sensible leaders of the world are already praising the Chinese's handling of the outbreak, knowing that it is a U.S. germ warfare, like the infamous Z.I.K.A. (Zombie Inducing Killer Agent) or E.B.O.L.A. (Experience Biologique Organisee par les Laboratoires Americains):

Quote:8:05 PM - 22 Jan 2020

Javad Zarif
‏Verified account @JZarif





Viva_Viet, post: 12045261, member: 40895 Wrote:WARNINGS were given back in 2017 that a deadly SARS-like virus could escape from lab in Wuhan set up to study some of the world’s deadliest diseases.

As previously stated, might be an enemy warfare! Now it seems it's airborne!

Quote:No link with seafood market in first case of China coronavirus

Published: 4:27pm, 25 Jan, 2020

Researchers into initial cases find first person with symptoms had no contact with market where disease is believed to have originated

Call for preparedness against airborne transmission, including fitted respirators and other personal protective equipment


Reminds one of the case of Vietnamese migrant recently found frozen and asphyxiated to death in the U.K.

Western media bashing Chinese for weeks, then not apologizing when the nationality was revealed to be Vietnamese!

This time they first cursed the Chinese for their cultural culinary habit. See the many examples even in this forum.

Will they apologize? of course not. Same for Tiangong-1 space station that reentered over the South Pacific on 1st April 2018, as I predicted, and not randomly over an inhabited megalopolis!


Viva_Viet, post: 12048679, member: 40895 Wrote:I told u, Vnese eat wild animals like Southern Cnese, but no one got Sars from bat/civet but from Cnese instead.

So, banning wildlife trade is not enough cos it may not the main cause of these virus. But its true that Northern Cnese sufferred much worse than tropical pple like Vnese, Pinoy, Malay.

If u read the history again, u will see that many Mongol-Manchus and even Han soldiers died when invading VN not bcs being killed but bcs of tropical disease and had to withdraw cos they could not survive under tropical weather.

 The world is getting hotter and become more tropical, so global warming could be the main cause for this epidemic.

1. Yummy cooking spiders recipe - Cooking skill

2. The Vietnamese eat live-worm with peppers juice for food.
Agree with @Viva_Viet it's a smoke screen!

This case seems to perfectly match the most infamous Sverdlovsk anthrax outbreak of 1979.

Where then Soviet officials also blamed it to consumption of contaminated meat.

And the deaths was then even higher with some 66 to 100, according to sources!


In April and May 1979, an unusual anthrax epidemic occurred in Sverdlovsk, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Soviet officials attributed it to consumption of contaminated meat. U.S. agencies attributed it to inhalation of spores accidentally released at a military microbiology facility in the city. Epidemiological data show that most victims worked or lived in a narrow zone extending from the military facility to the southern city limit. Farther south, livestock died of anthrax along the zone's extended axis. The zone paralleled the northerly wind that prevailed shortly before the outbreak. It is concluded that the escape of an aerosol of anthrax pathogen at the military facility caused the outbreak.

Quote:Anthrax genome reveals secrets about a Soviet bioweapons accident

By Kai KupferschmidtAug. 16, 2016 , 9:45 PM

Some call it the “biological Chernobyl.” On 2 April 1979, a plume of anthrax spores was accidentally released from a secret bioweapons facility in the Soviet city of Sverdlovsk. Propelled by a slow wind, the cloud drifted southeast, producing a 50-kilometer trail of disease and death among humans and animals alike. At least 66 people lost their lives, making it the deadliest human outbreak of inhalation anthrax ever.

Now, 37 years later, scientists have managed to isolate the pathogen's DNA from the bodies of two human victims and piece together its entire genome. The study, under review at the journal mBio and released today on the preprint server bioRxiv , answers one of the many remaining questions about the Soviet Union's clandestine biowarfare program by showing that scientists hadn't tinkered with the anthrax strain to make it more resistant to antibiotics or vaccines. If they had, the Soviet bioweapons would have become even more lethal.
During the Cold War, the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Soviet Union all had biowarfare programs. The Biological Weapons Convention, which took effect in 1975, was supposed to end that, but in the Soviet Union, a massive clandestine program continued to produce anthrax spores and several other bioagents.

Questions about the outbreak in Sverdlovsk—which today is called Yekaterinburg and part of Russia—still linger. The Soviet Union at first blamed contaminated meat from an animal outbreak. In 1992, when Boris Yeltsin was president, a team led by Harvard University molecular biologist Matthew Meselson was allowed to visit the area to investigate the incident. In a paper published in Science in 1994, they concluded that the geographic pattern of the outbreak clearly showed that it was caused by an aerosol that had escaped from a facility known as Military Compound 19. “Bad meat does not go in straight lines 50 kilometers long, but wind can do that,” says Meselson, whose wife and fellow team member Jeanne Guillemin wrote a book about the investigation. Many other issues, such as exactly how the cloud was released, remain mysterious.

To fill in a few more pieces of the puzzle, anthrax scientist Paul Keim of Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, and colleagues attempted to sequence the B. anthracis genome from two samples taken from victims. Russian pathologists who investigated the outbreak as it was occurring had collected the samples and later shared them with Meselson during his trip to the Soviet Union. The tissue had been fixed in formalin and embedded in paraffin, and the DNA was badly degraded, Keim says. Still, the researchers managed to piece together the entire sequence and compare it with hundreds of other anthrax isolates.

The team didn't see any evidence that Soviet engineers had tried to grow a strain that was resistant to drugs or vaccines, or that they had genetically engineered the bacteria in any way. “It is very closely related to other domesticated strains that have been used by the Soviets and Chinese as vaccine strains,” Keim says.

This is a perfectly ordinary strain,” Meselson agrees. The paper suggests that the Sverdlovsk strain was one found in the environment which the Russians picked up and used for whatever they were doing there,” he says. “But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t nasty. It was extracted from people who were killed by it.”

It was not unreasonable to suspect that the Soviets would have tried to create a superstrain, Meselson says. They certainly could have made it resistant to penicillin, he says—such resistant strains even exist in nature. And since 1979, others have engineered B. anthracis to be resistant to antibiotics as well as certain vaccines.

What is most surprising is how few changes there are in the genome, Keim says. Only 13 base pairs differ between the Sverdlovsk strain and its likely common ancestor with the vaccine strains. B. anthracis evolves very slowly; during the many years it spends buried as a spore, its evolution is essentially on hold. But evolution speeds up as generation after generation is grown in the laboratory. Apparently, scientists in Sverdlovsk prevented this from happening, Keim says: “I think that the Soviets were meticulous in maintaining master spore stocks and avoiding extensive lab growth.”

Russia officially agreed (again) to end its bioweapons program in 1992. But there are lingering doubts about whether the country has completely followed through, and security analysts have raised the prospect that Soviet bioweapons could have fallen into the wrong hands. Keim's study should allow scientists to tell whether any future anthrax outbreak came from a leftover Soviet weapon or some other source, Grunow says. “If this strain appears again anywhere in the world, we would be able to identify it unequivocally.”

[Image: 6e323515d66ee30841cae4a9a7318d3b72b3e685.gif]
[Image: ae4ffdaeb02c2ea160fb33e41686a846f36755ca.gif]
[Image: 55abcc242354c9c1c73538db5d8c7b984de5ca52.gif]

The end of Pandemic

The wet market has nothing to do with the outbreak. As, the root cause of all evil is the U.S.A..

There is an universal cure to not only any viral but all infectious diseases. Past present and future. And even for all sort of tumors and cancer. But it is not a vaccine, because vaccine are not designed for such universality, on the contrary.

Unfortunately, people have been forbidden to develop this tool for 65 years now, since the take over of the world by the U.S. military junta.

In short, Nipponese scientists were the first to develop particle accelerators, under Nishina at RIKEN in Tokyo, from 1940s, using V-particle to both scan and image molecules in living organisms such as humans. Moreover, they also used the same V-particles, upon decay, to break molecules remotely.

Thus being able to remotely interfere with the chemical bonding of any molecules, including in bigger cells, neurones, virus, microbes, etc.

Alas, after 1945 and the defeat of the Empire of Japan, the U.S. military junta's ruler have imposed a monopoly on the use of these technologies for themselves, banning all other colonial puppet nations from developing them.

Disinformation is pivotal for this goal, as the common citizen must remain clueless all his life.

Therefore the 'cure' and 'vaccine' hoaxes taught religiously as the only truth, from school to mortuary, and year long as a recall by all media.

Dr Adlene Hicheur, Franco-Algerian particle physicist at the CERN, the largest particle physics laboratory in the world, was one that has denounced this situation before his downfall and imprisonment.

[Image: 6e323515d66ee30841cae4a9a7318d3b72b3e685.gif]
[Image: ae4ffdaeb02c2ea160fb33e41686a846f36755ca.gif]
[Image: 55abcc242354c9c1c73538db5d8c7b984de5ca52.gif]

Galactic Penguin SST, post: 12060403, member: 186587 Wrote:China is the target of a biowarfare, right after Iran (killing General Soleimani, jamming it's airdefence, etc..), North Korea must expect to be the next in the shoot list!

Below the smoking gun, with new interesting elements, but wrong conclusion. China is the target of some hyperpower's warfare for sure.

Quote:Uncanny similarity of unique inserts in the 2019-nCoV spike protein to HIV-1 gp120 and Gag

January 31, 2020



We are currently witnessing a major epidemic caused by the 2019 novel coronavirus (2019- nCoV). The evolution of 2019-nCoV remains elusive. We found 4 insertions in the spike glycoprotein (S) which are unique to the 2019-nCoV and are not present in other coronaviruses. Importantly, amino acid residues in all the 4 inserts have identity or similarity to those in the HIV-1 gp120 or HIV-1 Gag. Interestingly, despite the inserts being discontinuous on the primary amino acid sequence, 3D-modelling of the 2019-nCoV suggests that they converge to constitute the receptor binding site. The finding of 4 unique inserts in the 2019-nCoV, all of which have identity /similarity to amino acid residues in key structural proteins of HIV-1 is unlikely to be fortuitous in nature. This work provides yet unknown insights on 2019-nCoV and sheds light on the evolution and pathogenicity of this virus with important implications for diagnosis of this virus.


During his presidential election campaign, Trump has promised to prevent both Iran and North Korea from becoming nuclear states, shoul he become President.

Quote:Trump likens North Korea talks to 'beautiful game of chess'

05:01 January 16, 2020

U.S. President Donald Trump said Wednesday he views the on-again, off-again nuclear talks with North Korea as a beautiful game of chess.

He continued: It's all a very, very beautiful game of chess, or game of poker, or -- I can't use the word checkers because it's far greater than any checker game that I've ever seen, but it's a very beautiful mosaic.

Trump appeared to describe North Korea and China as players in the game in which the U.S. ultimately seeks to dismantle Pyongyang's nuclear weapons program.

As North Korea's biggest ally and trading partner, China is seen as having considerable influence over Pyongyang's decisions.

He first demonstrated to its domestic audience, during the entire year of 2019 that to deal with North Korea, diplomacy was inappropriate. First with the fruitless February Hanoi summit, then again with the October Stockholm talks. Both a total waste of time and credibility.

Therefore, the use of a new way of approach, that should finally bring North Korea to its knees. And finally impose the Libyan deal (dismantlement of all nuclear facilities and weapons first before any sanction relief).

It will be known as the Trump's three strikes strategy.

This new way of approach introduced by Trump on the start of January 2020, with the assassination of Iran's top general, Qassem Soleimani was intended to intimidate North Korea, showing that the U.S. would not hesitate to conduct decapitation operation as previously threathened repeatedly in past years.

Then the second move of Trump was to strike at the soft belly of the North Korean behemoth.

Quote:North Korea Depends Heavily on Chinese Tourists

December 16, 2019 13:28

North Korea has narrowly avoided economic collapse amid international sanctions thanks to tourists from China.

Statistics Korea on Friday said the North's economy shrank an estimated 4.1 percent in 2018, the biggest fall since 1997.

In 2018, North Korea's GDP stood at W35.9 trillion, a mere 1/53 of South Korea's W1,898.45 trillion (US$1=W1,174).

Due to the sanctions, North Korea's total trade amounted to just US$2.84 billion last year, about half of 2016's $5.55 billion or a mere 1/401 of South Korea's $1.14 trillion.

North Korea's exports plunged to a record-low $243 million, down a whopping 86.3 percent on-year.

But the nation managed to avoid the worst thanks to tourism from China. Back in July, North Korea's State General Bureau of Tourist Guidance told China's Xinhua News Agency that 200,000 foreigners visited North Korea last year, 90 percent of them Chinese.

And this year, the number of Chinese visitors to North Korea is estimated at over 1 million.

China's tourists are what prevented last year North Korea from an economic collapse.

Could this aim be achieved by Trump?

Quote:North Korea's Foreign Reserves Running out

January 29, 2020 11:18

North Korea's foreign exchange reserves are dwindling rapidly in the wake of international sanctions, which could lead to an economic crisis that will send prices and the foreign exchange rate soaring, the Bank of Korea here predicted.

In a report on Tuesday, the BOK said North Korea's U.S. dollar reserves were estimated between US$3.01 billion and $6.63 billion as of 2014.

But now they are shrinking. Moon Sung-min of the BOK said. At the initial stage, foreign exchange reserves held to keep the value of a currency begin to shrink. Then there's a middle stage where part of foreign reserves held for trade and financial transactions take a dive, and at the final stage they run dry.

The North Korean economy still seems to be at the initial stage, but according to various studies, North Korea's foreign reserves have shrunk by $2 billion a year since sanctions were imposed in 2017, so there is the possibility that all of them will run out around the end of this year.

If the exchange rate and prices soar in North Korea, then it's a sign of dollar reserves running dry, Moon said. In this case, North Korea could face a situation similar to a financial crisis.

As a case study purpose, if Trum did really unleashed it's biowarfare on China, then today's North Korea total isolation from its last economic lifeline is very likely to end tragically for Pyongyang, should the outbreak last for more than a year!

Quote:North Korea Halts Trade with China Amid Coronavirus Fears

January 30, 2020 10:28

North Korea has suspended trade with China and its consulates there stopped issuing visas Tuesday amid the rapid spread of coronavirus.

Trade with China is virtually the nation's sole economic lifeline, which suggests how desperate it is to prevent the outbreak from spreading through North Korea, which lacks medical facilities and supplies to deal with any epidemic.

All cargo traffic from the Chinese border town of Dandong to Sinuiju has been blocked since Tuesday. Radio Free Asia quoted a source in North Pyongan Province as saying the customs checkpoints have not officially closed but are letting no cargo trucks through.

A source in the Chinese city of Shenyang told RFA that the North Korean Consulate there put up a notice on Monday that it would not issue visas.

Earlier, the nation banned all Chinese tourists and made it mandatory for all foreigners arriving via China to be kept in quarantine for a month and undergo health checks.

North Korea has a poor epidemic control system that could collapse if its quarantine seals are broken, a former Unification Ministry official here said.

The North Korean state media are stressing the need every day to block the spread of the new virus under any circumstances.

In this case, Trump could proceed with he's third strike, or the finishing move: dictating an unconditional surrender 'a la Vietnamese Doi Moi' to Pyongyang.

But this of course is too early to be confirmed. Time only will tell.

[Image: 6e323515d66ee30841cae4a9a7318d3b72b3e685.gif]
[Image: ae4ffdaeb02c2ea160fb33e41686a846f36755ca.gif]
[Image: 55abcc242354c9c1c73538db5d8c7b984de5ca52.gif]


Viet, post: 12060382, member: 140273 Wrote:Nice

thanks to our chinese neighbor, the French now call us „jaune“ - yellow.

we are a yellow virus.

Thank you China


You don't get it.

It means yellow alert, orange and red is for the most severe. See the latest alert. But is is true that there is always some component of Charlie Hebdo in French media.

[Image: fab68f1f27e7882e3fa90504eada05d6e7bf6173.jpg] ; ; [plain][/plain]
1. Orange alert in Savoie.

[Image: 6e323515d66ee30841cae4a9a7318d3b72b3e685.gif]
[Image: ae4ffdaeb02c2ea160fb33e41686a846f36755ca.gif]
[Image: 55abcc242354c9c1c73538db5d8c7b984de5ca52.gif]


Viva_Viet, post: 12061906, member: 40895 Wrote:China reports outbreak of deadly bird flu among chickens in Hunan province, close to coronavirus epicentre of Wuhan
Wat really happening in CN, any comments bro??

Unjustly blaming the bad habit of southerners for eating bats etc, while praising alleged self-proclamed superior good, civilized pratice of eating industrial farm product is now exposed!

Indeed, the novel coronavirus has only a low 2 per cent mortality rate in the outbreak so far, while the industrial western farm-induced epidemic outbreak of bird flu is the most deadly to humans, with record mortality rate of more than 50 per cent in cases.

And this was known as industrial farm inject so much vaccins, on the poor animals, only to prevent any outbreak that results from the high concentration of animals, that their immune systems are totally destroyed!

Worse, this lower immunity is transmitted to humans that consume industrial meat!

Therefore during the 2002 SARS outbreak, the people with the best immune system were thoose that consumed the least industrial meat! The more they consume bushmeat, the more the natural resistance of the immune system.

Probable cases of SARS by country and region, 1 November 2002 – 31 July 2003

1. Canada: Cases: 251; Deaths: 44; Fatality: 18 %

2. Hong Kong: Cases: 1,755; Deaths: 299; Fatality: 17 %

3. Singapore: Cases: 238; Deaths: 33; Fatality: 14 %

4. Philippines: Cases: 14; Deaths: 2; Fatality: 14 %

5. Taiwan: Cases: 346; Deaths: 37; Fatality: 11 %

6. Vietnam: Cases: 63; Deaths: 5; Fatality: 8 %

7. China: Cases: 5,328; Deaths: 349 ; Fatality: 6.6 %

[Image: 6e323515d66ee30841cae4a9a7318d3b72b3e685.gif]
[Image: ae4ffdaeb02c2ea160fb33e41686a846f36755ca.gif]
[Image: 55abcc242354c9c1c73538db5d8c7b984de5ca52.gif]


New: Today first reported death case outside China!

The Wuhan coronavirus has become a severe international epidemic.
As of today at noon Beijing time, 2nd February 2020, a total of 14'557 people in 25 countries have been diagnosed.

Within China: 14'402 confirmed cases, 304 deaths
Outside China: 155 cases were diagnosed in 24 countries, 1 death

As of 2nd February 2020, at 12 pm Beijing Time:

20 in Japan
19 in Thailand
18 in Singapore
15 in South Korea
12 in Australia
10 cases in Taiwan
8 in Malaysia
8 in the United States
8 in Germany
7 in Vietnam
6 in France
5 in the United Arab Emirates
4 in Canada
2 in the Philippines, 1 death First death reported
2 in the UK
2 in Italy
2 in Russia
1 in Finland
1 in Sweden
1 in India
1 in Nepal
1 in Cambodia
1 in Sri Lanka
1 case in Spain

[Image: 6e323515d66ee30841cae4a9a7318d3b72b3e685.gif]
[Image: ae4ffdaeb02c2ea160fb33e41686a846f36755ca.gif]
[Image: 55abcc242354c9c1c73538db5d8c7b984de5ca52.gif]

Viva_Viet, post: 12070457, member: 40895 Wrote:Okay, but Covirus is not the last epidemic in CN. Another kind of deadly virus may attack CN again next year, then CN cities will be lockdown again, the economy will be in chaos, million Cnese lose jobs again and may collapse like Soviet .

Nothing change, even after 17 years, u guys still dont even know what has cause Sars till now, so of course u will not know what kind of deadly virus will attack CN next year Cool

More smoking gun

In June 2019, following a surge in bookings following the March DPRK-USA summit in Hanoi, a Vietnamese travel agency has entered into a deal with the Korea International Travel Company (KITC) to charter flights direct from Vietnam to Pyongyang. August 2019 , Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province killed around 10,500 chickens infected with the H5N6 bird flu virus to try and prevent further outbreaks.

Today, 11th February 2020, Vietnam culls 30,000 poultry to stem a bird flu outbreak!

Quote:Tourists to enjoy non-stop flights to North Korea from June

March 29, 2019

A Vietnamese travel agency and a North Korean counterpart will jointly organize tours from Vietnam to North Korea via charter flights.

Hanoitourist and the Korea International Travel Company (KITC) Thursday signed a memorandum of understanding at the North Korean booth at the Vietnam International Tourism Mart (VITM) held March 27-30 in Hanoi.

Le Hong Thai, deputy director of Hanoitourist, said both parties are working on promoting tours to North Korea via charter flights.

Tourists will soon be able to fly from directly to Pyongyang in about 4 hours, instead of taking a 3-hour flight to Beijing and then an hour flight from Beijing to Pyongyang.

The transfers were inconvenient for our customers. If the charter route proves convenient, the number of passengers will increase.

We expect we will fly the first charter flight in June. The price of the tour will remain the same - less than VND30 million ($1,300) for a 5-day trip but the flying hours will be shortened, Thai said.

The North Korean tour is one of Hanoitourist’s three new products introduced at the VITM this year.

It is also one of the most heavily discounted tours and popular with fair goers at the booth of another Vietnamese travel firm HanoiRedtours. Currently, the company's 5-day trip to North Korea costs VND26.9 million ($1,160), a 40 percent discount, with Air China being the carrier and tourists having to transit in China.

Nguyen Cong Hoan, director of HanoiRedtours, said that the price is the result of negotiations between three parties, including KITC, to bring more opportunities for tourists to explore what is said to be one of the most mysterious countries in the world.

According to North Korean government regulations, all tourists are required to purchase tours and cannot travel on their own.

Vietnam's tour bookings to North Korea show noticeable surges following the second Trump-Kim summit in Hanoi in late February, according to many travel agencies including HanoiRedtours and Saigontourist.

Quote:Vietnam culls 30,000 poultry to stem bird flu outbreak

February 11, 2020

About 30,000 poultry have been slaughtered across Hanoi and north-central Thanh Hoa Province following bird flu infection.

Over 23,000 ducks and chickens in Thanh Hoa and about 6,800 ducks in Hanoi had been infected with the influenza A virus subtype H5N6 (A/H5N6), said Nguyen Ngoc Son, head of Hanoi’s Veterinary Department on Monday.

The outbreak was discovered about a week ago among a flock of ducks raised by Nguyen Ngoc Son in Hanoi’s Chuong My District, from where it spread to the flocks of three other families in the area.

Chuong My authorities have since destroyed the ducks, halted the transportation of poultry in and out of the area, and disinfected and vaccinated all poultry in the district, said Son. Those who noticed symptoms such as swelling or lack of appetite among the poultry they raise must report to authorities promptly, he added.

In Thanh Hoa, the infected poultry belonged to 10 families in Nong Cong and Quang Xuong Districts.

This is not Vietnam’s first outbreak of this particular bird flu strain. Last August, Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province killed around 10,500 chickens infected with the H5N6 bird flu virus to try and prevent further outbreaks.

The H5N6 virus is capable of poultry-to-human transmission and is potentially fatal. It spreads through contact with faeces or other bodily fluids from infected poultry.

Earlier this month, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development called on localities nationwide to step up preventive measures against bird flu outbreaks in response to recent reports by the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) stating outbreaks were discovered in 11 countries and territories this year.

Vietnam has also seen avian flu outbreaks in Quang Ninh Province near Hanoi and Nghe An Province which neighbors Thanh Hoa this year, the ministry noted.

Bird flu has killed at least 65 people in Vietnam since it first occurred in 2003, then one of the highest fatality rates in the world. No human deaths have been reported in the last two years, but occasional outbreaks have led to thousands of birds being killed.

Conclusion, no Vietnamese tourists can come to North Korea to replace the missing Chinese tourists due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The catastrophic loss in revenue might soon get from bad to worse for North Korea.

@Viva_Viet, what is going on in Vietnam? Seems that China is no the only one to be targeted.

At this rate, it is no difficult to predict that the next country where an outbreak could start, might be the next trade partner and supporter of North Korea, by order of importance.

Let us all see if Moscow becomes the next center of an epidemic, by this summer...

[Image: 6e323515d66ee30841cae4a9a7318d3b72b3e685.gif]
[Image: ae4ffdaeb02c2ea160fb33e41686a846f36755ca.gif]
[Image: 55abcc242354c9c1c73538db5d8c7b984de5ca52.gif]

HannibalBarca, post: 12103729, member: 182009 Wrote:Yes, it's not their first time, neither the last...
But thankfully the general public did spoke about it and the newspaper had to apologize.
At least they did it for the Asians... For Arabs/Muslims it's another story... they even fight who will get the best racist title every day... And they aren't stopping Even thought outrage is present every time...

A global racist hate campaign against China in Europe, with true GERMs impersonating Vietnamese poster:

Viet, post: 12060382, member: 140273 Wrote:Nice

thanks to our chinese neighbor, the French now call us „jaune“ - yellow.

we are a yellow virus.

Thank you China


That one is so serious, from the WSJ, that it gives a hint on the real purpose.

And done under the cover of the First Amendment.

Quote:No racism to call China sick man of Asia?

February 22, 2020

BEIJING, Feb. 21 (Xinhua) -- The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) is playing the victim after it published an article on China earlier this month with a racist headline, provoking a public outcry.

On Feb. 3, the WSJ published an article written by Professor Walter Russell Mead of Bard College about the impact of the novel coronavirus epidemic on the Chinese economy. The WSJ's editors at the opinion department wrote the headline, China Is the Real Sick Man of Asia.

The derogatory reference to Chinese in the headline was soon met with criticism both at home and abroad. The WSJ has denied accusations of racism, saying these days the 'sick man' phrase is used to describe many countries. However, such an argument was rejected by several U.S. mainstream media and experts.

Quoting Catherine Ceniza Choy, a professor of ethnic studies at the University of California, Berkeley, NBC News reported that the racist association of Chinese bodies as disease carriers has roots in white supremacist and nativist fears of Asian migration in the late 19th century.

The Washington Post reported that Anti-Chinese racism always hinged on the belief that Asians harbor disease. In the 19th century, China was referred to as 'the sick man of Asia.'

Harry Zhang, associate professor with Old Dominion University in Virginia, said in a letter to the WSJ that I was horrified to read the headline 'China Is the Sick Man of Asia' on Walter Russell Mead's column. At this critical moment for millions of Chinese who are suffering from the coronavirus, this headline triggers the extremely miserable memory for the Chinese since 1840 when the First Opium War broke out. I respect the First Amendment, but in a civilized society we should not tolerate this discriminatory opinion while humanity is under siege.

In response to the public outcry, William Lewis, chief executive of Dow Jones and publisher of the WSJ, said in a statement that Our opinion pages regularly publish articles with opinions that people disagree -- or agree -- with, and it was not our intention to cause offense with the headline on the piece.

In fact, the headline is so controversial that editors with the WSJ have voiced their opposition.

Quoting people with knowledge of the discussion within the WSJ, The New York Times reported that two inner meetings were held at the WSJ before Feb. 19 to discuss the headline, and the headline was widely considered offensive within the newsroom.

In one meeting last week, one of the people said, reporters expressed their anger over the headline to Mr. Murray, the editor, the Times reported.

Matt Murray, editor-in-chief of the WSJ, agreed that the headline was bad, but that his hands were tied because of the traditional separation between the news and editorial sides of the Journal, according to the Times.

Mr. Lewis, the Dow Jones chief executive, participated in a more recent meeting. Newsroom employees again pushed to get top editors to change the headline, the Times added.

However, the WSJ still has the article with the racist headline on its website.

Which demonstrates that it is a well planned and coordinated conspiracy from all the Western nations:

zectech, post: 12099565, member: 191077 Wrote:That is why early reports claimed it was from a Hubei Chinese exotic food market that was filthy and jumped to humans. First was to blame the Chinese for being so dirty and filthy and disgusting. If it is ever found to be bio-engineered, then blame the Chinese again in that it escaped from a Chinese virus lab because where it was first discovered was not very far from the lab.

Has the US ever used biological weapons before?

zectech, post: 12101364, member: 191077 Wrote:This is the official story of BBC, Fox News, DW, CNN. The Western story does not even make any sense. How does a (potential bioweapon) virus from a virus lab so happen to jump from the virus lab to bats and then mutate and then jump to humans? You can tell they are trying their worst to get the dumb down, brainwashed masses to blame China and the Chinese. The Western media likes to point out that there is a virus lab not far from where the outbreak started, so rumors can spread and the Chinese an be blamed again.

And this goes from the Tiangong-1 smearing campaign to the MH-370 shooting cover up, to this biowarfare attack!

[Image: 4b7f704c1b6a7a2291742bd3986353bc70cc2569.png]

ShaikhKamal, post: 12103751, member: 194392 Wrote:That remains to be proven. There also conspiracy theories about AIDS. Nonetheless SARS and Corvid 19 (Coronavirus) epidemics started in China.

Man, here the scientific proof.[Image: 4b7f704c1b6a7a2291742bd3986353bc70cc2569.png]

Quote:New Chinese study indicates novel coronavirus did not originate in Huanan seafood market


A new study by Chinese researchers indicates the novel coronavirus may have begun human-to-human transmission in late November from a place other than the Huanan seafood market in Wuhan.

The study published on ChinaXiv, a Chinese open repository for scientific researchers, reveals the new coronavirus was introduced to the seafood market from another location, and then spread rapidly from market to market. The findings were the result of analyses of genome-wide data, sources of infection and the route of spread of 93 samples of the novel coronavirus collected from 12 countries across four continents.

The study believes that patient zero transmitted the virus to workers or sellers at the Huanan seafood market. The crowded market facilitated the further transmission of the virus to buyers, which caused a wider spread in early December 2019.

According to the researchers, the new coronavirus experienced two sudden population expansions, including one on January 6, 2020, which was related to the Chinese New Year's Day holiday.

An earlier expansion occurred on December 8, implying human-to-human transmission may have started in early December or late November, and then accelerated when it reached the Huanan seafood market.

On January 6, the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a second-level emergency response, which the researchers said served as a warning against mass public activity and travel.

If the warnings had received wider public attention, the number of cases spreading nationally and globally in mid-to-late January would have been lower, said the researchers.

Patients from Australia, France, Japan and the US - countries with wider samples - have had at least two sources of infection, and the US in particular has reported five sources, the study said.

However, based upon limited samples in other countries, the source of most infections is deemed to be the same. In addition to their contact history with Wuhan, some may have been infected in South China's Guangdong Province and Singapore.

Global Times

[Image: 03ca13e0629978be1f6d5fb6229e1bd27b06a6a8.jpg] ; ; [plain][/plain] ; [plain][/plain]
1. First, preprint out of China looking at 93 SARS-CoV-2 genomes finding. Feb 23, 2020

[Image: d01bf7c0f62b110bd7db834f01a764e193bbef48.jpg] ; ; [plain][/plain] ; [plain][/plain]
2. First, preprint out of China looking at 93 SARS-CoV-2 genomes finding. Feb 23, 2020

[Image: d7e302766333d9c2299cd8a91995732b2f14fd75.jpg] ; ; [plain][/plain] ; [plain][/plain]
3. First, preprint out of China looking at 93 SARS-CoV-2 genomes finding. Feb 23, 2020

[Image: 77de51bbfff6f7b6b1b0210e66bda34df95e3e09.png]


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